Friday, February 22, 2008

Tigers take on the broncos tonight. 12 games left in the season, and only 22 days to play them in. With the standings being so close, I guess you could say playoff time has come early.

6 of their last 12 are vs non-playoff bound teams. 8 games are on the road and 4 games are at home. In order to capture a first round home ice advantage they will have to do better than MJ, Brandon,Swift, and Kootenay. They do have a little bit of control over where they finish, providing those 4 teams don't go on a season ending unbeaten streak.

There is an outside chance to catch lethbridge but I'm thinking the tigers would pretty much have to go on a 11-1 swing in order to do that, and hope lethbridge would only win 8 out of their last 13, or less. Possible? yes, but unlikely, although it would be nail-biting exciting, if those last 2 games vs lethbridge could decide it. Most likely they will be really important points to catch home-ice.

Colton Grant's end to end shorthanded goal made the #3 spot on the whl's weekly top 5 goals.
Heres the link to it!

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