Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tigers take 3 notable awards at whl luncheon

Tyler Ennis has won the most sportsmanlike player of the year award for the whl.

Former Tigers Blair St. Martin, and Lanny McDonald have won WHL Alumni Association Achievement Award.
Professional Hockey recipient – Lanny McDonald
Academic recipient – Dr. Blair St. Martin

LInk to the whl awards

Bantam Draft Tomorow Stay tuned for picks. Will have the complete list later in the day.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Helm see's Nhl Playoff action

Darren Helm saw some playoff action in the Nashville vs Detroit series.

In game 5 He recorded just over 6 minutes of action. Winning 4 faceoffs out of 5, recording 1 blocked shot, and 1 hit.
In game 6 he recorded 1 assist, +1, 3 shots, 3 face-off wins out of 8. 1 blocked shot, 1 takeaway, and 1 hit.

Monday, April 14, 2008

TIger News

Medicine hat Tigers defenceman has been released from phoenix. He was originally drafted in the 5th round of the 2006 nhl entry draft.

To me this isn't surprising in the least. Bendfeld showed a lack of physical play in his own zone, and had problems if someone went around wide at him. He never really "upped" his game a notch, and seemed content on sitting back. I think tyler ennis had just as many "Hits of the Night" than Bendfeld.

For a guy his size he doesn't take many penalties other than fighting majors. While this is generally a good thing, in Bendfeld's case, it may mean he's not playing that fine line of being more aggressive, giving opposition forwards hell to pay.

Will we see a new player come next fall? Maybe. His speed will hamper him. If he can develop a mean streak, step up and make a few BIG hits, play with a little more passion, I think its possible we see a brand new player. However that window of potential keeps growing smaller.

I hope next season he plays with a fire under his butt.

I think his size, and ability to fight big players will be enough to earn a minor league contract. But if he wants to have a prolonged career, he will have to do more.

Monday, April 7, 2008

WHL Bantam Draft History

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been busy....

Yes if your living under a rock the tigers Lost in the First round of the WHl playoffs 4 games to 1, versus the Kootenay Ice. The tigers played hard, but Kootenay's Trap eat them alive.

Next up for the Tigers are thier 2008 WHL Bantam Draft. I compiled a list of all the tiger draftee's in the last 10 years. The tigers have drafted at least one key player from each round except the 13th which the tigers have always passed upon.

I guess you could say its a little weird but the Tigers draft picks in rounds 7,8,9,10th round have generally turned out just as good as their picks from the second round.

The draft of 2002 has turned out to be one of the best draft for the tigers in recent years. THe tigers came up with David Schlemko, GOrd Baldwin, Kriss Russel, Darren Helm without a pick in the first 3 rounds. 3 Legit WHL superstars, and an above average defenseman.

1st Round

Bouwmeester, Jay
Hollweg, Ryan
Meyer, Stefan
Trevor Glass
Jordie Deagle
Jordan Hickmott
Cody Carlson
Tyler Bunz

2nd Round
Ferguson, Chris
Cuthbert, Brendan
Becker, Cody
Bartley, Mitchell
Scott Skrudland
Matt Sokol
Linden Vey
Patrick Wiercoich

3rd Round
Morrow, Josh
Kinasewich, Ryan
Smith, Shane
Day, Riley
Spencer McAvoy
Riley Laforge
Andrew Herle
Brayden Jaw
Scott McKay

4th Round
St. Jacques, Chris
Draper, Shaune
Idema, Daniel
Sharp, MacGregor
Starenky, Dave
David Schlemko
Gordon Baldwin
Jordan Bendfeld
Matt Schneider
Shayne Neigum
Jeff Pelletier
Dylan Olsen

5th Round
Gray, Michael
Roth, Kyle
Stuart, Mark
Blaine Neufeld
Derek Kleinsteuber
Mark Isherwood
Ryan Holfeld
Kurtis Decker
Nathan Gelinas
Darren Gillen
Bo Lenard
Benjamin Gallacher
Jayce Douskey

6th Round
McMullen, Ben
Mace, Kyle
Jason Vokey
Matt Lowry
Bretton Cameron
Josh Koper
Killian Hutt
Emerson Etem
Mathew Garvey

7th R0und
Saito, Steven
Thrussell, Tyler
Regier, Steven
Stanyer, Morgan
Jeff Paukovich
Dan Conacher
Adrien Vandermosselar
Tyson Newell
Tyler McWhirter

8th Round
Jaeger, Brett
Ludwig, Cameron
Harsula, Nick
Kris Russell
Dale Weise
Sean Manery
Zach Hay
Sam Deiman
Michael Forsyth

9th Round
Courchaine, Adam
Fornataro, Matt
Darren Helm
Jason Gerlach
Lee Morrow
Logan Proulx
Zack Majkowski

10th RoUnd
McGillvary, Mitch
Kent Morrison
Brennen Bosch
Mat Olson
Colton Graf

11th Round
Tyler Skanderup
Dallas Ungurian
Shayne Brown
Kyle Chartrand

12th ROund
Scott Wasden