Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tigers lose 5-2 to saskatoon

I didn't listen to the game tonight but it appeared goaltending was again the weak link. Holfeld was pulled this time and Tyler Bunz came in to finish the third and last couple minutes of the second period. Saskatoon managed a 5-0 lead before Mark isherwood, and Zdenek Okal scored.

4 Former Tigers in one NHL game!
Toronto vs Columbus

Columbus dressed Kriss Russel, Derek Dorsett, and Jason Chimera
Toronto Dressed Ryan Hollwegg.

Derek Dorsett and Ryan Hollweg fought each other.
(credit Tiger9 for posting it up on the Tigers roars and purrs site)

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Tiger9 said...

I hope Bunz gets more minutes this year for experience. We definately aren't going to have a team that goes far, so we might as well prepare for the next couple years.