Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tigers get the bounces, Defeat Regina 4-1

Regina came out hard and strong in the beginning of the game. The Pats were rewarded with a couple Iffy powerplays on top of that, and the Tigers were pretty lucky to escape the first period tied. Zdenek Okal put on a heck of a display driving to the net and scoring on his own rebound.

I thought the game tonight was a pretty close game, but both teams made too many neutral zone turnovers. They'd each hand the puck to each other 3-4 times before one team would gain control. I thought Regina played a pretty physical game, they finished allot of their checks.

I thought Isherwood should have behaved better after cross checking a Pat right in front of the ref twice. Isherwood was given a double minor and a game misconduct. Yes the ref should have probably called Regina Matt strueby for the first hack, but isherwood should NOT have layed out that second crosscheck right in front of the ref.

Jayce Coyle had his worst game of the year, coughed up multiple pucks, and was missing passes all night.

Holfeld once again played outstanding. He looked so focused and sharp. Stopping 2 breakaway in a row on (Eberle?) was the TSN turning point. Eberle made some nice moves and was dancing with the puck, Holfeld stayed right with him. By the time Eberle was done his dance he had no room to shoot.

Regina won the first period, but the tigers won the last 2 periods.

Kundratek looks like he has a little trouble handling the puck sometimes. He reminds me a little of JayBow by the way he skates. He layed out a good strong hit on Colton Tuebert along the boards when Tuebert was admiring his pass.

Okal is definitly the suprise player of the year. Before the season started we knew nothing about him, but he has been dynamite. I would believe that he would have a chance at getting drafted in the later rounds if he keeps on playing consistent. For a small guy his physical game has really taken stride lately

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