Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tigers loose to the Broncos

I didn't attend the game but judging by the scoresheet it looked like the tigers played a pretty solid game.
After browsing a few message boards there appears to be a rumor that Matt Mcue has been signed by the ducks, and placed on their ahl affiliate. He did not dress for tonights game vs Swift Current.

Gregg Drinnan IS reporting that it is a done deal.

As a Tiger fan this is really bittersweet. You want to see the player move on and become succesful, However Mcue has really re-invented himself here, and it"removes a couple peices from the tigers puzzle"(toughness, and a good 2 pairing defensman).

The Tigers have an extra 20 yr old spot open, and Willie will have less than a week to figure things out when he gets back. At the beggining of the season the tigers had a backlog of defenseman. Now they will have to bring in Thomas Carr in the #6 spot and hope thier are no significant injuries.

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