Friday, January 16, 2009

Tigers bloodied by the blades 5-0

Well I was pretty fed up with the tigers play, so I left halfway through the third period. They made tons of bad puck decisions, and Holfeld was left out to dry for the second Home-game in a row.

I saw allot of players developing lazy habits, like not back checking, waving at pucks. Defenceman making poor decisions as to where they should be on the ice. The forwards aren't crashing the net but skating around the perimeter.Some players are trying to skate the puck in the zone by themselves.

Cody Carlson, Brennan Bosch, Matt McCue, Zdenek Okal, all played terrible. IMO

-When will they convert a 2on1?
I have been watching them for a while, and the last few games they haven't been making good decisions.

The players ends up waiting and letting the oppositions defenceman get set, the forward runs out of room, and the tigers make a low percentage pass, which gets picked off.

The defenceman's job on a 2v1 is to angle the puck carrier out, while making sure a pass does not get through. The tigers are making it too easy for the opposition. Why not make a couple quick passes just after the blueline to make the defender lose his center ground, or to at least get the goalie moving.

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