Thursday, February 19, 2009


I was trying to analyze why the tigers had such a good start to the season, and why their play has dropped significantly.

1. Other teams systems have adapted
- The opposition systems has seen a bit of a change imo. They quite often play a 2-1-2 system with defense pinching and it has caused the tigers boatloads of trouble, as they often outman the tigers in their own zone.

2. Powerplay
- Their power play has also been dropping off. Its rare these days to see a point shot. They like to play off the half wall, and feed cross ice passes. I think they need to keep it simple and just start banging and crashing

-The tigers have struggled since he left, which i think is more of a coincidence than a reason why.

The biggest reason (or smallest reason)
4. Getting pushed around

- Carlson,Coyle,mcCue, Konan arn't very good at clearing rebounds, or the front of the net. Some of them may be tall but they push with their arms and it doesnt do a thing

With their current injuries the tigers biggest forwards are at 5'11 in linden vey, and taylor gal, the rest are 5'9 or smaller

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