Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Finish Expectations

At 54 games the tigers have 62 points...In the olden days the tigers would be 2 points above .500.(No points for overtime losses)

Can they get 2nd place?:Extremely Unlikely.

Mathematically the tigers would have to win the rest of their games while saskatoon could only win 8 or less of their remaining 18, and brandon could only win 12 or less of their remaining 18 games. Not very likely.

Can the tigers get 3rd place?: The tigers would have to make up 6.5 games on brandon over the remaining 18 games.

Say the tigers won 15 of their last 18. Brandon needs only to win 8.5 of their last 18.(Brandon gets the tiebreaker hence the tigers would need an extra point). It looks like 3rd place is already highly unlikely.

Can the tigers get 4th place?: Possibly..4th place looks to be a battle between Tigers, Broncos, Kootenay, Lethbridge.... Everyone is within 5 points of each other.

The tigers have 5 of 18 games vs those teams above.Which are must wins.
13 of 18 are at home
6 of 18 against teams with a .685+ wining .pct
7 of 18 against below .500 teams
16 of 18 against conference opponents

kootenay x3
calgary x2
lethbridge x2
Moose jaw x2
saskatoon x2
Prince albert x2
red deer

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