Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hitmen pick off the tigers 8-4

I thought the Hitmen showed tonight why there the number three ranked team in canada.
The Hitmen were pretty good at doing all the small things right.

IT made the tigers look like a team not good enough to make the playoffs.
Mind you they played well in the first period.

The tigers completely forgot to finish their checks in the second and third period
Its an opposition players dream to play a small team that doesnt hit. "No hearing footsteps" means more confidence for the other team.

Calgary's offensive system has their defense pinching in while the far third forward covers their spot. That made it incredibly hard for the tigers to get out of thier zone.

One thing I picked out is the tigers defenseive play has them playing really tight. It gave the hitmen all kinds of time to set up on the outside(or shoot with screens), they co-erce a player out of position, and it opened up all kinds of holes.

It was my first time watching Bo Montgomery and he looked pretty good. A big body who is not afraid to step up and deliver a hit.

Game against Moose Jaw on saturday.

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