Friday, March 6, 2009

Home ice is pretty much gone

This year the tigers have faced loads of adversity, but unlike years past they have not been able to overcome those challenges.

Looks like the tigers will be starting out on the Road in the first round.
The tigers lost tonight vs Regina while Swift Current pulled out a close 3-1 win over the Oil Kings.

It Means the tigers are 3 points back of swift current, with just 4 games remaining.

Right now the broncos have more wins than the tigers so that means a Tie would go to the Broncos.SO the tigers really need to make up 4 points in just 4 games.

With 2 games against Kootenay and 1 against calgary, I do not see the tigers overcoming this burden! It is too much for them to handle.

The tigers should be a bit worried about dropping further if they loose both games TO kootenay.

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