Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A couple tigers in Final Central Scouting lists

End Mid
152 197 Konan, Matthew Defenseman Medicine Hat WHL
65 108 Vey, Linden Right Wing Medicine Hat WHL

Both skaters jumped quite a bit over the last half of the season. Those ranks are for North American Skaters Only. Tristan King and Cody Carlson are on the list but unranked at 999. In other words they probably wont get picked, but have a late shot at being taken in on of the later rounds.

Looks like Vey will be a 3-5th rounder, Konan could go in the late stages of the draft. I couldn't find Zdenek Okal on any of the lists, however he could go in the later rounds of the draft, as some scouts have him on their radar.

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