Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dylan Olsen talks to the News

After the draft there was at least some kind of hope that Dylan Olsen might have changed his mind and go the WHL route instead of the NCAA route.

He had these comments for the Medicine Hat News Today:

“I’m still planning to go down to Duluth in August,” Olsen told the Medicine Hat News on Monday. “I had been talking to them for a couple years and near the end of (last) season I signed my letter of intent. I’ve been set on going their for a while. (When the Tigers) drafted me in the bantam draft, they wanted me to play for them, but growing up I’ve always been set on going to school.”

Like I said on the roars and purrs message board its gonna take some sort of lucky break to land him. The Tigers Blueline would be 200% better than last year if he were to come over.

The tigers Defense would be very strong, potentially very suffocating with the development of Mathew Konan, Jayce Coyle, and Bo Montgomery, and Mark Isherwood, just think of adding Olsen to the Mix.

Cross your fingers TigerFans!!

The CHL Import Draft Is also being Held Tomorrow. From what I understand Zdenek Okal will be back, so that leaves 1 new overager spot.

For yours and my convenience here is the link for the CHL Import Draft
The Tigers get the 41st pick

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