Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Import Draft History

Three posts Today. There is a post about Dylan Olsen Below.and Import Draft picks above

Link to CHL Import Draft
The Tigers get the 41st pick. They are scheduled to pick at 4:10PM at the latest.

IMO The tigers have drafted exceptionally well in the CHL import draft since Willie Desjardins has taken over. With players coming from europe they have to rely on scouts and player agents that are not necessarily part of their organization, but have a decent reputation.

Martin Kubaliak 3rd overall
Andrei Kastitsyn 15th overall

Andrei Kostistsyn ended up not reporting to the Tigers. Martin Kubaliak was used as a depth player. He played in 2 season with 56 games in his first season and 23 games in his second season.A very poor draft considering the tigers had 2 first round picks.

Yannic Seidenberg 29th overall

The tigers drafted a gem in Yannic. He put up over a point per game, and was a key member of the Tigers memorial Cup run. Looking at his stats he is putting up some good numbers over in Europe.

Roman Psurny 50th
Juraj Prokop 70th

Roman Psurny was a Key player for the Tigers. A hard worker and and put up 103 points in 2 seasons. Prokop started out the season on fire, but there were unfortunate circumstances and he had to leave. If i remember correctly it had something to do with protecting his mother back home.

Michal Psurny 54th
Michal was largely a depth player while over here, even with getting 19 points in 30 games. He didn't adapt as quickly to the whl style and was swapped to the Kooteny Ice for Marek Curilla.

Jakub Rumpel 57th
Alexi Provkin 67th

Jakub Rumpel was a key piece to the tigers puzzle. Small but fiesty. A 3rd line scorer/grinder for the tigers memorial cup runner up appearance. Provkin was a really raw defenseman. He was small and could hit like a bull, but was a bit overmatched in the whl.

Tomas Vosvrada 59th
Micheal Ahlen 60th

Vosvrada impressed initially but was largely inconsistent, and there was a streak where his confidence was shattered pretty badly giving up some really soft goals. I wish he could have done better. Micheal Ahlen was a hidden weapon. TO start the season his skating looked like a bantam house league player. However When he was givin the chance in the second half of the season he really took off. Largely used as a depth player, but ended up as a consistent contributor.

Tomas Kundratek 15th
Zdenek Okal 75th

A very good import draft year. Both players were key players. With Okal expected to play another year in the Hat. No doubt he should get another invite this year for the czech's national junior team at Christmas. Kundratek was a key member of the Tigers defense.

In conclusion the only real blip on the radar was in 2002. 1 player who didn't report and a depth defenseman. Hopefully the tigers can draft a player who can become a core member this year.

I'll be back later probably around supper time, and Ill try to track down everything I can about the Tigers Selections at the Draft.

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