Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Linden Vey Coming back to the Hat!

L.A made their first set of cuts and Linden Vey Is being Returned back to the Tigers.

No official word has been given yet but I would think there is enough time for him to get settled and play in Saturday's Home opener.

The only wild-card left is Kundratek.
Thomas Kundratek
Edit: Apparently the rangers played 2 games yesterday, and Kundratek was dressed during the day game which wasn't recorded at

Here is a quote on his play from a NY ranger blogger.

"Tomas Kundratek does have an excellent shot, but right now, he is very inconsistent defensively. In the first period he blew his coverage, and it led to the Devils’ first goal. In the second period, he made an excellent play to break up a cross ice pass that would have led to a two-on-one. Then in the third period he wound up from the blueline and let his big shot rip, which unfortunately missed the net and came out of the zone leading to an opportunity the other way. Finally, on the PK, while on a four on three, Kundratek put a big hit on a Devil’s player and took himself out of the play, which created a four on two. Don’t get me wrong, I think that Kundratek will be an excellent professional defenseman two to three years down the road, but right now, he should return to junior and keep developing. Hopefully, he will see that and take the first plane back to Medicine Hat. "

The rangers are expected to make their first cuts today, could our 20 yr old situation get a bit more crowded?

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Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be great to have a full lineup to start a season for the first time since the last blue moon?