Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tiger Beat broncos 3-2 in a shootout

Game Sheet

Medicine Hat Tigers 3, Swift Current Broncos 2 (SO)

1st Period
1-SC- Stickland (Dowling, Rogers) PP 1:27
2-MH-Sohn (Petryk)

2nd Period
32- SC- Brown (Vause) PP 4:28 PP

3rd Period
4-MH- Coyle (Frazer, Petryk) 13:27


SC 2 - 9
MH 0-3
SC 22
MH 24

SC- Ketting 18-21
MH- Bunz 20/22

4-3 preseason record

Tigers Roster
Tyler Bunz(played the whole game)
Ryan Holfeld

#2Dylan Businius
#3Scott McKay
#4Jace Coyle
#5Thomas Carr
#7Cody Carlson
#25Tanner Sohn

#10 Josh Koper
#11 Zdenek Okal
#14 John Stampohar
#15 Curtis Valk
#16 Joey Frazer
#17 Reid Petryk
#18 Kale Kessey - on the roster handout was listed as Colin mopanschuck
#20 Boston Leir
#23 Dylan Bredo
#28 Bretton Cameron
#29 Emerson Etem
#36 Wacey Hamilton "C"

The game was a fairly even game. Their were times when both teams were sorta sloppy and playing O.K, then all of a sudden the tempo would turn up a few notches. I was pretty much concentrating on the tigers players, didn't really focus on any of the broncos play.

I thought tonight was a 16yr old showcase. The tigers are only allowed to keep 2 and they had 5 playing tonight. I'll talk more about them tomorow.

New Players I liked:
#25 Tanner Sohn - A 18 yr old newcomer threw the body around lots, one of the most physical players for the tigers on the ice. He was staying with his man and hitting everything that moved. He looked pretty comfortable out there.

#3 Scott McKay - 17 yr old defensman. The first couple shifts he showed some great mobility on the back-end. He made a couple higher risk pinches that worked out perfectly. He looks a little small out on the ice, but i thought he read the play really well, and wasn't afraid to battle in front of the tigers net. Willie likes to throw his best guys on the ice for the first shift in overtime, and he was on the ice.

#18 Kale Kessey - 17 yr old I thought this kid has a good set of wheels, and I liked the potential he showed in tonights game.

#23 Dylan Bredo - 16 yr old Wasn't afraid of going into the corners, and playing the body. He has a bigger frame and i think is more physically ready than the other 16 yr olds.

#29 Emerson Etem - 17 yr old One of the bigger players on a small team. Good set of wheels

#17 Reid Petryk - 16 yr old Showed some good offensive instincts. Notched 2 assists. I kept getting him mixed up with joey frazer for some reason.

It is gonna be a really big battle for those 2 16 yr old spots, and its a little unfair that the tigers will have to cut 4 of them.

Other Notes:
Curtis Valk looked tiny out there, but he didn't make any large mistakes. He scored in the shootout. I think with the high competition for a 16 yr old spots, he might be one of the odd guys out.

Boston Leir: TO me he looked a little nervous or was hearing footsteps. I couldn't accurately judge him because it seemed like he was having one of those games where the puck hit every bump on the ice.

John Stampohar: It was comical watching the broncos play around him in the first period. No-one wanted to go near him. He would corral the puck down low then skate out in front, and try for a shot.

Cody Carlson: had a very slow start, got burned bad in the first period, but played much better in the second and third. I don't like enough about his play, he needs to be better.

Jace Coyle: was rushing the puck all over the ice. Made the right play. looked good out there.

Zdenik Okal: I was initially disappointed in his play a bit, but then he started to crunch broncos left and right. Absolutely hammered #7 Reece Scarlet of the broncos at the end of the game.

Dylan Businius 16 yr old. I thought he played an alright game. I noticed one mistake, Justin Dowling was able to beat him and get a 2on1 chance later in the game.

Feel free to comment on your thoughts of the game. I may post something later about the 16 yr old group.

Oh yeah one more thing. I was impressed by the crowd noise tonight. There was probably 1500 people and they were booing the ref like a regular season game, and cheering ecstatically when a big hit or goal was scored.
Game highlights are up at:


tigs1010 said...

hey just to let you know colin masponchuck wasn't playing, Kale Kessy was wearing number 18 instead just so you don't get ur hopes up for Colin

TigerTurf said...

thank you. I edited the post.

tigs1010 said...

I don't know about you but to me Stampohar looked a little lost out there. Do you think he did look lost or do you think he played a decent game? And if you had a chose which 2 16 year olds would you keep? I honestly think they're going to keep Boston Leier and Dylan Bredo.

TigerTurf said...

I thought stampohar played well for what he is capable of.

He needs to use his size and reach more effectively. Be aggressive with the puck, use his body then throw the puck out front, or drive to the net.

As for the 16 yr olds ill give more thoughts tomorrow its late and bedtime!

tigs1010 said...

For my 16 year old I didn't realize Busenious(sp?) was 16 so instead of Dylan Bredo, I'll take Busenius

tigs1010 said...

hey have you heard anything about Birch going home of anything? Somebody mentioned that on Tigers Roarrs and Purrs.