Friday, March 12, 2010

Kootenay In Round One

Tonight the Kootenay Ice defeated the Rebels, and the Tigers defeated the Hurricanes.
This means that the Tigers will face off against Kootenay in Round One.

Still to be decided is who will have Home Ice. Since Kootenay owns the Tiebreaker, The Tigers need 2 points, and need Edmonton TO defeat the Ice in Regulation. Any other combination and the Tigers will start the playoffs on the road.

Line Brawl
It appears their was a good old fashioned line-brawl between these two team. Tyler Bunz, Cole Grbavac, Dylan Bredo were ejected for the Tigers.Linden Rowat, Cason Machacek, Graham Hood, Austin Fyten were ejected from Lethbridge.

The Tigers had their bigger 4th line out. Something seems fishy with the Gamesheet though. As Lethbridge had one more 5 minute major than the Tigers, yet it was lethbridge who scored a PP goal not less than a minute later.

Video Is UP
First Video is much better quality. I recommend You view it in full screen.


Anonymous said...

Don't see Kootenay losing at home tomorrow to the Oil Kings. Fifth place looks like it's ours.

Anonymous said...

Tigers came out flat. They had trouble with most of the basics including bouncing pucks. They did out shoot the Canes but with a lot of shots from the outside. The tigers seem to be a third period team lately as that's when they seemed to get it together and made things start to work for themselves, mostly controlling the game in the third. Gotta deal with the turnovers!