Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Old fashioned Brawl In Saskatoon

Their is a pretty big controversy brewing over in the Red Deer vs Saskatoon Series.

In case you missed it, Josh Cowan Bowled over the Saskatoon Blades netminder with a pretty good bodycheck to the head. The blades website also showed a replay where Steven Stanford(Blades goalie) was roughed up earlier in the game.

Well the next shift, Saskatoon sent 5 of their toughest players on the ice, and they all started a linebrawl. Here are the penalties. FOr a video go to the blades website.

Josh Cowen Red Deer Four games for charge major and g.m.
Red Deer $250.00 for warm-up violation
Saskatoon $250.00 for warm-up violation
Saskatoon $500.00 for second multiple fight of season
Saskatoon $3,500.00 for actions of Club
Randy McNaught Saskatoon Five games for instigator, fight and g.m., and repeat offender
Lorne Molleken Saskatoon Four games for g.m.
Sena Acolatse Saskatoon Three games for instigator, fight and g.m.
Darian Dziurzynski Saskatoon Three games for one man fight and g.m.
Duncan Siemens Saskatoon Three games for instigator, fight and g.m.


While there is no question that their needed to be some payback. I believe Saskatoon could have choose a much smarter path. Starting a brawl like that, your forcing the whl to suspend you, otherwise their saying its OK to start linebrawls when your goalie gets touched.

I probably would have added a big fine to the head coach, and a couple more games suspension for him, and I would have cut the players suspensions down slightly.

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