Saturday, April 24, 2010

Calgary Defeats Brandon in 5

The Hitmen defeated Brandon 6-1 in game 5.

I can say I am a little shocked by the results. I thought Brandon would do much better. Calgary now awaits the winner of the Vancouver and Tri-City series. While Brandon gets a good 3 week rest until dare I say it a "backdoor" entry into the Memorial Cup.

(as a tiger fan watching 2 whl host teams win the memorial cup after the Tigers won the league still stings)

However I'm also happy that Calgary won because now it forces all the teams left to win outright for a berth to the final.

I guess Tiger fans can take satisfaction that the Tigers took Calgary to 6 games, and was a hair away from taking it the full distance, while a team that was building for the Memorial cup only managed to win 1 game vs Calgary.

I will be rooting for the Hitmen the rest of the way. A couple things that I really like about Calgary is their depth and hockey smarts, and no matter the firepower of the other team they seem to do a very good job at limiting the oppositions offensive chances.

That trade with Kamloops is certainly looking like a very good decision.

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