Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tigers Shutout Canes 7-0

Keeping it short tonight.

I thought the Tigers had a tough start but kept with it and were the beneficiaries of some poor goal-tending and some really lucky bounces. As the game went along the Tigers gained more confidence from their lead and Lethbridge looked like they were skating in water.

Lethbridge has a bunch of real solid body defenders and they were pretty adamant about protecting their goaltender.

Emerson Etem
Thought he was flying out there. Had another really good game. He has scored in 3 straight games.

Dylan Busenius
I thought he was the best Tiger Defenseman on the ice tonight. He played smart and did all the little things right. I thought he showed some good mobility for a bigger player. I like how his development has been coming along recently.

Hunter Shinkaruk
I keep liking watching this kid play. So passionate on the ice and plays with heart. I noticed his mouth guard is always half out being chewed on. Mike Reddington from the Canes also noticed this and gave him a little shot trying to swat the mouth guard out of his mouth. I thought that was pretty funny.

Sebastien Owuya
Keep getting points at home. Its funny listening to the crowd go Owoooooya afterwards.

Jace Coyle Injury Update
In the Radio after the game Darren Kruger mentioned Coyle was day-to-day.

Medicine Hat News Article

Edit1: Added MH News Article

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