Friday, February 25, 2011

Credit To Kamloops

Blazers Defeat Tigers 6-5 SO

The Blazers were down 5-1 with ten minutes left to go in the game. The Tigers got into some penalty trouble and Kamloops scored 4 powerplay goals (2 in the last minute) and eventually overtook the Tigers 6-5 in a Shootout. That is extremely hard to do against any team in the league. That could be a turning point in Kamloops season in their fight for the playoffs. Kamloops D-zone coverage can be taken advantage of but their forwards can be quite explosive.

That being said the Tigers are showing signs of running out of gas mentally and physically. For the injuries they have I thought they played fairly well in the first two periods.

After tomorrow's games I'll try to fit in a little recap of recent events and games to come.


Anonymous said...

That has too be a misprint on Theriau's plus minus since joining us??? plus 13?? in 8 games

TigerTurf said...

He's been a solid addition.

His stops and starts in the corners are a little slow, But his hockey smarts and ability to get the puck out of his zone is pretty good.