Friday, April 22, 2011

Kootenay Steals Game 1 5-4 OT

Another very entertaining hockey game. I was impressed by the amount of Ice fans in attendance tonight. I didn't like how Shaw TV had two camera's right in both goalies faces at the start of the game. It made both goalies uncomfortable.

Kootenay Came to play right off the bat, and didn't show much rust with their week and a half layoff. I thought it took the Tigers a period and a half of hockey before they got back into their playoff mode.

Despite being down 3-1 the Tigers managed to wrangle 2 short lived leads. A couple untimely penalties and a 5-3 gave the Ice a chances to tie the game late.

Kootenay had the much better start and ultimately had one more bounce go their way. The Tigers hit a few posts, and Emerson Etem, and Cole Grbavac had amazing chances in overtime to end it. The first 5 minutes of overtime was mostly in Kootenay's end yet it was WHL Star Cody Eakin who rifled a perfect shot over Bunz for the game winner.

I didn't like the reffing in tonight's game. I felt like their were a lot of opportunities for the refs to make calls, but they were spot choosing penalties, which leads to inconsistency and frustrates both teams. IMO the refs need to be smarter in their call selection to prevent embellishing.

Despite the loss I liked what I saw from the Tigers. Kootenay was on their heels for big parts of the game. The Tigers need to play a little bit smarter in their own end, and I think they have the capability of putting together a win streak.

Game Two Tomorrow Night!


Anonymous said...

Two penalties on one play was unnecessary, and it changed the game. Some more shabby officiating by the WHL. The tigers got shafted for sure.

Orange Blood said...

You would almost think that its a league conspiracy the way the calls go.Two penalties at a critical stage of the game condemned the Tigers. Not only that, look at the season and how when Tiger players have been subjected to concussions etc how many opposing players where suspended? None i suspect!!! but now twice in the playoffs we have been subject to suspensions! The officiating stinks, if this is the best in the league may i suggest they all go back and get retrained.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm............I thought the score was even when the overtime started. gotta learn to bring it home........