Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bantam Draft Results - Tigers Take Pair of Local Kids

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First Round
18 Medicine Hat Tigers Blake Penner Centre Medicine Hat, Alta. 5.09 170 1996-05-11

Third Round
62 Medicine Hat Tigers Chad Butcher Centre Kamloops, B.C. 5.05 121 1996-01-25

Round Four
69 Medicine Hat Tigers Nathyn Mortlock Right Defence Medicine Hat, Alta. 5.11 160 1996-06-19

79 Medicine Hat Tigers Alex Mowbray Right Wing Calgary, Alta. 5.11 174 1996-04-16

Round Six
124 Medicine Hat Tigers Zac Robidoux Goaltender Morden, Man. 6.02 190 1996-01-30
128 Medicine Hat Tigers Steven Owre Centre Rocklin, CA 5.09 140 1996-06-21

Round Seven
150 Medicine Hat Tigers Michael McEachern Left Defence Westside, B.C. 5.08.5 124 1996-02-02

Round Eight
172 Medicine Hat Tigers Josh McCulloch Centre Calgary, Alta. 5.07 155 1996-01-23

Round Nine
194 Medicine Hat Tigers Nolan Martens Left Defence Gretna, Man. 5.11 145 1996-03

Round Ten
216 Medicine Hat Tigers Patrick Normandeau Left Defence Ste. Anne, Man. 5.08 162 1996-03-07

Round Eleven
238 Medicine Hat Tigers Matthew Donnelly Forward Denver, CO 5.08 125 1996-06-22

Passed for rounds 12-14. WHL Bantam Draft Complete
Alan Caldwell has been compiling stats over on his blog
I'll try to compile a list of scouting reports after work.
Edit: Which obviously didn't happen.

Local Kids
18th - Tigers Blake Penner Center
50th - Kamloops Connor Clouston (Sean Clouston's Son) LD
69th - Tigers Nathyn Mortlock -RD
93rd - Calgary Logan Franz - Forward
149th - Kootenay Ryley Risling - LW


Anonymous said...

Are you posting any scouting reports.

TigerTurf said...

My arm chair Gm scouting report on current tigers will be up wednesday night.

TigerTurf said...

Ill try do do some digging on tiger prospects next week.