Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WHL Puts Pressure On Tigers/City

I've decided to take a bit of a break from blogging, hence the no posts for the last month. This story is a little hard not to post something about, especially when the possible future of the Tigers playing in Medicine Hat is in jeopardy.

Tigers' future in Medicine Hat depends on new arena

MEDICINE HAT, Alta. -- The commissioner of the Western Hockey League says the failure of the City of Medicine Hat to fund a new arena is surprising and disappointing.

Ron Robison says the Tigers are the only WHL franchise to have an arena that doesn't meets league standards.

He says the construction of a new arena and event centre is necessary for the Tigers' future in Medicine Hat.

Robison says a meeting between hockey officials and the city is being scheduled immediately.

In 2004, WHL updated its arena standards and Medicine Hat is the only city to not meet the requirements.


A new arena without question is needed. My understanding is that there are a couple important parts in the ice making process that could fall apart at any time. Combine that with the fact that the Medicine Hat Arena is now the only arena that doesn't meet league standards.

With the new police expansion, parking is going to be absolutely atrocious.

The biggest reason why the issue was defeated because a large sum would be taken out of the capital reserve fund. In terms of long term planning $51 million can generate a shit ton of cash on interest. Calculating the economic gain of building the events center vs taking out the cash from the reserve fund is tough to calculate.

The 96$ million dollar price tag seems extremely high, and I believe that was the biggest factor of alderman voting against the project. If The City could trim that price by 20-30 million, I think we'd get a better response.

P.S If the Tigers were to build a new Arena, they would become a prime candidate for hosting the memorial cup if they were to put in a bid.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree that a new rink is needed sooner than later. I have always thought 94million was way too high. My fear is that even if Graham Kelly finds a way to build a 70million dollar centre a few of the dinosaurs we have on council will still not be satisfied.

Anonymous said...

ice making plant replaced just a few years ago. it's good to go. it's the lack of any modern amenities, extra space etc that is the problem.