Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sebastian Owuya sent back to the Tigers

That leaves the Tigers with 3 Overagers and 3 euros right now + Kellan Tochkin who may get sent back as well, as his future is uncertain.

Left at Camp
Emerson Etem
Kale Kessy
Kellan Tochkin

My Thoughts
I like Owuya and how he can create a little bit of space whena player is right on his butt. has a long reach and occasionally when the mood hits can bring a real physical demeanor. He has two switches and when he is playng with no fear he is one of the best Dman on the ice. This is an extremely tough decision as owuya has the potential to log a lot of minutes if he can play like he did last year in the playoffs.

But to keep him you would likely have to trade Parkonnen and (konan/tochkin) IF tochkin comes back. If tochkin doesnt come back I think parkkonen could be an odd man out, but the Tigers would want to bring him back next year.

I could see tochkin as a point per game player this season, and Parkonnen is poised for a breakout year. So I could forsee the Tigers applying for an extension past the october 13th date if Tochkin does indeed return. Overall as a junoir player I like Owuya's game but him coming back puts question marks on everyone as the Tigers have some options to run with.

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