Friday, October 7, 2011

Tigers vs Royals Fight Videos

Game One

Adam Rehak vs Tim Traber

Decision: Rehak One Punch KO

Kale Kessy vs Steve Hodges

Decision: Draw
Cole Grbavac vs Keegan Kanzig

Decision: Kanzig KO (For Kanzig's first whl fight as a 16yr old I'd say he did pretty good taking on a Grbavac who is well versed in fighting, although Kanzig has 30 pounds and 3 inches on grbavac)

Grbavac sat on Friday's game. He may have a concussion from this fight.


Anonymous said...

Have to wonder if Kessy will be suspended for yet another hit from behind. Seems like he'll never learn. Someones going to get seriously hurt by one of these.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he will be. It's listed as TBD on the WHL discipline page.

tigerfan said...

Kid can act and gets rewarded, lays there like an initiation player waiting for mommy and then skates away without aid, faker. Ref made no motion to call it and he was 6' away, dub is blowing it here.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Tigerfan. Deliberate hit from behind and the kid didn't play the rest of the game. Look for Kessey to get at least 5 games due to his history of questionable hits.

TigerTurf said...

I didnt even see that hit the first time I watched it

Those backward, body half turned, side hits are borderline dangerous and often called based on how hard the hit is delivered.

Kessy still plainly hit him and made contact with his upper back.

I like Kessy because he is entertaining to watch but he has to learn that making contact on the back is a recipee for a long term injury and long term suspension.

Not slowing down in those dangerous situations shows a lack of respect for the opponent.

As a tiger fan I see no problem with giving him 5 games for the hit.

Anonymous said...

Nail on head Tiger Turf. He doesn't have to try to put the guy through the boards when making the hit.

Anonymous said...

Tiger turf have you ever played the game? A major component is to separate the man from the puck through hits. This was not a dangerous hit. Watch the video again, Hapscheid did not get hit directly from behind. He folded and turned in when he was squeezed by the hit. The idiot from Victoria who came in behind like a coward hit Kessy from behind worse. Kessy grabbed him with the meat hooks before he could crawl to safety. If you don't like physicality go try tiddley winks or continue to look for the fabulous wrap arounds which seem to dazzle you. Any real Tiger fans should happy with his work ethic and desire. Last anonymous says "you don't have to put him through the boards when you make a hit" - actually you do.

tigerfan said...

Well said, Tigers need him for tomorrow vs Vancouver. Gonna be some losses in his absence.

TigerTurf said...

I have only played the game to the midget level both rep and house.

Here I watch kessy speed up to a player that has his back turned, and throws some oomf into the players back with his shoulder, that's where i take issue.

In this situation if kessy held up, and didn't throw his shoulder into the back of the player I would have been fine with the hit. Its all about the respect of the other player when they are in dangerous parts of the ice with their back turned near the boards.

You start making these borderline hits legal and you'll start seeing half the teams injured because of concussions/back/spine injuries.

If the player was facing forward or kessy came down along the boards it would have been a legal hit. Yea the player folded and turned in but contact was also made in the high upper right back area, which i cant find anything in the rulebooks that says that is legal.

If the guy had his down down cutting through the middle that's a different story.

The Royal player doesn't do himself any favors by not being aware enough of the incoming threat.

You watch the player that comes in afterwards how he pins kessy to the boards with his leg, that is a textbook check. That's what every defense coach will teach his defenseman to do. Saying that his hit is worse than kessy's hit makes me question your judgement.

I'm perfectly fine with hard legal hitting hockey checks, as it serves a couple different purposes and is entertaining.

I do take issue when a player tries to cream someone who is in a vulnerable section of ice.

Anonymous said...

You are obviously very passionate about what your position.
Firstly you did not "see Kessy speed up to a player with his back turned". You need to look again. He really didn't have that much speed going and he was gliding well before point of impact. Therefore decelerating. Also watch Hapscheid. He sees Kessy coming and turns his own shoulder in. This is not uncommon. Lastly on the shove from behind by the Victoria coward as he approached the play. This is a true hit from behind even though Kessy was strong enough to not go down. When a player is squarely facing the boards and has no chance of seeing behind him. Opposing player approachs and intentionally pushes, hits or shoves player into boards. This is a hit from behind and dangerous as hell. Feel free to jump all over these. Generally the hit comes from above the waist and forces the other player headfirst into the boards. Body following head into boards is not good. One more time - this is what a hit from behind is - not these crap calls when a players makes the decision to turn into the boards instead of taking the hit he has exposed himself to. I am also passionate about making sures these kids that are out there busting their rears don't get falsely penalized. A player who gets hurt on the ice and then hysteria and BS allegations like what are happening here are what bring it on suspensions not inkeeping with the situation. That includes Marc Hapscheids comments in the paper. He should shut his pie hole. If his kid makes decisions to avoid the freight train by turning into the boards he should probably pack it in. You should have some "respect" for what impact your comments may have.

TigerTurf said...

I'm actually impressed with your ability of not starting a name calling war, cause that seems to be a common thing on whl forus/message boards.

I re-watched the hit quite a few times this morning and turned up the brightness and resolution so i could see the corner better. I only slightly changed my opinion. I definitly understand your point because these similar types of hits are very common.

Ohe thing I noticed is that the ref right thier in the corner in perfect veiw did not put his hand up so it must have been the back ref (in poor position)who made the call.

I retract my comment saying Kessy should get 5 games, I think a double minor is the right call, with a game suspension, possibly 2 for being a repeat offender.

I still stick to my comment that kessy played the siutaiton incorrectly.

IN situations such as this where the defenseman is in a borderline side position you need to throw/ride/guide your momentum by driving with your hip/mid body.

When you throw a hit with your shoulder up high when a defensman is at his side the impact will cause the player to turn in and down which can be dangerous depending on where you are in relation to the boards.

the player that hits kessy and the hit in the opposite corner a few seconds before the hit are examples of proper hits.

(That guy has his leg between kessy's leg and drives with his hip to pin him) the tiger in the opposite corner rides the players momentum into the boards.

So I guess we will agree to disagree on thi issue.