Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Canes Outwork Tigers 4-3

Lethbridge was playing thier 4th game in 6 nights, and were coming off a 3 -1 win in red deer the night before. Hurricanes had numerous players out with injuries/suspensions. Their team has also been recently ravaged by the flu/cold bugs.

EDIT: Changed

Re-watched the first two periods and realized my original opinion on parts of the game was a little off-base. Tigers controlled the majority of the 1st and second period minus that 4 minute 3 goal offensive spurt by lethbridge in the 2nd. I counted prime scoring chances at 14-6 for the Tigers. Tigers still made a few too many giveaway in thier end for my liking.

Hurricane players were on Etem and Shinkaruk all night, hitting them every chance they got and some small stick work after the whistles to get them off thier game. Their was little reponse from the Tigers bench, physically.

It was inspiring to watch a team like Lethbridge that had been down in the dumps not to mention injury and flu ridden rise up as a team and physically beat someone that had more than double the points in the standings. I give kudos to lethbridge they showed an amazing display of teamwork and heart. Hopefully this is something the Tigers can learn from.


On a postive note the Tigers did have spurts of offensive activity and James Bettauer keeps impressing. I thought the Tigers individually were trying hard, but as a team they looked a little selfish in thier play, thier transitional play from D to O looked a lot slower than what I saw 3 weeks ago before thier road trip. They gotta start burrying those open nets and easy tip ins. Their offense lost them the game with thier failure to capitalize.

Hopefully this weekend the TIgers come out with an improved and inspired effort.


CatFan said...

To be fair I know that Tyler Bunz has been sick as well. On his twitter he said he was in bed fighting it on Monday. Not sure why we don't give Cameron some time and let Tyler get better. I agree it was nice to see all the enthusiasm on the Canes bench. That seems to be lacking on our side right now.

Anonymous said...

Don't agree at all with your take on things other than the Hurricanes played hard. Had the Tigers buried there chances in the first period and a half this game would have been a laugher. The canes barely touched the puck in the first 15 minutes of the second period. All of their goals were on Tiger mistakes, not from anything great the Canes did. And the pushing and shoving after whistles wasn't the Canes showing toughness but a ploy on their part to slow the game down, which it did.

TigerTurf said...

I rewatched the first two periods on my dvr and now I'm scratching my head as to why I wrote Lethbridge was the better team, because by my count the Tigers outchanced the Canes 14-6 in the first two periods.

I think this head cold is getting to me :(

Anonymous said...

Good to see you can laugh at yourself. Your comments and editorials are well appreciated.