Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tigers Defeat Royals 4-2

Last game before the Christmas break.

First Time the Royals have visited the Arena. The Tigers faced them earlier in the year where they split back to back games in Victoria.

Tonights game was also the first game without Emerson Etem in the lineup. With Etem gone a couple other players would have to step up.

I thought Hunter Shinkaruk stepped up big-time for the Tigers. He was given a ton of ice-time and played an inspired hockey game. In just his second season in the whl he is tearing up the scoresheet. Their are some players you can just tell are destined for the NHL.

I saw good things from Kale Kessy. I thought he got a couple extra scoring chances from which he positioned himself in good spots. I thought Boston Leier came out with a very strong work ethic. Rhys Deino looked like a veteran on the Ice. I liked the poise of Reid Petryk at forward.

Patrik Parkkonen looked good tonight. I liked the goal that Scott Mckay scored. It looked like Victoria's netminder Jared Rathjen had the puck covered in his pads, but Mckay gave a little poke and pushed the puck into the net.

Trevor Cox also received a lot of icetime. I remember early in the pre-season when after watching the intrasquad game he looked a little out of place. He has come a looong ways from that. This kid is gonna be a gonna be a star for the Tigers one day, his future looks really bright.

Their were two major parts where the Tigers had a little trouble in their own zone, and in one occasion it cost them a goal. With thier new style it will take some time to get the kinks out.

From Victoria's side of things. They have a couple players who can really fly and are capable of scoring against any team. However what Killed them tonight was their inability to get the puck out of thier zone. They made a number of self made errors that kept the play in their own end. The reffing didn't really go their way early on either.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Edit: Away on holidays...probably wont be back untill the december 30th home game.


Anonymous said...

spelling - thier is not a word . And when talking about things...example : If only "there" were more should be if onlt "THERE" were more chances.
If your going to be a blogger, you should know basic english

Anonymous said...

I meant you type "thier" when it should be either "their" or "there" depending on the context of the sentence.

Anonymous said...

You are a really great English major. I love you having to correct your correction.
Just go away and play in you own sandbox and let this nice person keep blogging. I like this blog the way it is now.

longtimefan said...

Nice to see the grammar police are on hand. If you are going to comment on spelling at least be smart enough to get it right. What language is "onlt" anyways. You from Lethbridge? Thanks for the blog TT. It's always a good read.

tigerfan said...

Good greif, relax gramma grammar.

Anonymous said...

Tiger Turf, you da best.
Thanks for all U do. Your updates are awesome and i will read them and understand these posts even if you spelled it backwards.

If this is a HOCKEY BLOG,,, great way to end the season tigres. And you boy's show great xmas spirit with your charity work and community service. Tiger players and staff are the best win or loose, winning would be gooder thou.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, and to thier families and freinds.

Plays Safe, come home alive

TigerTurf said...

I apologize for my slight deslexia. There will be spelling mistakes from time to time. I do try to limit them but don't always catch everything. I will try to catch those "thier's" next time though.

If you find I am misspelling something regularly, a friendly email or comment would suffice.

just a friendly tip: (you're)

Anonymous said...

Haha we enjoy the blog. Spelling mistakes seem to happen but it's not worth fighting about is it people? I'd like to see the players names spelled right though at least! Rhyse Dieno would probably like it if his name was always spelled right, including correcting his twitter link :) Keep up the good work and go Tigers!

TigerTurf said...


I am going to re-isntall my firefox spell-check add-on and get those players names back into the dictionary.

Anonymous said...

Tiger Turf,
you are doing just swell, never mind about the do gooder trying to correct mistakes that are not worthy of correcting.
Have to agree your updates are awesome, we appreciate them no matter how the spelling goes.
This is a hockey blog not an engislh how to spell thingy.
Never mind with the spelling bee, keep us all up to date like you dooooo. I will read them backwards too.
Merry Christmas, Thanks
Tigers and fans are the best. It's about hockey here.

Anonymous said...

Well said!!!