Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Notes on Tuesday's 3-2 Win

Kale Kessy
Tyler Bunz

Both returned to the lineup. Both showing some rustyness at times. Bunz still made some pretty goods stops when called upon.

#5, Tyler Lewington, Lower body, 2 weeks
#7, Spenser Jensen, Upper body, 1 week
#10, Gavin Broadhead, Upper body, 1 week
#14, Cole Grbavac, Upper body, 1 week
#24, Patrick Parkkonen, Upper body, 1 week
#28, Rhyse Dieno, Upper body, 1 month+

For the Road Trip to P.G the Tigers took a couple new call-ups with them. Blake Penner and Chad Butcher both dressed and saw 4th line minutes. They were often out together with Riley Sheen as well as Kyle Becker on the point. As an all call-up/rookie line they held thier own pretty well and only had 1 shift where they got penned in their own zone.

After watching Kyle Becker for a couple games I think its apparent that the only reason he didnt make the team full-time was his injury at the start of the year combined with the Tigers depth of young-ins on the blueline. I think he will be a near lock for next years team.

The Tigers played the young guys a lot last night. Despite the 3-2 score the Tigers had P.G on the ropes for a good portion of the game. They hit the post 3 times in the first period. I thought The Etem/Shinkaruk line wasn't out as often as they have been.

Brendan Hurley saw some scoring chances on a couple breakaways. Finally saw a hint of an offensive ability. I feel he is still playing pretty conservatively with his new team. It would be nice to see him ramp up his game to another level.

Tigers are 1 point gained and/or 1 Red Deer point lost from gaining a playoff spot.

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Anonymous said...

Great game! Excited to see the talent that we have coming up and pleased to see how good they have been playing at this level. Next year could be a good year! Good job guys! Here's hoping Hunter has 5 more in him!