Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tigers Avenge Loss with Big 6-0 Win

Career Firsts
KENNY CAMERON recorded his first career whl shutout..Great Stuff!!

Chad Labelle recorded his first career whl goal. He stripped (Either Dylan McIlrath, or Kendall McFaull off the puck then put on a highlight real move undressing Warriors Goaltender Luke Siemens.

Labelle looks like a real solid speedy guy. He showed great pokechecking instincts in the offensive zone. I think the Tigers coaches used him very effectively. Next year he will be a great addition.

Tiger Fans
Tigers fans tonight showed their smarts as they cheered on these 2 guys and I was proud of the way the crowd responded for everyone's efforts.

Its amazing to see this type of effort with Bunz,Valk,Shinkaruk,Hurley,Kessy all out of the lineup. I've been extremely impressed with these unsung heroes stepping up their game. Its making me very excited for the future and the playoffs this year.

I liked the adjustments the Tigers played with tonight. They passed the puck around the horn spreading things out offensively, then attacked down low when opprtunities arised. They stayed away from MJ's game of tough hockey. They kept their gloves on for the most part and used their speed.

Coaches mentioned that Valk, and Shinkaruk were close to returning. Brendan Hurley is finished with his suspension and will be back on Monday vs Edmonton.
I like when Moose Jaw comes to town because the games are always very exciting.

Scoreboard Watching
Last Night wasn't very kind as many of the teams in the conference got points. Tonight was better as Saskatoon and Kootenay Lost, however Calgary won over Kamloops.


Anonymous said...

Tiger Fans , Cameron , Labelle all showed up and supported each other tonight. Wow the arena rocked tonight, every saved was an ovation in the third. For some Might be tough getting back on the bandwagon with the broken leg from jumping off.
Tiger Fans were the best tonight and fed rookies confidence Great Job !!! 6 - 0 win against MJ Warriors, pinch me.

Anonymous said...

here is a quote from previous post " Anonymous said...
I don't think Cameron is our goalie next year, poor play! He was so out of position. I know he has not played enough at all, but thought the basics were not there. Not sure what else we have coming up for goalies. I too do not think Bunz is for sure gone."
February 18, 2012 6:01 PM

Guess this person is not a goalie scout, and obviously knows nothing about goaltending or goalies. Cameron sure stuck it to this critic. Way to go Kenny.

Anonymous said...

Cameron was great! Also, for the guy who thought this team playing now was what we had to look forward to next year, will be a fun year! Although, I think he was jumping off the bandwagon when he said it......not a scout, that is for such. Ever even played hockey? Boston Leier was awesome! Has really turned it up in the second half of the season! Great job! Look forward to more!

Anonymous said...

2 wins on the season, Cameron was much much better tonight and deserves that first star, but you don't have to be a goalie scout to know that we all have the occasional great games, stats still speak for themselves. Don't count him as next years starter because of one shutout, which came on win 2. Shake your head! Not a starter! Will need more then one shutout to prove that! It is a start but he is not a proven starter!

longtimefan said...

Cameron looked way more confident in the net last night than he did against Regina on Wednesday. Did a much better job of controlling his rebounds and his postional play was much better. Thought the captain lead last night right from the drop of the puck, wish he could get into more scoring areas as he's got as good a wrist shot as anyone. The whole team worked there tails off all night. Was a well deserved two points. Nice to see as some of the Warrior fans were pumping out there chests after Fridays game.

Anonymous said...

Cameron was a different goalie last night. Hope thwt same Cameron shows up for the Edmonton game!!! Enjoyed watching, pleased with the tigers effort!!