Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Warriors Defeat Tigers 4-2

Warriors Take a commanding 3-0 Series Lead.

Well we saw it live on TV but once you watch this warriors team on the ice you realize that they are the real deal.

I thought the Tigers skated real well with them in the first period, However the second period was a little ugly as the warriors took the game over outshooting the Tigers 23 to 8. The warriors strong fore-check wore the Tigers out and in the third period mistakes were being made.

Tigers are having trouble getting out of their zone, and when they do, its usually time for a dump in and change. The warriors are doing a hell of a job shadowing players looking for breakout passes, and putting lots of pressure on the Defenceman. Tigers gotta try and find some way to get past that.

The warriors defenceman play very big..I thought the Tigers second efforts could have been improved a little as legs would stop moving when they get in close. Keep their feet moving and they might get a few more calls go their way tomorrow.

A couple incidents that happened during the game. Curtis Valk ran over Luke Siemens as he scored the first goal of the game. It was a fight for a loose puck, and Valk poked the puck overtop of the goalie as Siemens dove for it. He was down for a bit but remained in the game.

Trevor Cox took a huge hit to the head, and I don't remember seeing him back on the ice after. Brendan Hurley hit Dallas Ehrhardt from behind. Ehrhardt would leave the game temporarily but was back on the ice during the last 5 minutes.

Game Four Tomorrow Night. Will it be the last time we get to watch Emerson Etem in a Tiger's Jersey?


Anonymous said...

Ouch, pretty good game report. No matter what I think Tigers are a damn good team, young hurting men. Nobody wants to win more then these guys.
Maybe they will solve MJ ? I can see the desire. all on the line tomorrow.
Regardless I enjoy seeing them play win or loose.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha i told you this would happen Moose Jaw is to big and to physical for our tiny players, we have no grinders everyone is afraid to engage, and the biggest problem is the attitude of some of the players like Hunter gets hit hard once gone for the rest of the game total ghost. The tigers biggest problem is that they show up for 23 minutes they play very good in the first then brutal 2nd and the 3rd until 3 minutes left in the game. Just brutal no one has heart and the worse part Boston and Grabs never fight to spark the team or even hit for that matter. Wake up and know why you are on the team and if you don't care enough cut them there are hundreds of kids out there that would die for their position

longtimefan said...

Didn't think the Tigers had a great game plan last night. Why they aren't dumping and chasing more in the Moose Jaw end and tiring out those big dmen is beyond me. I don't critisize to often but number 2 was horrible last night. Give away after give away, can't handle the speed of the playoffs. On the bright side effort wasn't a problem just over matched in this series so far.

Anonymous said...

Confused by the lack of change/mixing things up Clouston. Not only did Moose Jaw get the matchup they wanted (McIlrath/McFaull pair out against Etem/Shinkaruk) almost every shift despite the Tigers having the last change advantage with home ice, but when you're looking for a spark and not getting it, let alone when you're getting outshot by a 2:1 margin, the lines should be shaken up a bit.

Would have liked to see Etem and Shinkaruk split, Etem is a rare player obviously that can create his own scoring chances, so build a second offensive line (maybe Leier for energy...love the way this kid plays, Valk for smarts and Shinkaruk for finish on one line, and Etem, Bredo and Grbavac on another line) to give a little depth to your offense rather than throwing all/two of your eggs in one basket, when they can be fairly consistently shut down because you don't worry enough about matchups/gaining an advantage through line changes.

The only other thing I can say in terms of coaching is I've heard rumors that Willy will not have his contract renewed by Dallas and may be coming back...we can only hope!

TigerTurf said...

The Desjardin rumour I heard was that he wanted to be closer to home.

The Tigers did change up their lines in the 3rd period for a while.

Priority 1 is getting out of thier zone successfully on the first attempt consistently.

Whether its just having guys getting into the open areas better, utilizing the other defenceman as a pass outlet or adjusting breakout patterns somethings gotta be better

Anonymous said...

bottom line is moose jaw can play 4 lines and we only have 3, the deeper team is winning the battles because the tigers art getting tired- they are done.

Anonymous said...

Willie is from Climax, Saskatchewan and also spent some early years in Climax, Minnesota. So where is home?

TigerTurf said...

His wife and kids live here

longtimefan said...

I believe the family has relocated to Dallas. There house on first street has been for sale for quite some time.

TigerTurf said...

Ah didn't know that, that leaves that rumor dead in the water.

Turfgrass Fortlauderdale said...

So happy to support your organization.