Wednesday, June 27, 2012

2012 Import Draft

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Edit: 8:50 AM Thursday (Added MH News Link)

1st Round - 47th Selection
Marek Langhamer - Goalie - Czech Republic 6'1.75 181 lbs 1994 July 22nd - Pardubice
- Next season will be his 18 Yr Old Season.

- Elite Prospects Page
- Drafted 184th overall by Phoenix 7th round
- Photo In Action

-Scouting Report
Butterfly goalie with a quick glove and strong athletic ability. Has quick reflexes, fast legs, good lateral movement, solid rebound control, good positioning, and great recovery ability. Calm when the attack is strong and drives when taking shooters on. Very lean and had no formal goaltending coach until four seasons ago. Intriguing goalie prospect.

- Apparently He suffered a  Knee Injury during the Under 18's against the U.S.A and didn't return (same one Hunter Shinkaruk participated in) Was projected to go in the middle rounds of the NHL draft, but fell to the 7th. It is a little hard to believe he fell so late in the import draft, as I just saw a report from Phoenix after thier draft that said they expected him to play in the CHL this year.

- Article

2nd Round 77th Overall
(Traded Up With Lethbridge for a late round bantam draft pick)
- Daniel Hanson - Denmark -  Defenseman - 5'10 150 lbs - Sonderjyske '95
Next season Will be his 17 Yr Old Season.

- Elite Prospects Page
- Article
 I'll try to dig up some more info on this kid.
This makes the battle for the Starters job more intense. It's never a bad thing to have more competition in camp.  They also have a bit of variety with thier age group. You gotta think that a drafted goalie has a good chance to stick but he still has to prove he belongs. Cameron won the backup role last season, so he has some slight experience over MacAuley. Its incredibly tough to break into the league as a 16 yr old goaltender. It will be a good battle during camp.

- Langhamer (18)
- Cameron (19)
- MacAuley(17)
- Robidoux(16)

The WHL Released the full schedule today. Tigers start with a Home and Home against Lethbridge.
The Tigers start on the road in Lethbridge on Friday September 21st
Then come back to the Hat Saturday September 22nd for the Home Opener.

Tigers have a bundle of road games right off the bat as they take a 3 week trip into B.C/Central Alberta at the beggining of October.

MH News Article on the Tigers Import Draft


Anonymous said...

Do you think this confirms that Bunz is not returning. I had heard they thought he would as the oilers have so many good goalies in the system?

longtimefan said...

If this kid comes over and Bunz does not return he will be the starter.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see they are covering goal if Bunz is gone!! I like the options we have as a team next year!! Lots of good players and I think a team of good people too!

TigerTurf said...

I'm assuming Bunz wont be back. But there's still a remote possibility.

The Oilers have not yet signed either of LeNeveu, or Danis. IF they were to sign both his chances of coming back would go way up.

Anonymous said...

The article posted says that Bunz has graduated to the professional ranks, is this confirmed or is this the news speculating? Just had not heard anything confirmed from the Oilers, the Tigers or Bunz. Whatever way it works, hope there is lots of talent for good competition in goal!

TigerTurf said...

Well their is always a small chance in case of a lockout or the Oilers stuff their system with players, but its more than likely he is done as a Tiger.

TigerTurf said...

Oilers signed Yann Dannis yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Small step to having Bunz back but even if we don't get him it seems like we are covered pretty well in goal!

Anonymous said...

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