Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tigers Defeat Canes 5-1

I thought the Canes were pretty jacked up at the start of tonight's contest.

The Tigers weathered the storm in the first period, then slowly ramped up their play after the Hurricanes looked a little tired in the second and third periods.

 First Period
Despite the momentum going the Canes way the Tigers jumped on board first. On the Power-play Dylan Busenius' point shot found its way past a screened Ty Rimmer. 1-0 Tigers.

2nd Period
Kale Kessy would add to the lead early in the second period. Coming in off the wing he rifled a low shot to the far side. Rimmer got a piece but the puck bounced over and in. 2-0 Tigers

3rd Period
Early in the third period on a reactionary play Kale Kessy went to hit Lethbridge defender Rich Pilon. At the last second Pilon moved out of the way and Kessy stuck his elbow out and nailed him in the back of the head. Kale Kessy Got 5 and a Game, and it is very likely that he will get suspended, I'm guessing a min of 2 games, possibly more.

Midway through the 3rd Period, Curtis Valk would put the fans up on their feet. He stole a puck at the blueline, completely undressed Canes Defenders Spencer Galbraith and deked around a sprawled Ty Rimmer 3-0 Tigers.

Hunter Shinkaruk would finally score his first of the season on the powerplay. The puck came out to him in the slot and Shinkaruk fired a shot in from the slot to give the Tigers a 4-0 Lead

A little later all hell broke loose. Shinkaruk was nailed into the boards by Hurricane Spencer Gailbraith.

Fight Ty Stanton Vs Spencer Galbraith

Right after the Hit Stanton skated up to Galbraith and they dropped their gloves. It was a bit of a hugging match until Galbraith managed to get his hands free and started feeding Stanton shots along the boards. The linesman would come in to stop the fight.

3.5 Minutes left in the game the Tigers would find themselves on the powerplay. Spenser Jensen's point shot would find its way past Rimmer to put the Tigers up 5-0. That was Jensen's First Career WHL Goal.

With 81 seconds left on the Clock the Hurricanes would Break Dawson MacAuley's Shutout bid. I didn't get a good look at the goal but Sam Mckechnie would get credit for it. 5-1 Tigers

Goaltending - Dawson MacAuley looks absolutely huge in net. Covers everything down low, it almost looked like he could sit on top of the net by just leaning back.  Their were quite a few goal mouth scrambles that ended up with MacAuley covering up the puck or the defense swatting it away. His positioning was so solid that every save he made looked easy.

Defense - I think I'm really going to like this years group. I was quite impressed.

Kyle Becker -  His reach and strong physical play gave the Hurricanes forwards all sorts of trouble trying to create anything offensively.

Dylan Busenius -  looks like he has improved quite a bit and impressed me with his ability to control the puck and make the first pass under pressure. He had a 3 point night.

Derek Ryckman - I liked the steady smart play of the newcomer....just the way he covers his man in his own zone is something these young guys can learn from him.

Ty Stanton -  Had a tough game on the back-end.  I liked how he stood up to Spencer Galbraith after he leveled Shinkaruk with a hit to the head.

Curtis Valk -  is the New Etem in town. He made a highlight real play stealing a puck, then undressing Spencer Galbraith, dekeing out the Goalie and putting the Tigers ahead 3-0 at that point.

Hunter Shinkaruk - Had a tough game, looked like he was fighting a bit of rust, but he still managed to score a goal.

Kale Kessy - I thought he was having a tremendous game until that unfortunate 5 minute elbowing penalty. We all know he is going to be suspended, I just hope its not for a long time.

Game Links
Game Highlights
MacAuley Cashes In


longtimefan said...

Stupid play on Kessy's part. Given his history I'm guessing minimum 5 maybe 10.

Anonymous said...

Great game! Loved the look of Dawson! He was tremendous! I was hoping for a shut out but no luck. Bus played real well as did Becker. I can see the forwards still need time to click but it is coming. Nice job boys! Was a pleasure to watch!

Anonymous said...

I don't think though that the Hurricanes goal should have counted. They had no one in the penalty box to serve the 5 minute major. Therefore when the penalty expired they would have to stay with four guys on the ice instead of five until the play was stopped. Unfortunately they scored first. The timekeepers talked to the officials after and I think that they ruled that it was the score keepers fault. I think that they should have gotten the too men on the ice call as the same thing happened to the Tigers last year.

TigerTurf said...

I never even caught that anonymous..........

If a hurricane player stepped out on the ice from the bench you are 100% right.

Joseph said...

Ryckman is amazing he reminds me so much of Steve Marr just is so good defensively and Becker is by far the most improved player, Stanton looks like he isnt use to the flow yet and Kessy.....the guy is an idiot i didnt think that penalty was a 5 minute major but no question he charged him and went high as for Doty that guy is what this team has needed for awhile no a single hurricane player said anything all game he was after everyone and how he stood at centre ice after Hunter got hit and just sent a message to the hurricanes say if you dare take another run at one of our players you deal with me and look no runs were taken after the game
Bus i thought is very good offensivly but his puck control and defiensivly he isnt that smart for example he lost the puck 2-3 times on the one powerplay and on the 4-3 if it wasnt for Bredo coming back he left his man wide out in front but Bredo intercepted it.
As for Dawson he is going to be a problem for any team you could just see hurricane player hesitate before shooting because they didn't know where to shoot at 6"6 he could be a goalie to steal playoff series, and whoever doesnt like Bredo is an idiot that guy is the best working forward we have on this team and by far one of the best penalty killers in the league
Overall the Tigers looked pretty good Ryckman and Becker are studs together, offensive wasn't clicking but like TigerTurf said that just comes with time.

longtimefan said...

Well anon 6:53 I did see the play and thus my comment. The guy doesn't learn, charges across the ice and sticks his elbow out and clips the Hurricane player in the head 10 feet from an official. Brilliant move on his part. I don't believe the #4 for them came back after the play. We'll see how smug you are after the suspension is handed down and mark my words, if the Cane player is hurt, you won't be seeing your buddy Kessy for a long time.

Orange blood said...

Well done Tigerturf, dont want these idiots ruining this site as well! if its not constructive critisism dont say anything!

CatFan said...

Valk looked amazing. Hunter always starts slow and then picks it up after a few games. Thought our defence and penalty killers had an outstanding game. Too early to tell yet but Dawson looks like the guy to beat for the #1 goalie. Kessy was having a great game, just has to learn to reign it in at times. Another week to practice and then look out Rebels and Pats!

TigerTurf said...

Stick to hockey talk and your comments will stay, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

turf rider
The ground rules say any comments will be deleted if they contain any derogatory words against a player. Follow your own rules and delete the comments instead of protecting the two twats who somehow found out how to work a computer posting the negative comments on the player. I will be monitoring your site and for every incident of this regardless of the player you can expect feedback.

longtimefan said...

Curtis Valk is one of the leagues most under rated players. Very smart kid, has great vision on the ice and makes every one around him better.

longtimefan said...

Maybe you should learn to read before commenting anon 2:25. No where in my post is there anything derogatory in nature toward the player, the play he made, yes, and I haven't talked to anyone today who was there last night that doesn't agree.

Joseph = said...

I dont know if this is commented toward my comments but i call it how i see it and if i can see that you know the coach saw that not to mention charter of right blah blah blah
anyways ill just say that player on our team who takes dumb penalties will never ever ever ever play pro if he acts like that, he can be very productive but he makes some very dumb decisions the league is going to give him a 2-5 game suspension because it wasn't even that dirty of the hit it reminded me of when a rb in the NFL trucks a linebacker its just this player went through him but he is a repeat offender

TigerTurf said...

Comments are now on moderation mode.

Anonymous said...

Funny when Kessy left the game all of a sudden players thought they were tough and started taking runs at our key players! At least Kessy would have protected his player! Somebody should tap Dotty on the shoulder and let him know why the Tigers brought him aboard. No not to score goals!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's like a fight here. I agree, Kessy made a bad hit but to say he will never make the NHL is silly, guys get suspended there alllllll the time. Sean Avery, Bertuzzi just to name a few with questionable plsy. So back down. He is a big tough guy, he just needs to work on changing his aggressive play to ensure it is legal. But I have been super impressed with his play and do not think he deserves this bashing.
I was thrilled with the play of Dawson. He took a stand last night stating he is the #1. The game would have not gone better with Bunz in net. He was always in position and I was impressed with his compomsure after getting run so many times.
Valk was awesome. He will be a force this year. Hunter reminds me of Etem when he came back and it took him a while to get going. But I have no fear, he looked good, just needs to get the rhythm going!
Great job Tigers! Watch out RD and Pats!!

Joseph said...

Ok Kessy doesnt really protect players unless its pretty dirty, he picks and chooses his fights and from what it looks like he has a horrible reputation around the league. That number 3 ran Hunter because in the last exhibtion game he was all over Hunter and Hunter just took it and he also knew Doty was on the bench when it happened, Hunter needs to drop the gloves with one of these smaller dmen picking on him he needs to gain respect look at Etem he fought McNabb and beat him up and no one took cheap shots at him at all last season. Not to mention after that happened Doty was standing at centre ice yapping at all of there players saying if you do this again you deal with me and NO ONE took one shot after he did that. That comment is so moronic im surpised TigerTurf let it on here

tigerfan said...

i have a source whom i'll name "Wally" he says of course you need to pick your moments when to fight and when not to, all the "up and comers" would love to show their mettle scapping Kessy.
Funny no one talks about the 2 goals in 2games (er 1 2/3 games).
Rookies need to learn to when NOT to take penalties, (according to Wally), few dumb ones taken but that improve.
Team looks good!

ps Kessy not on WHL discipline yet!!
Wallys words.

longtimefan said...

Heard something interesting today that ties in to the Galbraith on Shinkaruk hit to the head. Apparently when the two were in the penalty box during the pre-season game here Galbraith told Hunter that he was going to break his neck and ruin his pro career before it starts. Head shot on Saturday an accident? don't think so.

TigerTurf said...

Kessy is now listed on the whl discipline page his suspension is tbd.

Anonymous said...

Would like to see Hunter drop the gloves and stand his ground. But in saying that, it is a tall order for a guy who does not fight. But might have to come to that. But Doty and Ryckman will have to be there to step in. Although at the home opener I think they were hoping to stay disaplined for the win.

Anonymous said...

lets not go down to do what the hurricanes did to us years ago and make Doty and Ryckman just the bench, the fact is Galbraith knew they werent out there and no one on Hunters line fights so he ran him thinking no one would go after him, even Jensen just stared at him like an idiot thank god Stanton jumped in (and he just came back from a shoulder injury) to go after him

Anonymous said...

I need to know if anyone else thinks keeping Bredo and Doty is a waste of ice time that could be better spent on developing our younger players

Anonymous said...

No you need a guy like Doty in your lineup

Tigs1010 said...

You keep Bredo in the lineup, he's good defensively, can kill penalties and more importantly can win faceoffs

Anonymous said...

I am a Doty fan. In time you will agree.

Anonymous said...

Bredo is the best defensive forward you can find. I am one who has written that I wish he would chip in offensively more, however, I can not deny that he is invaluable to the team and provides that steady responsibility on the ice that prevents many goals against us. He also is the cornerstone of the PK. He is invaluable to the team.

Anonymous said...

I for one would have traded Kessey If he keeps playing his style of play he will be off the ice for somewhere around 20 to 30 games woith suspensions. We could have dealt for Gogolev from Calgary and had a player "on" the ice and had more production. Yes he is a 2 spotter but with Kessey gone we would have had room for a 20 and a euro. yes woulda coulda shoulda. Price would have been high from Calgary. Do not know what other 20s are out there yet.

Joseph said...

Holland you would need to throw in something extra though, i agree the Kessy just doesnt know when to throw a proper check hes already one of the bigger guys of the league no need to charge them and shoot for the head, very poor discipline

Anonymous said...

Why look, Kessy is staying and he should. Let the season get rolling before you fire sale some of the team.

Colin said...

Both Bredo and Doty are necessary for the team so far. Bredo will always be the unsung hero on this team. Kid works his ass off every game and is very responsible defensively and a PK specialist.

Doty's presence is needed right now so other teams don't take liberties at are smaller guys like Valk and Shinkaruk. If he can do his job, play smart when needed, he should be good to keep around as a bodyguard.

I noticed that on the PK we have Valk, Shinkaruk, Koules. Clouston needs to prepare more of the younger guys to take over those roles. Our top line is needed to score goals and they can't eat up minutes and energy on the PK. They will be burnt out too early. Just my opinion.

Kessy is league known for his punishing hits. When guys see him coming, they often put themselves in dangerous positions to avoid the hit and the result a lot of times end up more viscous or illegal in some way. He has to be aware and play smart and still play with the intimidating edge to be effective on this team. If he doesn't, his suspensions will grow and he will be useless. I heard he got 2 games for the hit on Pilon, although the WHL Discipline still shows tbd.

I don't see Galbraith on the WHL Discipline page at all. If he gets away with no suspension, that is ridiculous. Kessy was expected granted his reputation, but a 5 minute major headshot by Galbraith in the same game should warrant something as well. Could very well have been a retaliation to the Kessy hit, which in my mind is similar to a "staged" fight for retribution, but more cheapshot way of doing it.

Glad the season has started, look forward to Saturday's match!

Go Tigers!

tigerfan (manatee) said...

Well said Colin.
Turning is a dangerous habit, the players have learned it drew lots o penalties in minor hockey and in the dub. Trouble is they jeopardize themselves in doing so.
Coaches need to start in peewee to break this habit.
Go tigers!

Anonymous said...

Kessy got 12 games. Ticks me off that the guy who hit Hunter got none. Hunter should have rolled around the ice to act hurt as it seems you have to do that as the other player being hurt counted against Kessy. Not saying Kessy's hit was clean, he deserved 3 or 4 games. 12 is ridiculous!!! But the guy who hit Hunter should get a couple. Same with that hit on Hart last year, nothing. Who in Lethbridge is buddies with someone at the WHL. They get away with horrible hits!!!!

Anonymous said...

well guess what doty need to do next time we meet the canes......

Anonymous said...

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