Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tigers Defeat PG 5-3

 The Tigers open a 7 point gap on 9th place Kootenay, and maintain a 1 point lead on 6th place. The Tigers tied a season high 5 game winning streak with the Victory over Prince George!

A very gritty win. The cougars looked like they brought their A game for the first two periods. The Tigers turned it up in the third period. 

I thought it was good to see some fight from Hunter Shinkaruk. I thought he has struggled a little since Christmas. He seemed to push through it and had his game back in the third period.

Doty, Shinkaruk and Sanford were playing on a line together for a while, but it just didn't seem to click and they were broken up.

Scoreboard Watching
Kootenay lost
Swift won
Saskatoon won
Red Deer won in a shootout

Saturday Night
The blades are on a 10 game winning streak. The last time the Tigers faced the Blades, Saskatoon whipped them 7-2. Incidentally that was the game where afterwards the Tigers found their team identity, and started pulling off some wins.

Notable Games
Kootenay @ Brandon
Prince George @ Lethbridge
Saskatoon @ Tigers

Game Articles
Tigers keep on rolling (MH News)

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Anonymous said...

Tigers played well, I do not think they were as prepared for this one, I am wondering if the focus has been beating Saskatoon over PG. But they got the win out in the end and that is real good. Good to see Hunter score, he has been in tough, but has all the talent in the world, I think he will come through it soon!