Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tigers Close Season on A High

Tigers blew the Canes away 7-2 with a feisty game down at the Arena to finish the season with 75 points. Good enough for 7th place in the conference.

The Tigers winning percentage in the first 36 games = .444
Tigers winning percentage in the last 36 games = .597

That's quite the improvement. 

Their was a period in November where it seemed whatever the Tigers did they couldn't win a game. They had 1 less point in September than they did in November, and September was a 1 week month.

It was after the 7-2 beating on New Years day in Saskatoon that the Tigers found their game and started rolling off a couple win streaks.

 The Tigers remained relatively injury free for most of the year. Their were some small injuries here and their but nothing too major, with the exception of the Injury to Blake Penner.

The Tigers will go into the playoffs with Ty Stanton, and Blake Penner listed as out for 1 week on the injury report that came out on Monday. So if we go by that report both should be healthy by playoff time.

 Game Highlights
The Tigers scored 4 goals on the powerplay, including two 5 on 3 goals against 16 yr old youngster Christopher Tai in net

It was good to see the Tigers powerplay clicking again, they will need it in the playoffs.

Boston Leier made a couple highlight reel moves, including his one play where he undressed 16 year old Rich Pilon and scored a backhand beauty on the goaltender.

Matt Staples looked good playing at forward he scored his 2nd goal in as many games.

Tigers VS Blades
October 14th Saskatoon 6 @ Tigers 3
January 1st  Medicine Hat 2 @ Saskatoon 7
Febuary 16th Saskatoon 4 @ Tigers 3
March 8 Tigers 3 @ Saskatoon 6

I'm thinking that Shaw TV may choose this series to broadcast in round 1. As the Saskatoon/Tiger market may have higher ratings than calgary/swift or Edmonton/kootenay. Although they may go with Kamloops and Victoria in the other conference as their are 3 Matches with US division Teams.

The blades have a quality top notch goaltender in Andrey Markov. Their a team full of 19 year old's and they have size up and down their lineup.

Last year the Tigers unexpectedly took the blades out in 4 straight games.

IMO it seems like when the Tigers played the blades this year it was a mental thing where they gave them too much respect.  The blades were built to go to the memorial cup through a lot of trades, so nobody is expecting the Tigers to give them much of a challenge. Every other Tiger fan I run into says they dont expect the Tigers to win a game. It would be extremely satisfying to see the Tigers knock out the Memorial Cup Hosts in the first round.


longtimefan said...

Nice to finish off the season with a win going into the playoffs. It was nice to see the pp work well but i'm not putting a whole lot of stock into it because the Canes special teams are brutal.

Some keys for the Blades series:

Secondary scoring. The Blades will no doubt have achecking line out against Valk, Shinkaruk and whomever is playing on the right side with them which is going to mean guys like Pearce, Leier, McVeigh, and others are going to have to contribute.

Goaltending: Cam Lanigan is going to have to play out of his mind for the Tigers to have any chance in this series.

Special teams: Tigers power play will have to be a factor. The bigger Blades team will want to play a physical game but if the Tiger pp can get on a roll it may force Saskatoon to play a different style.

My prediction: Hope I'm wrong but I don't see this going more than 5 games. Blades in 5 or less.

Anonymous said...

Doty is going to be huge in the series, he needs to go out there and let Siemens, Thrower, Valcourt and Sutter know if they mess with the small guys he is going to go after him. Even if he takes a 2 minute instigator he has to send that message and hope it limits the Blades physical game because of their fear of him

Anonymous said...

To beat the Blades they have to get Markov off his game. They really are riding one tendy, so run him, clip him, irritate him, whatever it takes to get him off. He is very hot and cold, so the Tigers need to do everything they can to get him playing poorly! Go tigers go!

Master Predictor said...

First Game: Blades come out with too much nervous physical energy. Tigers get a lead early and just barely hangon.

Second Game: Blades hammer the Tigers score is a blowout.

Third Game: Blades come out with a late goal to win the game.

Fourth Game: The Tigers play hard and come out with a 2 goal victory.

Fifth Game: A Blades win where the game is decided early.

Sixth Game: The Tigers loose in Overtime

Blades in 6

Anonymous said...

any word on whether there are plans for a bus to Saskatoon on game day for game one and a hotel stay over coming back after game 2......Tiger fan

Anonymous said...

Wow run their goalie what a classless fan you are

Tigers aren't going to beat this team they may get 1 win but the small guys in our system and non punishing D going against a 4 line using everyone hits team

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the playoffs Markov..Face wash...Odd snow shower...You dont think that Valk and Hunter are gonna take a pounding....There is no tomorrow...

If Tigers Win...They win because of the pp..Tabbies gonna get at least 6 pp game...they go 2 for 6 they win series...

Anonymous said...

Ya but Valk and Hunter will take legal poundings I don't care if its playoffs or not you don't run a goalie implying taking him out that's beyond an idiotic statement

Anonymous said...

Running our players and cheap shooting them works well for s'toon. They always play rough. Hunter and Valk have been abused by them. Not sure what kind of guy you are Anon 3:03, but I agree, bring the tough stuff right back them and target their guys too. And like it was said, to get Markov off his game - no mention of hurting him!!!!! Just do what needs to be done to get him off his game!!!

dengel2002 said...

Traffic to the net. Getting in his grill. Hard to the net. Hunter and Valk are going to get crosschecked, slashed, wallet lifted, might even give piggy back rides. Turn the other cheek and score on the power play.

Tigers will need to get pucks to the net.

Anonymous said...

I would like that anon who said run the goalie to tell me where he sits so I can smack the stupid out of him

Anonymous said...

Bahahahaha Anon 3:25 Showing that good behaviour and sportsmanship ....... Hold on, you say one thing but threaten another?!?!? Confused?? You are worried to run a goalie but wanna punch someone??? Make up your mind!!!! Hypocrite!!