Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tigers Defeat Brandon 4-3 OT

OverTime Victory
First overtime win for the Tigers in 4 tries this season. Fortunately for the Tigers I thought the chance came off of a bad call by the refs late in the third period. Dylan Bredo was doing all he could to get by Brandon Defender Ryan Pulock. Pulock was able to catch Bredo in mid stride and put him into the boards.

Boarding by definition is very generic, and interpreting the rules can differ  upon the person, but I don't believe Bredo was defenseless as he was driving to the net.  Pulock did catch Bredo is an awkward position but he also put himself there tiring out after a long rush up the ice.

I thought that was a bad call by the ref, but it resulted in a 4 on 3 powerplay in overtime for the Tigers in which Tommy Vannelli was able to blast home the OT Winner.

A lot of close calls last night. A Game that had lots of missed opportunities for both teams. One hand I thought the Tigers were flat in parts of last nights game. On the other hand It has been rare to see a late game comeback from the Tigers and they did that last night!

The Arena was kinda empty tonight. A weekday game on a cold night I think a lot of people decided to stay home. On the plus side I noticed the Arena staff finally put some new tunes into the lineup.

Plays that Caught my Eye
Jacob Doty - Almost had a highlight reel goal with a rush up the ice putting on a couple moves and trying a wrap around coming close to stuffing the puck in.

Doty also knocked a guy over from behind the net lightly into the boards. He had 3 wheat kings on him trying to goad him into something. It left the front of the net wide open for Markus Eisenschmid to score which was a big factor in the Tigers comeback. I thought it was great that Doty recognized this and held away from the rough stuff as it might have made the ref blow his whistle.

Miles Koules
6 Goals in 5 games he is currently the Hottest Tiger on the Ice.

Top Guns Remain Quiet

Shinkaruk is on a goal scoring drought. He hasn't scored a goal in his last 5 games. Shinkaruk is 2nd on the Tigers for Penalty Minutes a game.

Curtis Valk only has 1 goal in his last 9 games..... I did see signs from Valk that his game is about to take-off. Last Night he had more jump into his game and created some opportunities with his shiftyness.

Markus Eisenschmid
Their hasn't been a whole lot of talk about the German Import this season but his game is getting a lot better.  He started off the season with 3 points in 15 games. He has 5 points in his last 9 games, including a big goal Last night.


Anonymous said...

Good comeback win, but the Tigers were outplayed for probably 2/3 of that game. Lacking leadership on this years team. Doty showed that with his one shift, but we need a consistent leader. Wacey Hamilton comes to mind. Wasn't the most skilled guy or our offensive threat, but every shift was buzzing around creating something for the team, via a big hit, hardwork or just creating chaos. Other teams come into our building and bully us every game. No team is afraid of us or do we play with any fire or emotion to get our team going or get under the other teams skin.

Our captain is overrated. We played better as a team without him in the lineup. More spark and energy. He is supposed to be our best offensive player, and hasn't been so what else does he bring? Besides stupid penalties. He is easy to defend cause he sticks to the perimeter and is afraid to muck it up in front of the net. If he had any trade value, he should be gone, but I think at this point all value is lost in him. Don't be surprised to see him off Team Canada. I don't think he will fit into Sutter hockey at all. He needs more that nine goosebumps on his already big head. Without someone to carry him like Etem did, he is just average.

Agree or disagree, that is my opinion. I would like to hear others opinion on our captain and leadership on this team.

longtimefan said...

Thought the call was rather weak myself but there are bad calls in every game that result in goals being scored. the fact that this was at the end of the game magnifies it a bit I guess.

Speaking off bad calls, the penalty for high sticking to Steven Owre was definitely a high stick but it was the Brandon players stick that hit his own player.

Been a lot of talk on here at times about Marek Langhammer's performance. He was the reason they were able to come back and win last night. Thought he should have been the first star.

Anonymous said...

Langhammer? I find him shaky at best. I cringe when we play him. I am not a fan, I thought the defence bailed him out a number of times. And one goal he should have had. I thought he made easy saves for most of the night.
As for the captain, I think he is in a slump. But Valk, our assistant captain, is not doing any more then our captain. I think it is wrong to blame just one. Both of those guys are not bringing much to the game. I am not sure what has happened to their scoring touch that they had last year but it seems they have just run cold. I think 9 is getting a lot of heat but there is not doubt that he is talented. I just think he has to learn to play as a team, not individual effort.

Anonymous said...

I thought Doty was great last night. On many shifts he stood out to me. I loved the fire in his play. And the big guy made some nice moves, which was nice to see. Keep it going!
Langhammer did not make the tough saves but made the simple ones from the perimeter. That is what he usually does. And generally allows at least one soft goal, which I also think he did. So he played his usual, average at best. I hope they do not keep him next year taking up a euro and 20 year old spot.

Anonymous said...

I know the import Markus is playing decently but I still wonder if the tigers should not have just played Matthew Bradley. He tore it up in camp and pre-season and I think I would have rather developed a kid who will play for the Tigers until he is 20. Call me Don Cherry, but I like seeing Canadian boys on the team rather then Euros who generally go back to Europe.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:57 PM

Isn't the European ban on CHL goalies go into effect next year?

TigerTurf said...

Valk is back. He has that jump in his we need Shinkaruk to follow suit.

Anonymous said...

Any news on Hunters condition? I was hoping it was just precautionary to take him out of the game as the game was going well. Hope he is ok! He was buzzing around the net in the first, he looked better then the last 5 games!

TigerTurf said...

I agree he was starting to look better, not their yet, but better. I saw him take a hit and immediately skate to the bench. When hunter doesn't embellish you know something is up.

I'm hoping its just a pinched nerve rather something serious. The whl will come out with their weekly report tomorrow, but the Tigers are usually rather vague with their injury schedules.

Anonymous said...

message to jake doty...thrower from Vancouver needs a beating...attack!!

Anonymous said...

I love your website. Shinkaruk is doing well in the D-Zone lately.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with the Shinkaruk in the d-zone, much improved. Also improved with buzzing in the O-zone. He is going to pot one and then he will be rolling.

Anonymous said...

Shinkaruk is not playing very well this season, maybe needs sent down to the forth line. Tigers play much better with out him. He is very selfish and disinterested in the Tigers team.