Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tigers Defeat Brandon 6-1

Just a quick brief summary.

A very good game by the Tigers. They took control of the game from the opening shift and never let go. Curtis Valk's opening goal put him on a 15 game point scoring streak.

The Tigers were down sparkplugs Chad Butcher and Gavin Broadhead to injuries and are listed day to day.

It was great to see Koules with a 4 point night as he hasn't hit the score-sheet and hasn't looked himself the last couple games on the road trip. That first goal gave him his confidence back. Markus Eisenschmid also had a good game for himself and is on a season high 3 game point streak.

I don't know why but it seems like Sanford gets 3-4 prime scoring chances every game. The refs reviewed a play where it looked like the puck was in Curtis Honey's pads which were in the net...after a review it was deemed no goal and he received a penalty shot and was stopped trying to go five-hole.

Anthony Ast came very close to getting a hat trick.


I thought after the first period Brandon came out hitting in the second but they couldn't really sustain strong enough pressure. The Tigers were using quick passing plays to get out of their zone, and their accurate passing transition game led to quite a few rushes up the ice with speed. A lot of guys played well including Marek Langhamer. He did't get tested too often, but the few chances Brandon had Marek stopped some high quality shots.

Up Next: Tiger play in Red Deer tomorrow.


TigerClaw said...

The Tigers always push really hard in the first period, then sit back in the second?
It's good to see that they are converting on some of their offensive chances now.

Anonymous said...

Koules has sure stepped up his game since Shinkaruk has been gone. Nice to see.

longtimefan said...

The team has played ver well defensively so far in February giving up 15 goals in 7 games, 5 of those being in the first game this month against Edmonton. Half way through this brutal month of games and things have gone well. Pretty good considering in some peoples minds we don't have goaltending.

TigerTurf said...

They are winning and the comments are dropping...that must be a good thing...

A Note: I will be away for a few days without computer access starting Friday....so comments won't be published from the 15th to 22nd.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I have been really impressed with the second line. I think everyone has!!
And for the goaltending, I think credit has to be given to Langhammer. He has clearly worked on a bunch of stuff and he is not letting in weaker goals. He is handling the puck better on those longer distance shots. I do not think it is a matter of him always having played this way, he has clearly improved in the last bit. I hear he is a harder worker and deserves the credit for that hard work.

Anonymous said...

It seems we did not have a goalie up to december. Langhammer is a different goalie in the second half. Watching replays of the first half, there was a reason the tigers got Wapple, he was not what he need to be. He has changed that and looks real solid in net. Hope he keeps it up!
Credit must also be given to the defence and the backchecking forwards, they make his game pretty easy each night. They are doing an awesome job clearing rebounds and not letting pucks get through. Langhammer has been making the saves on the puck that get to him tho.

Anonymous said...

Ast with 25 games this year in Van - 8 points and -2
Ast with 15 games with MH - 9 points and +5

I recall there were some who thought this was a nothing of a trade. Beauty of a pick-up! Nice work by the GM and scouts! Love this kid!

Anonymous said...

Tigers are rolling. Looks like they have bought into the system, supporting their goaltender and gathering up his rebounds and are having fun playing. I would like to see them play Edmonton or Kelowna again, I would think they would have a good chance of winning if they continue to play like this. I like that the team is coming together down the stretch. And Ast is a keeper! I like this team better without Shinkaruk then with him.

Anonymous said...

Here is hoping that Broadhead is back soon. He brings some physical play and I think will add to the team play! Mobray has been good but Broadhead thus far adds greater impact to the team.

TigerTurf said...

This Blog is ON Vacation!!!

Dan said...

Boy, TigerTurf, you picked a bad time to go on holidays. The Tigers are tearing it up!

And the young kids - Hobbs and Schneider are proving they belong here and Hobbs probably should have been here sooner!

Go Tigers Go!