Friday, August 21, 2015

Chad Labelle Moves On

Also congrats to who has committed to going to the University of PEI to continue his hockey career!
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I think this move was a very smart decision for Labelle. He would have been a player that was hard pressed to stick in the WHL. Moving in his 20 yr old year helps him continue his hockey career while also starting on his education. Crazy to think how fast time flies, it wasn't long ago when Labelle was a late season callup who scored a couple pretty pickoff goals in his 16yr old year.

Matt Staples Cole Sanford L Dryden Hunt * Trevor Cox * Ty Stanton *

With Ast heading to Germany, and Labelle off to University, it cuts down the overage numbers to 5. I am fairly certain that Eisenschmid won't be back as a 20yr old euro due to the Tigers acquiring 2 in the off-season.

Right now Staples is again sitting on the outside looking in. He was in that position last year but his hard work and willingness to do anything kept him in the lineup.

Sean Clouston has mentioned other GM's have called asking about these players, but will see how the off-season plays out and if any of the above gets signed and plucked away.

Canalta Centre
I have heard nothing but glowing reviews of the new arena. There is an open House August 22 @ 1:00 PM.