Thursday, May 5, 2016

Bantam Draft

Last Edit: Friday May 6th
1st Round
5th Overall - Josh Williams 6'0 170lb - Right Wing

Scouting Report:
Yale Hockey Academy Profile:

2nd Round
28th Overall - Daniel Baker 6'2 175lb - Defense
34th Overall - Henrik Rybinski 5'11 150lb - Forward

3rd Round
55th - Ryden Fedyck - 6'3 176lb - Defense
63rd - Jalen Price 6'0 177lb - Forward

4th Round
72nd - Mattie Boonstra 5'10 139lb - Defense

5th Round
94th Kaleb McEachern 6'3  184lb - Goaltender

7th Round
138th Corson Hopwo 5'5 129lb - Centre

9th Round 
192nd- Logan Ganie 5'9 150lb Left Wing

Tigers Are Done Drafting
This years crop so far would be considered Giants compared to the past few years. This draft was considered pretty deep

9 Players
5 Forwards
3 Defenceman
1 Goaltender

Medicine Hat News Comments

While the Tigers have traditionally boasted a small and quick roster, Clouston says Thursday’s series of decisions to draft bigger-bodied players came both as a result of the scouting, and due to the evolving nature of the game.
“The scouting staff did a tremendous job and we were just going off the list. When it’s our turn to pick, we’re picking the best guy on the list,” he said. “The thing that’s changing a little bit is we want to be able to be a fast team and play at a high tempo, a lot of the big guys are real good skaters now too. Even the bigger guys can really fly. You’ll see that in a guy like Josh.”