Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Canes Take a 2-1 Series Lead

I re-watched the game and thought the Tigers played a pretty good first half of the game. Their defensive game I thought was a lot better than in game 2. Unfortunately it was their offensive game that suffered a little bit.

Hurricanes were 2/4 in the PP while the Tigers were 0/1. They need to be better disciplined and get their power-play clicking.

Bad-Luck Call
Kristians Rubins had a weak interference called against him. Unfortunately it was that bad call that changed the momentum of the game.

 A canes player basically cut Rubins off, slowed down and fell over on light body contact.
 Hurricanes managed to generate a lot of momentum off that powerplay and scored twice soon after.

The canes are attacking the Tigers at the blue-lines.  Almost every time the Tigers come up the ice they have 3 players at each blueline attacking the puck carrier. Hopefully the Tigers can notice this and have their players spread out or activate their defenceman to get through the muck.

The Tigers generate a lot of speed coming out of their zone from their own blueline and the canes have a good strategy  to try and slow them down.

Activating Defenceman East & West
One thing that the Tigers are really good at, that has disappeared a little, is with their east/west passing in the offensive zone.

The Tigers didn't do a good enough job going around the horn D to D and back down low to open up passing lanes and getting the canes out of position.

The canes were pretty content collapsing down really low giving up the point sometimes and the Tigers didn't do a good enough job to generate chances off that.

Faceoffs in Hurricanes zone.
They have a set play going where upon puck control their forwards are taking off down the ice near the boards for long stretch passes to get out of their zone. I guess that is a fairly common play but the Tiger forwards need to be aware of that and try and get into the middle of those passing zones to make those passes difficult.

Wishing the Tigers best of Luck in game 4!


Anonymous said...

All I can do is laugh at that first goal. Jesus Clouston figure it out already

TigerTurf said...

The Tigers were so unlucky during that period. I thought the Tigers were the better team.

First goal the Canes player actually lost the puck, and the Tigers accidentally kicked the puck right to estephans tape in the slot

Second goal was a change up. Bullion was expecting a hard shot, but the shot was partially blocked right at release by a tiger stick. If it wasn't partially blocked bullion had it easily.

This will need to be their best period of the seasons. I expect them to come out full force. As long as they stay out of the box I think they have a good chance to tie this game back up.

Anonymous said...

Stay classy Lethbridge, nothing like giving Gerlach the finger after he scored. Lol

Anonymous said...

Tigers should have a great Game 5....Last change is important and having Rubins and Clayton out against Wong is a big advantage...I thought Rubins and Shultz had terrible game 3...They both did silly pinches around the redline that ended up in our net...There isn't one player on the canes that can beat any of our D them at the bluline and keep them on the outside....Is it jus me or are too many of Tiger players falling on the ice like they lost an edge...Shaw and Bradley are due for a breakout game and then watchout...No team in the league matches up against or 4 lines....I think it was a great idea of Clouston to dress 7 d....Putting a Butcher or Bradley on that 4th line gives us an extra offense each time...I really have liked the play of Mcpherson except that he needs to get that puck out when he has that chance....