Wednesday, June 28, 2017

CHL Import Draft

Tigers 1st Selection
59th Overall  MICK KÖHLER 19Yr - Forward, 6'3 201lb

German Leagues
Last season Mick split time in the DNL and DEL2 leagues. DNL is a German under 19 team. DEL2 is a German 2nd tier Men's League.   In Europe teams get relegated or promoted based on finishing at the top or bottom of their leagues.

In the DNL Mick put up 60 points in 31 games. He is Kolner EC's all time scoring leader.

In the DEL2  He put up 4 points in 20 games. Interestingly enough he played on the team with former Tiger Goaltender Kevin Nastiuk.

Compare with Eisenschmid
Markus Eisenschmid also split time in both leagues, except he was a year younger.
 He put up 18 pts in 19 games in their junior league, and  7 points in 40 games in their Mens league.

We could say that Mick's point totals follow a similar path. He appears to be more of the playmaker type.

Tigers 2nd Selection
Linus Nassen - Defenceman  19yr  6 feet 174 lb
Linus was 3rd round pick in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft.

He was selected last season in the Import draft in the first round by the Brandon Wheat Kings, but did not come over to play. He played in the world juniors last year. He also split time in Juniors and the highest Level Mens league in Sweden, but was also loaned out to the 2nd division.

His scouting report says he is a very mobile defender that occasionally struggles against bigger forwards in his own zone.

They pick up some size and skill with Mick so hopefully he can fill a 2nd line role. Their 2nd pick appears to be a "flyer pick". They went out and picked what appears to be a very good player that may not be expected to come over, but bounced around a couple rosters in the Swedish league last season.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

NHL Draft - Tiger Edition - 3 Players Picked

Mason Shaw
Mason Shaw was selected by the Minnesota Wild, He was the 4th pick taken in round 4, 97th overall. Here is a picture of him in his new jersey I found on twitter from a Minnesota Wild reporter

Zach Fischer
Zach Fischer was taken early in the 5th round 140th overall to the Calgary Flames. It was no surprise Fischer was taken in his second go through. His game exploded last year, going from 13 to 63 points as well as 2nd in PIMS.

More on this later. Getting drafted could increase his chances of getting plucked to the AHL. I'll look for some interviews shortly on what the flames have planned for him.

Jordan Hollett

The Tigers newest goaltender acquisition was picked by the Ottawa Senators in the 6th round, 183rd overall.

Cale Makar
Brooks Bandits and Tigers 8th round 2013 Bantam draft selection was picked 4th overall in the NHL Entry Draft. He was interviewed and asked if he still planned to commit to the NCAA route. This is what he responded with.

Q. Are you still committed to going to UMass?
 Yeah, 100 percent. That's my plan for next year, and I couldn't be more excited to do that.

NHL Draft List

Sunday, June 4, 2017

WHL Over-Agers 2017-2018

Edit History: 
9:30AM June 5th - Fixed Saskatoon Blades Trade & Added Fiala
2:00PM June 8th - Radovan Bondra to KHL
2:00 PM June 27th - John Dahlstrom to Sweden
10:00PM July 28th - Cody Porter/Jaydan Gordon/Patrick Dea/Hamm
Late Edit: This is now outdated, and further updates won't be made


PRO  =  Players either gone, or potentially at risk for not coming back.
Likely Candidates - Players that will compete for a spot or have potential to be traded to another team.
Fringe OA = Only kept if  a teams depth is lacking. These players are not ideal candidates. Usually they are released, or if lucky traded for a very low 7th+later pick.

Caliber - An extremely generic Evaluation of Overage  Talent.


Likely Candidates
Shearer, James D
Thompson, Logan G

Nell, Meyer F
Jensen, Kade D

Pro Risk:0
Total: 4
Calibre -1


Likely Candidates
Stukel, Jakob LW -Drafted/Un-signed
Gennaro, Matteo C -Drafted/Un-signed
Nick Schneider - G signed
Reagan, Brady D

Pro Risk: 1
Caliber: +1

 Stukel was drafted in his 2nd go through but remains unsigned. It is likely he comes back.  Matteo Gennaro was not signed by the Jets so indications are that he will be back. The Hitmen have been hurting for goaltending depth and have traded for Overage goaltender Nick Schneider.

They also have defenceman Brady Reagan. The Hitman will have some flexibility on if they get unlucky and Gennaro is snatched away. If everyone comes back they will have a choice between keeping defensive or offensive depth.

Likely Candidates
Kehler, Colton RW
Child, Travis G
Fringe Players
Berg, Adam .3 LW
Roach, Jesse .1 RW

Pro Risk:0
Caliber: -1

Edmonton  traded for a 2nd OA goalie
 At seasons end the Oil Kings were splitting time between  Patrick Dea and their 18yr tender. Seeing as they traded for an OA goalie is appears that Dea is the odd man out.

Kehler, is borderline OA material on a team with decent depth but has the 2nd spot unequivocally. Their others are fringe on most teams.  Berg probably has the 3rd spot unless they decide to tinker.

Everett Silvertips
Juulsen, Noah D Drafted Round 1, Signed - Gone to Pro's

Likely Back
Davis, Kevin D
Bajkov, Patrick RW
Fonteyne, Matt LW
Skoleski, Devon RW .52
Fringe Players
Babych, Cal RW .33
Anderson, Keith RW 0.13

Pro Risk:1

Noah Juulsen is likely gone to pro's, He is a 1st round NHL pick that signed.  Bajkov/Davis might have some NHL interest around them. Silvertips would be unlucky if someone is plucked to the pro's.

If everyone comes back as expected they will likely cut/trade Devon Skoleski who could be a cheap upgrade for a team with a lack of depth, and for that reason I'm putting everett as a +1.

Kamloops Blazers
Ingram, Connor G Drafted and signed Likely Gone
Sideroff, Deven RW - Drafted and Signed likely gone
Balcers, Rudolfs(I) - Drafted+signed

Likely Candidates
Chyzowski, Nick C
Gatenby, Joe D
Fringe Players
Holowko, Nic LW .33

Pro Risk:2-3
Caliber: -1

Tampa is hurting for some goal-tending prospects, I find it very unlikely that Ingram is sent back as their is room in their pro system. Sideroff is drafted and signed before the season started. Anaheim has a very young depth in their minor system, their is a lot of room to make the team. The Blazers are likely not expecting him back.

Rudolfs Balcers is an OA Import.  I read a news article where he suggested playing pro in Europe, therefore The Blazers will likely count him as not coming back.

If he doesn't come back  they may look to upgrade 1 spot. I'm putting their caliber at -1 thinking Blacers will go pro in Europe.

Kelowna Rockets
Merkley, Nick C - 1st round Drafted&Signed
Johansen, Lucas D 1st round Drafted & Signed
Thurkauf, Calvin LW Import Signed
Stephens, Devante D -Drafted & Signed

Likely Candidates
Soustal, Tomas C Import
Twarynski, Carsen LW
Hilsendager, James D

Fringe Players
Ballhorn, Gordie D .2

Pro Risk: 4
Caliber: 0

Kelowna has 4 NHL signed players. 3 out of 4 are locks to be gone. Devante Stephans is a  question mark. He is drafted and signed.  This season Buffalo has 5 signed defenceman  for their AHL affiliate in Rochester(so their is room).  He was a late signing and his stats suggest that Buffalo signed him for his rights and that another season in junior could help develop an offensive game. I'm going out on a limb and guessing that he is sent back as a rare junior player with an NHL contract.

 Their import Soustal is also question mark. Undrafted and un-signed and may have a shot at being a rare 20yr old import in the league. Their is an article from kelownaNow that suggests he will be back as a 20 as they include him as being a part of their "core" players. However I'm unsure about that.

They won't be trading anyone away unless it's Ballhorn. With the uncertainty of Soustal+Stephans I'm putting their calibre at 0.  They could be anywhere from having to trade a player to trying to acquire 1 player.

I haven't looked at the AHL depth of Thurkauf, Johansen, and Merkley's respective teams, but  If they received one of those guys back they would be very lucky.

Kootenay Ice
Likely Candidates
Kroeker, Colton C
Murray, Troy D
Petit, Mario G
Jordan Henderson
Fringe Players
Wellsby, Austin LW .3
Rutledge, Kurtis D .2

Pro Risk:0

Kootenay just turfed their coach. That move was likely just a change in direction with the new owners at the helm trying to turn this franchise around in a struggling market.

Kootenay's OA depth is rather mediocre. Kroeker has put up some good numbers after getting traded to the Ice. Murray is a former 1st round bantam pick. Kootenay also traded traded for OA Petit, who has 37 games of backup experience.  It is not often a team keeps an OA goalie with only 37 games experience.

I'm putting their caliber at an extremely generous 0. I am debating on whether or not to downgrade that to a -1.  They will likely go with the 3 mentioned above.

Lethbridge Hurricanes

Likely Candidates
Estephan, Giorgio C Drafted, Un-signed
Menell, Brennan D
Baer, Alec RW .56
Fringe OA
Riddle, Brennan D .25

Pro Risk:1
Caliber :0

Giorgio just went unsigned and the canes might get some luck and see him return. Babenko even though he is an import I feel could be back as a rare OA Import because the canes need some offense and he has chemistry with Estephan.  They also have the option of re-drafting the forward euro spot and keeping Baer, which could make them more competitive for next season, if that is their goal.

We will see what plays out. I'm putting their caliber at 0, because of the Import situation.

Medicine Hat
Pro Risk:
Zach Fischer(20) Potential of being drafted a 2nd go round.

Likely Candidates:
Mark Rassell F
Zach Fischer F
Kristians Rubins(I) D
Ty Schultz D
Jordan Henderson D
Michael Bullion G

Brad Forrest D .3

Pro Risk: 1
Actual: +3

The Tigers made 2 deals with OA players already. Dahlstrom(import) hasn't signed with Chicago. I  hope he moves on to pro's because he is in a tough spot being a 2 spotter on a team full of depth, and probably won't have a spot unless something extreme happens to the other Tigers OA's, or they fail at the Import draft.

Rubins is also in the same scenario being a 2 spotter on a team full of depth. He played first line minutes last season, so he would be difficult to replace. If their is a candidate to remain a 2 spotter in the league Rubins could very easily fill that role.  Their current path is probably Rassell/Fischer and 1 Dman(likely Rubins/henderson/schultz)   They may look to draft 2 euro's and see what they have come training camp, and potentially have them compete for spots.

The Tigers recently acquired goaltender Josh Hollet from regina and are probably hoping he can be their #1 guy, so they don't need to keep an OA goalie. The Tigers have a ton of options here, they may be able to squeeze out some really good value on their OA defenceman.I'm putting the Tigers as a +3 even though they may be as high as +5

Moose Jaw

Likely Candidates:
Jeannot, Tanner
Halbgewachs, Jayden F
Brayden Burke F

Fringe OA
Bast, Spencer RW .3

Pro Risk: Maybe 1

Warriors unexpectedly lost a highly touted goaltender to the Canadian University Ranks. Both Burke and Halbgewches are high scoring juniors that have  potential of pro interest, but more than likely will be back as 20's.  They look relatively set with a pretty good crop.

Pro Risk
Jones, Caleb -Drafted & Signed

Likely OA
Kehler, Cole
Texeira, Keoni D
Overhardt, Alex F
Weinger, Evan F
Veloso, Colton F
Fringe OA

Pro Risk:1
Caliber: +1

Cole Kehler likely has a spot as an overage Goaltender, because Portland doesn't have anyone else.
 Texeira probably has their 2nd spot on the back-end, otherwise that means they have 3 of their top 4 d-man moving on from last season. If they have great incoming defensive depth perhaps they move him and keep 2 forwards. I'm not familiar with their roster so I don't know which path they'd take.

They have 3 forwards who are similar in height/weight and points.  Ideally you want a little more production from those OA's. They are not exactly the players another team would  target in a deal, but very easily could be guys another team tries to acquire for a later 6-7th round draft picks.

I'm putting them at a plus 1, because those 3 forwards are fringe trade-able based on their numbers. They could be traded for they may not be.

Prince Albert

Likely Candidates
Stallard, Jordy- Drafted
Miske, Curtis

Fringe OA
Heid, Nick

Pro Risk:0

PA looks like they have some decent depth with Stallard, and Miske as long as they stay healthy.  Miske finding his game in PA after getting traded from Spokane. Simon Stransky is an Import, so they have the question of keeping a 2 spotter or going with someone else?

PA has a high position in the CHL import draft, as well as an Import 19yr old Defenceman who was drafted by Buffalo in last years NHL draft.

If they opt to re-draft their euro spot, they may be in the market for an upgrade. I'm putting their caliber rating at 0 as a happy medium between  the uncertainty of Stransky, and potentially looking for an upgrade.

Prince George (Re-look at)
Harkins, Jansen F - Drafted(2nd) &Signed
Gabrielle, Jesse F - Drafted(4th) &Signed
Guhle, Brendan D - Drafted(2nd) & Signed

Likely Candidates
Olson, Tate D - Drafted &Unsigned
Bethune, Jared F
O'Brien, Brogan F
Collins, Shane D

Boyd, Aaron F
Wishnowski, Tanner F

Pro Risk:0


Nick Mcbride probably would have had a spot but announced he is going to school, they also just traded away their highest scoring non-import OA in Brad Morrison for a 2nd round pick and that may signify they are already in the process of rebuilding.

Radovan Bondra ended up signing in the KHL.

O'brien is a local boy but looking at their roster I'd think Collins/Tate/Bethune would be the 3 they go with, unless they prioritize getting a 3-5th round pick back in trade.

They will be hurting  on goal-tending depth losing both goaltenders.  I am wondering on their ability to flip one of their OA's for an OA goaltender. Red Deer has an OA goalie potentially available and needs an OA, I wonder if they do something like flip Obrien/Bethune for Lasse Petersen.

 If they are rebuilding mode getting an OA goaltender, and keeping Collins/ Tate Olsen  may bring them to their goals of acquiring picks/assets while trying to stay competitive. 

Red Deer

Musil, Adam - Drafted+Signed
Spacek, Michael(I) - Drafted& Signed

Likely Candidates
Pawlenchuk, Grayson
McCarty, Mason F

Lasse Petersen G - From Denmark but not an Import
Matthew Campese

Pro Risk:2

They will likely loose Musil to the pro's as he is drafted and signed, as well as scored 5 points in 6 games in the AHL playoffs after Red Deer's season came to an end.

Spacek -  For some reason I think their is a small chance that he could perhaps be an unexpected gift, but the rebels should expect him to be gone next season. He will likely be given a chance to make the Manitoba Moose as their is roster room right now.

Red Deer added McCarty in a trade with Saskatoon.

Seem unlikely they will keep Peterson as he was not their go to guy in the playoffs. I'm putting their calibre at -1, but they might be in a waiting game.

Edit: Added Saskatoon Trade

Regina Pats

Zborovskiy, Sergey - Drafted+Signed
Hobbs, Connor - Drafted +signed
Wagner, Austin - Drafted+signed

Likely Candidates
Brown, Tyler
Sloboshan, Wyatt
Matt Bradley

Pro Risk: 3
Caliber: 0

The Pats recently acquired OA Matt Bradley from the Tigers, and traded away their 2nd string goaltender. That essentially means they are going with Tyler Brown as an OA goaltender. Bradley is their 2nd OA. 

Seeing as they are hosting the memorial CUPI have a hard time seeing them keeping Ahl, unless their imports totally bomb.

That would leave Sloboshan in the 3rd spot. They may decide to upgrade come trade deadline time.   They are also probably hoping one of their signed and drafted players are gifted back for a memorial CUP run. They may stay course until more is known for sure about their drafted+signed guys.

Saskatoon Blades

Likely Candidates
Hebig, Cameron F
Shmyr, Braylon F
Flodell, Logan  G
Fiala, Evan D

Pro Risk:0

The Blades have a good crop of Overage players. They traded away McCarty as they had a couple extra guys. It looks like they will have to keep a goaltender as an OA because of their lack of depth at that position.  I believe Hebig missed the entirely of last season with a concussion, and will be looking to come back as an overage. He was a point per game player in his 18yr old season.

The Blades have 1 extra guy on their roster, and have some flexibility on which direction they choose to go.

Seattle Thunderbirds

Pro Risk
Barzal, Mathew - Drafted+Signed
Bear, Ethan - Drafted+Signed
Kolesar, Keegan - Drafted+Signed

Likely Candidates
Ottenbreit, Turner D
True, Alexander F (I)
Neuls, Donovan F
Strand, Austin D
Adams, Tyler

Pro Risk:3

The reigning whl Champs are likely going to loose 3 players to the Pro's.  I'm not that familiar with the US division. It seems likely they would keep Ottenbreit, Nuels, and Strand, and re-draft their euro selection. In that case I put their caliber at 0.

Swift Current

Pro Risk
Lajoie, Max - Drafted+Signed
Pederson, Lane - Signed

Likely Candidates
Gawdin, Glenn - Drafted/Unsigned
Burman, Taz G

Miller, Arthur
Chaulk, Conner
Arnold, Brandan

Pro Risk:2
Caliber: 0

I think Burman will be kept in goal, due to no other options.  I'm not convinced that  Pederson(Arizona)  or Lajoie(ottawa)  are gone to the pro's.

The senators have 7(including Lajoie) signed guys on their minor league affiliate.  Lajoie might be given a chance to make the team, if not possibly a late cut/echl depth.

Pederson  made an impressions at camp with Arizona and they signed him because they felt he would play onto another teams draft list.  He seems like a longer project and another whl year could be good for him.

Arizona had a stuffed minor league system last year and appear to be clearing house of old prospects, so their is potentially room for Pederson. They have a lot of off-season moves to make for next season and I'm not sure what they are going to do.  Mark Lamb a former bronco coach is the head coach if Arizona's minor league system. 

Gawdin also went unsigned so he could very well be back next season.

The broncos situations is really volatile. They shouldn't really expect those 2 signed players back, but their is potential for 2 unexpected gifts.  They will likely play a waiting game with Gawdin/pederson/Lajoie and rotate a fringe player or two early in the season, until things settle down. They may be looking for an ugprade, they might get incredibly lucky and have to unload a top quality player.


Wotherspoon, Parker D Drafted& Signed

Likely Candidates
Topping, Jordan F
Sarthou, Evan G
Lukin, Vladislav F(I)

O'Reilly, Brendan D
Playfair, Austyn F
James, Maxwell F

Pro Risk:1

They will loose Wotherspoon and that makes their OA crop below average. Sarthou was their #1 goalie 2 years ago, but lost the starters job last season to an acquisition. He might become a player they keep due to not having other quality options in net.

They very well may decide to keep their overage Import for some offense, over their other players who are big bodied grinders. This is tough to put a calibre rating on. I'm going to put them at 0, assuming that their OA import comes back, and the other players aren't players another team would target.

Vancouver Giants

Likely Candidates
Ronning, Ty F Drafted/Unsigned
Skeoch, Darian D-
Brad Morrison F

Wesley, Johnny F 
Flaman, Jack F
Wharrie, Jordan D

Pro Risk:0

The Giants spent a  2nd round pick  and acquired Brad Morrison. They seem relatively set now with Ronning, Skeoch, and Morrison.

Wesley had 24 points in 47 games, but relatively inexperienced in his past seasons.

Victoria Royals

Pro Risk
Reddekopp, Chaz - Drafted/Signed
Bobylev, Vladimir

Likely Candidates
Soy, Tyler - Drafted/UnSigned
Nagy, Regan
Morrison, Loch
Price, Ethan
Ibragimov, Marsel(I)

Pro Risk:1
Caliber: -1

Bobylev started the season in Russia but re-joined Victoria mid-season due to lack of Icetime. He will likely not being back as a 2 spotter. 

Soy not getting signed means he will probably be back. Nagy looks to hold the 2nd spot.

 The 3rd spot the Royals are probably hoping for Reddekopp to be sent back, but right now LA is very lean on defensive depth in their minors. That may be an indication that the Royals should not expect him back.  They will likely have Loch Morrison with the 3rd spot, but may look for an upgrade.


Overall Rank: +4 Quality OA's.

Injuries and players not coming back always happen. Even though I have the league as a +4 that includes players I would consider as fringe, but probably kept due to low depth.

OA  Goalies Available:
Dea, Patrick G  ** free agent
Porter, Cody G ** free agent
Hamm, Brock G **free agent
RD - Lasse Petersen G
MHT - Maybe Michael Bullion?? G

Known Medium to High Players Available
VAN - Johnny Wesley F - 0.51
this list will expand as pro returns are known. I'm not about to guess who will keep who

Fringe Players Available:
Outside looking in. Chances are a couple of them will get lucky.
BRN- Nell, Meyer F .18(career)
BRN - Jensen, Kade D .2 (Career)
CGY Gordon, Jaydan D 0.11  **free agent
EDM - Berg, Adam LW .3
EDM - Roach, Jesse RW .1
EVT - Cal Babych .33
EVT Keith Anderson 0.13
KAM - Holowko, Nic LW - 0.33
KEL - Ballhorn, Gordie D .2
KTN - Wellsby, Austin LW .3
KTN - Rutledge, Kurtis D .2
LET - Riddle, Brennan D
MH - Brad Forrest D .3
MJ - Bast, Spencer RW 0.3
PA - Heid, Nick
PG - Boyd, Aaron F 0.34
PG - Wishnowski, Tanner F 0.31 (career)
SEA - Adams, Tyler 0.28
SC - Miller, Arthur 0.29
SC - Chaulk, Conner 0.35
SC - Arnold, Brandan 0.19
TRI - O'Reilly, Brendan D 0.11
TRI - Playfair, Austyn F 0.19
TRI - James, Maxwell F 0.44
VAN - Jack Flaman 0.31
VAN - Jordan Wharrie 0.17

Import Overage's (Potentially Available/Unknown)
Kamloops - Balcers, Rudolfs(I)
Kelowna - Soustal, Tomas
Medicine Hat - Kristians Rubins
Seattle - True, Alexander F (I)
Tri-City - Lukin, Vladislav F(I)
Victoria Royals - Ibragimov, Marsel(I)