Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tigers loose to the Broncos

I didn't attend the game but judging by the scoresheet it looked like the tigers played a pretty solid game.
After browsing a few message boards there appears to be a rumor that Matt Mcue has been signed by the ducks, and placed on their ahl affiliate. He did not dress for tonights game vs Swift Current.

Gregg Drinnan IS reporting that it is a done deal.

As a Tiger fan this is really bittersweet. You want to see the player move on and become succesful, However Mcue has really re-invented himself here, and it"removes a couple peices from the tigers puzzle"(toughness, and a good 2 pairing defensman).

The Tigers have an extra 20 yr old spot open, and Willie will have less than a week to figure things out when he gets back. At the beggining of the season the tigers had a backlog of defenseman. Now they will have to bring in Thomas Carr in the #6 spot and hope thier are no significant injuries.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Small Update

Former Tiger Thomas Vosvrada Managed to crack the Czech Republic's Final Roster, as well as Tomas Kundratek, and Zdenek Okal!

I hope the czech's do well!

Pool A

Pool B

The top 3 advance to the next round(First Place gets a bye directly to the semiFinal)

2nd place in pool A plays 3rd place in Pool B
3rd Place in Pool A plays 2nd Place in Pool B
The winners advance into the semi-Final and play the "Bye winners"

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Canada beats the Finns 7-3

Ennis scored after Cody Hodgson dug the puck out and fed it him in the slot area.
Ennis picked up a 2 minute tripping penalty in the third period.

I thought Ennis played a bit better, but in my opinion he is still a little hesitant out there.

I'm not 100% certain but it looked like former tiger tender Thomas Vosvrada was in net for the Czech Republic as they beat the Slovaks in exhibition play. I saw neither Thomas Kundratek nor Zdenek Okal on the goal score summary list flashed upon the tsn highlights.

Edit: Tyler Ennis has been dropped into the 4th line with Evander Kane, and Esposito

Ennis' first game disappointing

Tyler Ennis started out on the first line, but he didn't last very long. By the end of the game he was seeing spot duty..

I thought he played uninspired, like he was afraid to put forth an effort. He played like he did the first week returning from nhl camp. I only saw one shift the whole game that was Tyler Ennis like

TSN is now reporting that he has been demoted on to the third line.
Esposito - Sonne - Ennis.

You've probably heard by now about Dana Tyrell's knee injury. There is speculations that it is possibly season ending. For Now Patrick Kane has been called up to replace him.

Friday, December 19, 2008

pre-Tourney Games on tv tonight!

Canada plays Sweden in a pre-competition game ahead of the world junior championship (7pm et/4pm pt on TSN and TSN HD).

Tyler Ennis has been practicing on the first line!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Some thoughts Midway through the season!

Sort of a wall of text. Some basic thoughts. Read if you wish!


Ryan Holfeld: He started off the season really inconsistent. He was hot one game then cold the next. Lately he has played fairly solidly and has stolen a few games by himself. If the tigers want to make any sort of noise in the playoffs their gonna need to rely on Holfeld a little too much than what a team should.

Tyler Bunz: The rookie has done pretty well for himself. A 2.58 GAA and .909 save percentage is remarkable for a 16 yr old. He plays bigger than his frame and looks pretty focused in the net. A perfect learning environment for the Tigers goaltender of the future.


Mark Isherwood: This guy has a canon for a shot and likes to use it. He is the quarterback on the powerplay, and has a very good offensive skill set. Isherwood has been a streaky player this year. He will play phenomenal some games, but then other games he coughs up the puck all game long.

His defensive awareness needs work. Their are some situations where Isherwood appears completely disinterested in defending after he looses a battle, and that attitude has got to change. He is also one to take retaliation penalties, which hurts the team. He is a very emotional player and I think he needs to take a couple chill pills before game time so he doesn't get so frustrated or angry at times. You cant win every battle. Him along with Wacey Hamilton seem to do most of the trash talking.

Jayce Coyle: Came into the season relatively unknown after getting traded here in the off season. He quietly climbed the ladder and has ended up on the number 1 defensive line, after steadily winning battles in the corners game after game. Isherwood and Coyle have worked well together. The last couple games prior to their road swing it seemed like Coyle was in a bit of a slump.

Cody Carlson: Before getting injured he had showed great improvement. He used to shoot the puck up the boards and get rid of it instantly. He now shows great poise in looking for a good opening. He is the best passer on the team, Very quick and hard along the ice every time. There was a 6-7 game stretch in November where he was the best defenceman on the ice every night. Since then his game has took a bit of a slide. He plays better when he gets more icetime. Sometimes when he's used on the 3rd unit he doesn't play as well as he could for some reason. I believe he had also been playing hurt for a few games before they took him out of the lineup with the concussion injury.

Matt Mcue: He has brought an element of toughness and intimidation that has been lacking through the last 3-4 years. His goal is to win the smash of the night every night, and he has done a tremendous job sticking up for someone after a questionable hit. However, their are some situations where his puck control vanishes, and he panics. He has a tendency to throw the puck away when under pressure, something that cant happen in a playoff time environment.
Note*After the tigers brought him in, their road record has improved 500%.

Tomas Kundratek: He had a very late start after recovering from a hand injury suffered in Preseason play. The Czech has strong skating skills and is getting better every game. The scouting report on him said he liked to throw the body in the corners. I haven't really seen to much of that yet. I believe he's destined for a strong 2nd half. I'll keep an eye on him during the wjc tournament.

Mathew Konan: I thought his speed has improved alot over last year. I think this kid has some good hidden potential in him. He is big, and reminds me of Alex plant of the hitmen. He could still easily add a good 20 pounds to his frame. If he develops any kind of offensive awareness and a shot, he could develop into a monster.

Thomas Carr: Started the season on the first and second defensive pairing but it soon became evident he was not ready for it. Currently he is being used in a utility role, playing forward and defense when injuries happen. He is a strong depth player, and I like his physical work ethic along the boards when he plays forward.


Brennan Bosch: Possibly the smallest captain in the league. He has been split up from Tyler ennis this year playing along side Travis Dunstall. For as many points as he has had, I find it weird that his plus/minus is near the bottom of the team. Lately he has been quietly putting up points. This is the third year in a row where he has played a part of the year sort of under the radar. I don't know how to explain it, he hasn't played bad, yet sometimes I expect a little more.

Tyler Ennis: A slow start was very disappointing, but he has come alive since. He has trouble 1on1 vs good defenceman. However put him in the corner against that same defenceman and he can walk by anybody. I am very Excited that he made the WJC tourney. It would make us tiger fans proud to see him score some big goals.

Zdenek Okal: A pleasant surprise. He works his tail off every game, and has gotten used to the North American style game. He is racking up the points, with 31 in 33 games played.. At the beginning of the year a solid hit would take him out, and he wouldn't be noticed for the rest of the game. That has changed dramatically, and he now looks for spots to lay surprisingly effective hits. He has developed a feisty side to him which is admirable watching him play.

Josh Koper: Another utility player. When everyone is healthy he will be sitting. He is fairly small, and I'm sort of surprised the tigers have decided to keep him. When he does get the opportunity for a shift it almost seems like he's trying to hard, and sometimes that has resulted in an inopportune penalty. He does posses allot of speed, and likes to hit. He's got to utilize those 2 skills while limiting taking unnecessary penalties.

Colton Grant: The only one that comes close to his work ethic is Zdenek Okal/bretton Cameron. He may not get allot of points but IMO he has done a damn good job on the checking unit. One of the better penalty killers, he steadily has good games, other players should take note and watch how hard he plays. I also like his defensive hockey sense.

John Stampohar: I thought he started the year off an a bad note. The opposition was walking around him and he looked like a pylon some games. Then he started taking on the enforcer role and was doing an excellent job protecting his line-mates. An unfortunate hand injury set him back. His height kind of hides the fact that he is still only 17 and if he continues his physical play he will be one of the top heavyweights in the whl.

Linden Vey: One of the tigers players of the future is really lighting the lamp this season. He has improved tenfold on protecting the puck in the corners, and that has allowed the tigers more possession time in the offensive zone. IMO I would compare him to former tiger Stefan Myer but with a tad more offensive upside.

Joey Frazer: it is sort of rare for a 5'6 18 year old to make a whl hockey team. The way he hits reminds me of Chris st. Jacques, using excellent feet position and using full body weight to make an impact. Quickness is one of his strengths, and he has been used allot on the penalty kill.

Sean Ringrose: Him and Brennan Bosch are sort of in the same boat with me. They are quietly rackin up points, yet you almost expect something more out of them. Watching him individually on the ice he is displaying alot of effort. Sometimes it appears he is just a foot away from where he needs to be to takeaway a puck or create a chance. I think he has played well these last few games.

Tristan King: This guy has a lot of talent. Yet one knock on him is that he doesnt play as gritty as some of his teammates. He has a lot more to show and has developed into one of the tigers go-to guys on the shootout. He will have a better second half if he can keep the injury bug away

Travis Dunstall: He plays a steady type game. He has a quick shot, with no long windups. He has the capability to score from longer ranges. It seems like sometimes he plays a little too relaxed on the ice.

Taylor Gal: Similar player to Dunstall. He has showed decent body position. Currently playing on the third and fourth lines. Him and his linemates need to throw a few more points up.

Bretton Cameron - An injury shortened season has been unfortunate for one of the hardest working tigers. HE competes hard in the trenches every game. HE will score the garbage goals and he needs to, to be an effective player.

Wacey Hamilton - I have been a little disappointed with his play this year. He seems more interested in mixing things and trash talking. Unfortunately has also been a victim to the injury bug. When he comes back I would like to see him stick to worrying more about the puck than the player who has it.

All in all the tigers have had a pretty good first half. They have dealt with quite a few injuries for almost the entire first half. This season seems like a carbon copy of last year. They are a good regular season team. The tigers have gotten some good goaltending lately. When everybody comes back from the world Juniors they will need more timely scoring, improved special teams play. As well as a more consistent defense.

I think getting to the second round of the playoffs would be considered a successful season. I dont see the tigers advancing past that at this moment. However (my out clause in case they tear it up)

The tigers have alot of players with potential to improve.(Wacey Hamilton, triston king, isherwood,coyle,bosch,carlson,kundratek,konan) If they get everyone playing at the top of thier game consistently and have everyone healthy the tigers go from an above average team to breaking into the top 4. I just PRAY that we don't have to face Kootenay in any round!

Right now Calgary and Vancouver are out of everyones league.
Tri-city and saskatoon are in the next tier.
Followed by spokane, Medicine Hat, lethbridge, brandon, swift Current, Kelowna

Lets see if and how that changed by the end of the season!

0 Tigers make the Top prospects game

A little surprised. I thought Linden Vey had a good shot to make that team.
I guess almost having a point per game as a 17 year old isn't good enough to crack the roster.

The whl roster freeze is in effect tomorow.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tigers loose to Kootenay 3-0

Well i was kind of expecting this. It was their 5th game in 6 nights, they were missing so many key players., and Kootenay still has the Tigers number.

Ryan Holfeld stopped 48 of 50 shots and was named the games second star.

The tigers have cooled off as of late and They are only 6 points away from 8th spot in the conference.

Huge win in Spokane 3-2

Both teams were missing key players. It was the tigers 4th game in 5 nights

Missing Players:
Tigers: Dunstall, Ennis, Kundratek, Okal, and headcoach/general manager
Spokane: Drayson Bowman, Dustin Tokarski, Mitch Wahl, Tyler Johnson

Ryan Holfeld was named first star stopping 44 of 46 shots. Sounded like he had one heck of a night.

Tristan King fought David conrad of the cheifs.

Interesting note Taylor gal's brother Blake Gal plays for Spokane.
and Josh Koper's cousin Levko Koper also plays for Spokane.

Things don't get any easier however as the tigers play thier 5th game in 6 nights Tonight against their Kryptonite Kootenay Ice. After the game the tigers will have 10 days off for their Christmas break.

I've sorta developed a little half season report on the players but its not finished yet. I will probably post it at the beginning of next week.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tonights Game on the web?

I found a link which streams spokane chiefs game on the web
Something called

I checked the site out and it looks good. I plan on watching it their tonight if i remember!
IT also has a chat room at the side of the broadcast.

Edit* Its not streaming for me. Guess they only stream away games

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ennis gets points in all three intrasquad games

He managed 1 assist in tonights game.
His team lost 3-1 to team red.
The team will be announced tomorrow!

Tigers lost to Tri-Cities 3-0.

Tyler Bunz was in net
Sounded like their was a little line brawl near the end of the game. Ridley just stated their were gloves flying so not really sure who fought who, or if it was just a scrum.

According to the website Ryan Holfeld, who was the backup goaltender tonight, had an "A" on his jersey.

Tri-cities is a top team and I was wishing the tigers would have come a little closer, especially since tri-cities top goaltender chet pickard was away at the selection camp. The tigers also had 8 powerplay opporunities and still got shutout.

Ennis gets an assist in 2nd Game, and TIges win a pair on the road

Team red turned it around this game, soundly beating team white 7-2.
Tyler Ennis managed one assist for team white in the loss.

Tigesr 6 vs Everett 3
Tigers 5 vs Portland 3

Surprisingly the Tigers have learned to score goals without their leading scorer in the lineup.
The tigers have scored 11 goals and managed 75 shots in 2 games. Um Willie take your time over their at the

THe tigers play a very tough team in tri-cities tonight. IT will be thier third game in as many nights.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Ennis scoresTwice in first intrasquad game

Tyler Ennis managed a goal and an assist in team white's 6-3 victory over team red.

"Ennis scored a hard-working goal in the third when he dished the puck from his knees over to Sonne and recovered in time for the return feed to beat Sexsmith."
-Quoted from

Notables Calgary's brett Sonna has 2 goals and an assist for team white.
John Tavaras scored all 3 goals for teh red team.

Trying to dig up more information about the game.

Ennis played on a line with Matthew Duchene of the Brampton Batalion, and Zazem Kadri of the London knights

EDIT: There was a shootout after the game and Ennis scored a real beauty of a goal

Its near the end of tsn's clip. Click wjc highlights to watch the goal

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Small quick Update

Tyler Ennis and Willie Desjardin Are off to WJC Camp today.

I think Ennis is sort of a wild card heading into camp. He is a small speedster and not necessarily the best option for a checking role. He will really have to show his offensive skills and speed.

From what I've read Head Coach Pat Quinn has an offensive style, and with Desjardin's approach with fast quicker players, I think Ennis should have a decent chance on making the team. *crosses fingers*

I will try to give complete and detailed lists on his play at the wjc camp.

There will be morning skates on friday and saturday.
Their will be intrasquad games on Friday, saturday, and sunday. The 22 player team will be named on monday

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Taking a break...

Due to Final Exams and final projects due, I'm taking a slight break.
If something super extraordinary happens I may write something:)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tigers lose 3-2 to Brandon

In tiger tradition, after having a week layoff and playing their first game after entering the CHL top 10, the tigers came out and tried thier best to look like future underdogs.
(a.k.a they played crappy)

Brandon controlled the game from the get go, and was the better team through the whole game.
The tigers did however show a few offensive spurts and did have a couple real nice scoring chances. In one way keeping the game close besides struggling for most of the game could be a potential positive.

When the tigers tied the game with only 3 minutes left, I was thinking they were damn lucky. Karma has a way of catching up unfortunately, and Brandon's game winner with 12 second left was unfortunate for Holfeld, who had another strong game.

I thought tonight the Tigers transition game was non-existant. Brandon took a page out of Kootenay's book, and when an opportunity to break out of the zone presented itself their was either a stray pass or the Defensman would bobble the puck.

The isherwood/coyle pairing has started to struggle, and struggle badly.
Mcue played pretty quiet, but sometimes that tends to happen when playing former teamates.
I thought cody carlson looked like he was playing injured. To me it looked like a leg or a groin problem was hampering his skating. I thought the only Dman that played well tonight was Tomas Kundratek.

One question to ask is this the type of effort the Tigers will show when Willie D is gone for the world Junoirs?

Fight: Mark Isherwood vs Matt Calvert
Dont know how this started but only second into the game they drop thier gloves. They grab ahold of each other isherwood throws a couple punches and Calvert falls to the ice. Not really sure if one of those punches connected and dropped Calvert, or he just lost his balance. Very short fight. Decision:Isherwood

Edit: One other note. John stampohar made his return tonight recovering from a broken hand/wrist.

Edit2: Fixed the gamesheets section. I missed 2 earlier games and added them In.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A couple happenings in Tiger land

The Tigers managed to crack the top 10 in this weeks chl rankings
Full rankings are here CHLTOP10.

Tyler Ennis picked up a goal at the ADT russia Challenge prospects game
Willie Desjardin coached the team to a shutout.

Derek Dorsett had an intense fight with fellow NHL superpest Daniel Carcillo of the Phoenix Coyotes. Apparently they had a bit of an argument during warm-ups.

Edit: Dorsett was injured in this fight with a broken finger.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tigers get the bounces, Defeat Regina 4-1

Regina came out hard and strong in the beginning of the game. The Pats were rewarded with a couple Iffy powerplays on top of that, and the Tigers were pretty lucky to escape the first period tied. Zdenek Okal put on a heck of a display driving to the net and scoring on his own rebound.

I thought the game tonight was a pretty close game, but both teams made too many neutral zone turnovers. They'd each hand the puck to each other 3-4 times before one team would gain control. I thought Regina played a pretty physical game, they finished allot of their checks.

I thought Isherwood should have behaved better after cross checking a Pat right in front of the ref twice. Isherwood was given a double minor and a game misconduct. Yes the ref should have probably called Regina Matt strueby for the first hack, but isherwood should NOT have layed out that second crosscheck right in front of the ref.

Jayce Coyle had his worst game of the year, coughed up multiple pucks, and was missing passes all night.

Holfeld once again played outstanding. He looked so focused and sharp. Stopping 2 breakaway in a row on (Eberle?) was the TSN turning point. Eberle made some nice moves and was dancing with the puck, Holfeld stayed right with him. By the time Eberle was done his dance he had no room to shoot.

Regina won the first period, but the tigers won the last 2 periods.

Kundratek looks like he has a little trouble handling the puck sometimes. He reminds me a little of JayBow by the way he skates. He layed out a good strong hit on Colton Tuebert along the boards when Tuebert was admiring his pass.

Okal is definitly the suprise player of the year. Before the season started we knew nothing about him, but he has been dynamite. I would believe that he would have a chance at getting drafted in the later rounds if he keeps on playing consistent. For a small guy his physical game has really taken stride lately

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tigers beat Lethbridge on the Road

Unfortunately, I dont have i had to listen to the radio.

Ryan Holfeld stood on his head tonight stopping 40 of 41 shots and earning the win, as well as the first star. The Hurricanes outshot the tigers by a mile 41-23.

Mark Isherwood, and Zdenek Okal were the tigers goal scorers.

Listening the the Canes broadcasters it sounded like Holfeld played a HUGE game and gobbled up anything sent his way. The win halts a lethrbidge 3 game winning streak and puts them back 1 games under .500. Prior to the game lethrbidge was 9-3 at home.

Thier were many angry lethbridge fans sending in emails after the game ended frustrated that the Canes so far havn't met their expectations from the pre-season.

On another note

Former Tigers Steve Regier scored his 3rd goal in 2 games tonight in St. Louis. He was sent down earlier in the week but was immediately recalled.

Derek Dorsett was a benefactor of an injury in Columbus. He was called up today.
Dorsett remains 3rd in the league in penalties despite playing 6-7-8 less games than the top PM guys

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tigers trade Kozyra

Thursday, November 20, 2008
Medicine Hat, AB - Medicine Hat Tigers announced this afternoon they have completed a trade with the Prince Albert Raiders.

Going to the Raiders is 19-year-old defenseman Pat Kozyra and a 6th round pick in the 2009 bantam draft. In return, the Tigers receive a 5th round draft bantam pick in 2009 and a 6th round bantam pick in the 2010 draft.

Well something eventually had to give. I was wondering if someone would be sent down a couple weeks ago.

Kozyra started the year on the first defensive pairing but after a while it came apparent that his foot speed was a little slow, and he had a soft demeanor on the ice.

I think this is a good trade. It leaves us with six defenceman, + thomas carr. Kozyra will probably be somewhere in the league as a 20yr old, and i thought the tigers may have been able to squeeze a little more value out of the deal, Like a 4th rounder. With the emergence of Mcue, Kozyra became expendable.

Edit: changed a couple numbers, it leaves the tigers with 6 defenceman plus thomas carr

Monday, November 17, 2008

Former Tiger Steve Regier..

Former Tiger Steve Regier potted his first and second career nhl goals yesterday with the St. Louis Blues. It was his 19th NHL game, but first game as a Blue. He recorded about 6 minutes of ice time.

St. Louis lost the game 3-2 to Montreal.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tigers take 5 of 6 points on the Weekend

A decent showing overall. Being all 3 games were intra divisional games, they were pretty important points.

However with this slew of games in November the injury bug has started bitting again. Tristan King missed 2 games with a groin injury. He already missed a good chuck of time with a groin injury earlier in the year. Joey Frazer has a "Head Injury" they don't think its a concussion but kept him out just in case. And of course Wacey Hamilton will be gone for 4-6 weeks with a broken collarbone.

With all those injuries the tigers were able to dress everyone and put Thomas Carr, and Mathew Konan at the forward position.

The tigers have points in 6 of thier last 6 games, and are 6-3-0-1 in thier last 10. Tigers take on Prince Albert on Tuesday.

For tonights game players that stood out for me were:Ryan Holfeld, Linden Vey, Tyler Ennis, Matt Mcue. I thought Travis Dunstall had a poor game.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tigers win 2nd shootout in a row 3-2

..against Edmonton again.

The medicine hat news is reporting Wacey Hamilton is out for 4-6 weeks after suffering a broken Collarbone. I was wondering why he wasn't on the ice last game.

That will create a spot for koper/carr/ the extra Dman to join the lineup again, until stampohar is back.

Ennis, Bosch were the goal scorers. While in the shootout is was Ennis, and King scoring again, while Brendan Dowd was the lone Oil Kings sniper in the shootout.

Mark Isherwood fought Czech Thomas Vincour. And Tyler Bunz was in net stopping 28 of 30 shots.

Tyler Ennis has broken back into a tie for top 20 scoring wise.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tigers drag out 4-3 SO win

Well the tigers found a way to win but it wasn't pretty.

After a dominating first period the tigers were eased to sleep in the second then passed out in the third. Thankfully they still had enough of a rush waking up, to win their first game in a shootout this year.

Oil King Brett Breitkreuz scored with 19 seconds left in the third period to tie it up. It was no suprise as the Oil Kings put up a couch in the tigers zone in the third period, as they were were watching the tigers run around trying to get the puck out.

I missed part of the first period, but I didn't see Wacey Hamilton out there at all. Ryan Holfeld made a number of good saves tonight.

I thought the tigers did a HORRIBLE job of getting the puck out of their end. They needed at least 2 or 3 tries before it worked. I was very unimpressed @ Isherwood's play tonight. Sooner or later his lackadaisical effort will cost the tigers a big goal. He took a very dumb penalty in the second which led to the oil Kings second goal.

I thought Torri Jung played pretty well in the Oil Kings Net as he made a number of good saves as well.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tigers Defeat Lethbridge 4-1

I thought the tigers played a pretty strong game for the most part. They gave Lethbridge little room to move, and pounded their defense into quite a few turnovers. They rolled 4 lines, and each line is somewhat of a threat.

Some Forward Line Combos used tonight
Cameron Hamilton Ennis
Okal King Vey
Dunstall Bosch Ringrose
King Ennis Vey
Gal Grant Frazer

Lethbridge started playing better in the last half of the second but it seemed the tigers were always a half step faster than them tonight. Lethbridge seemd to be struggling a little bit. They were expected to be a powerhouse this year but that loss puts them at .500. It wouldnt suprise me in the least if all of a sudden they explode and rattle off an 8 game winning streak. IT was almost this time last year where they were in similar situation and started winning a slew of games.

Tomas Kundratek played at home for the first time this season and played well. He is a smooth skater, a solid player on the back-end. I'm sure he will get better as he gets better adjusted to the physical aspect of the whl style game.

Linden Vey's line really created havoc with their passing skillz.

It is nice to see a Tigers team also lay put some punishing hits. Even the 5'8 joey frazer has been running a few people over. Mcue has certainly brought an edge as well. I heard he is gunning for the smash of the night every game, and if his hit tonight was bit earlier he may have won it again.

Everyone played pretty well so its hard to pick someone who stood out tonight. Holfeld got the first star, and Travis Dunstall got the second star. Dunstall layed out a couple real good hits, and had the smash of the night leveling a canes player in thier own end.

I would like to see a little more out of Wacey Hamilton. I think he's capable of doing more offensively.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Lethbridge's Boychuk on next weeks top 10 plays of the week clip. Shorthanded he walked around a couple Tigers Dmen, and managed to score as Holfeld went down early.

Fight Mark Isherwood Vs Carter Bancks

They seemed like they both hated each other. They were really trying to land bombs. Alot of punches thrown. I was at the opposite end of the rink.
Edit: Watched the replay and it looked like it was fairly close. It looked like Isherwood landed 2-3-4 punches at the start. Bancks landed about 3 punches near Isherwood's eye, and the fight ended with Bancks throwing punches at the back of Isherwood's head. Edge to bancks

Quirky Side Facts
This time last year the tigers had 62 goals, this year they have 74
Tigers gave up 57 goals, this year they have given up 61.
last year they had 26 points.This year they have 24 points.

Very little difference so far, except for the fact that scoring is up.

Injury Watch: Last Week Tuesday the whl site had John Stampohar out 2-3 weeks. So his status is probably around 1-2 weeks now. I noticed Former Tiger Shayne brown is out indefinitely after suffering a hip flexor injury.
EDIT: The new whl inury report that came out today still lists Stampohar out for 2-3 weeks

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tigers split Road Games

Tigers split a pair on the road.

Losing to Regina 4-2, then whipping the Brandon wheat kings 6-2.

Matt Mcue had a goal and assist as well as a +4 rating against his old team. He was named the game's first star.

Tyler Bunz was in net for the game against Brandon stopping 18 of 20 shots.

Their next game is at home Monday vs the Lethbridge Hurricanes.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Plays of the Week

Take a look at this weeks "WHL plays of the week" videos.

I though play Number 3 and play number one Were very high quality Moves.

Play Number 3 had Kelowna's Jamie Benn rip down the right side looking to go wide. Then as soon as The d-mans feet turned, Benn one handed the puck to the middle with his right hand, and cut across into the open ice. A move I see done often by the tigers players, however they can never seem to set up the play properly. Study that video and watch him set the play up, Its a beautiful Move.
1. Take a small step to the inside
2. Burst to the outside real fast to try and make it look like your going wide
3. As soon as the defenceman turns his feet, you cut to the inside
The key for this move is to be going fast enough where the Defensman needs to turn around to catch up. Also dont try this move on a Phaneuf type Defender player:)

Play Number 1 Had an Uber "No-Look" behind the back type pass from a Kamloops blazer player, which hung canes goaltender Juha Metsola out to dry.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tigers find some Offence vs Struggling Warriors

It was a night the tigers dominated both physically and scoring wise.

Matt Mcue was involved in 2 fights. Promptly hammering Ryley Grantham and small guy Brain Sommers.

Linden Vey had a hat trick
Zdenek Okal, and Mark Isherwood had 3 assists.
Tyler ennis scored twice and added an assist.
Taylor gal, Triston King, and Wacey Hamilton were the other goal scorers.

Ryan Holfeld stopped 16 of 18 shots faced, Former Tiger Thomas Frazee did not pick up any points.

Moose Jaw falls to 5-11-0-1
The tigers improve to 8-6-2-2

The tigers have a slew of games approaching 11 games in 16 nights including tonights game.

Interesting Note: The tigers must have outright released 16 yr old Scott Brkich, he was picked up by the Prince George Cougars, and has played 2 games for them.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tigers Road Woes Continue

The Tigers offense couldn't get much going tonight, and the Hitmen came out with a 2-1 win.
The tigers drop to a 1-5-2-1 record on the road.

Ryan Holfeld was named the games third start.
Brannan Bosch was in the lineup.

Mark Isherwood is still the teams leading goal scorer.

The tigers are having trouble scoring, maybe they should try to develop a; give it to the point and blast it type game. TO try and develop a couple rebounds and/or tip ins.

Kootenay Downs Tigers 4-2

Sean Ringrose scored a goal only 8 seconds into the game which was a regular season record.

There was some bad news however as Brennan Bosch left the game in the second period, with a knee injury and didn't return to the game.

From the highlights it looked like the tigers had their chances but had a couple defensive breakdowns which cost them.

I was very surprised that linden Vey, and cody carlson, mathew konan were scratched.

Previous Trades Update
Thomas Frazee of the mj warriors is tied for first for getting a penalty and having the opposition score on that powerplay.(Tied with 5, prior to last nights game).
But he also has racked up 12 points in 15 games.

Shayne Brown has 5 points in 11 games, a -1 and 19 pms

Friday, October 31, 2008

Kundratek and Cameron are back?

According to the whl website Both were added on returns from the injury list.

If this is true the Tigers just got a huge boost back into their lineup for tonights game vs Kootenay.

Kundratek and Cameron are indeed playing tonight.

Edit: Ridley said on the radio that Cody Carlson, mathew konan, and Linden Vey were all out.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Derek Dorsett vs Darcy Tucker

Great Fight. He's gonna become a fan favorite if he keeps pounding on the nhl's light middleweights aka "shit disturbers". Sean Avery watch out:P

He also picked up an assist
8 Games= 49 Hard Earned Penalty Minutes

Clarke Mcarthur has been on fir as of late. He sits 2nd in points on buffalo with 5 goals and 2 assists for 7 pts.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lots of former Tigers making Noise, and speculation!

Derek Dorsett is the NHL PM leader, getting into 2 fight vs anahiem, making a good showing in both.

Kris Russel was sent down to syracuse, his first demotion.(He was spotted playing forward at practice just before being sent down)
Cam Barker was recalled to Chicago(The only reason he was sent down in the first place was because of the Salary Cap situation)
Matt Keetley earned back to back shutouts, and was named Ahl player of the week

I am wondering if another tiger player will get a demotion(or trade) in the coming weeks??
As soon as Kundratek and Cameron become healthy they will be scratching 3 players a game. + the injured stampohar. I am wondering if they will decide to keep 4 extra's or 3?

Edit:Worded to sound more questiony

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hitmen Defeat Tigers 5-2

Very quick game Tonight. It was one of those games where the tigers missed their chance and the Hitmen came down and scored. Tigers were all over them in the first 5 minutes, and hit a couple posts. First regulation loss of the season.

4 of the 5 Hitmen goals were perfect shots off the post and in.
The Hitmen have a very quick team and their defense is big and pretty mobile.

I thought the Tigers had lots of trouble in the neutral zone in the first period. They tried to skate the puck in instead of dumping and chasing.

I thought Pat Kozyra played a pretty poor game. He is forgetting he can ride players into the boards instead of reaching around them for the puck. The hitmen used their speed and made him look pretty slow.

On the other hand Jayce Coyle really showed why he is now on the #1 Unit. I thought he had a really good game, made very good first passes.

Next Home game isn't until Nov 10th. 16 days or half a month away:(

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday Win 7-3 over P.G

Not much time here so I'll keep it short.

I thought the tigers had another strong game. They're hitting more often, developing more of a mean streak.

I thought players like taylor gal and colton grant even thought they didn't rack many points had strong games creating havoc and protecting the puck from the P.G players. The defense did a good job moving the puck up to the forwards tape to tape.

The tigers created a whole lot of opportunities. I thought the P.G goaltender was playing pretty far out in his crease and got caught often by rebounds, and pucks off the boards. I also thought that the P.G defense were caught pinching in quite a few times as well. They would skate up to meet a tiger, but then the tiger player would just walk around him.

There was one non-call I was Shocked not to see called. Zdenek Okal got levelled by an elbow then ran over by another P.G player. That call the ref missed completely.
I thought for the rest of the game Okal was still shaken up and didn't perform to his previous standards.

It was nice to see Tristan king back in the lineup. I thought he had a very good game for himself.
I was also happy to see Joey Frazer get his first goal. He works so hard, and throws checks like he's 6'0 feet tall instead of 5'6.

Next game is a tough one against the Hitmen on Saturday. That should be a good test to see where the tigers are at. Calgary is outscoring opponents at a 2-1 ratio so far this season, and their record as of now is 11-3-0-0.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Update

Tigers send down Scott Brkich.

With Acquiring defensman Matt Mcue, leaving 9 defenseman someone had to go.
SO they sent down the 16yr old.

I watched Brkich play 1 game at home, and his footspeed was a little slow. He'll need to greatly improve on that part.

The new whl injury report for this week came out today, we now have 4 guys on the injury list.
But it looks like king is almost ready, and Cameron, and Kundratek are getting closer to return.

John Stampohar - 4 to 6 weeks (fractured hand)
Tristan King - Day to Day
bretton Cameron 7-10 days
Tomas Kundratek 7-10 days

Tomorow vs P.G
A team we rarely get to see. Their off to a good start with a 7-5-0-0 record.

Players to watch
Dana Tyrell - 13pts in 10 games
Brett Connelly 12 pts in 12 games
Dman Dallas Jackson 11pts in 12 games

They seem to have a good balance of scoring, and judging by thier penalty minutes they like to fight. They play lethbridge tonight.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tigers on a roll 6-3 Win Over pats

Tonight was probably one of their better games of the season. I thought the tigers outplayed the pats for pretty much the whole game minus a 5-7 minute spurt in the first period.
The tigers also played a good physical game again.

Its funny after the Kootenay game last week you get really disapointed, but after watching a strong effort tonight, you get excited again about our potential.

Regina's goalie Jeff Bosh let out a bunch of rebounds and it cost him a couple goals in the third period.

I noticed Thomas Carr taking Stampohars spot in the 4th line, as well as Linden Vey was double shifted a few times.

I thought our Defense played real well especially Carlson and Konan.

Matt Mcue I thought has some trouble handling the puck,(almost cost a couple goals) but he wasn't afraid to step up and deliver a big hit which he did tonight. Probably will take a couple games to get used to the team.

Next game is on wednesday vs P.G

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tigers take easy win over Chilliwack

In hindsight a 3-0 shutout victory with very few shots against is a pretty good way to get a goaltenders confidence up. Heck Tyler Bunz sitting on the bench was probably sweating more than Ryan Holfeld who turned away 20 shots.

I thought Chilliwack played a horrible game They coughed up pucks, had pucks rolling of their sticks, and couldn't receive a pass all night.

It was a rare game where the tigers were dominant physically as well

Fight 1 Mathew Konan vs Partick Bunghal
Mathew Konan crushed a guy near chilliwacks bench. He managed to stave off partick Bunghal who came off the bench on a change, and jumped Konan 5 feet from the tiger bench.
He did a good job wrestling him off. Draw nothing landed

Fight John Stampohar 6'4 208 vs Liam Darragh ' 6'4 200 lbs

Started out with Darragh throwing a sharp rabbit punch, as Stampohar tried to get an advantageous hold, ducking another shot. Then it was stampohar's turn and boy did he lay out some punishment. He connected with a flurry of bombs that dazed Darragh and dropped him to his knees.

Edit** Someone posted on the tigers message board that Stampohar had a broken hand after the fight.

I really like how stampohar is protecting those 2 small guys on his line. Someone gives koper, or frazer a shot, big John is right there. I am suprised that willie is giving him free reign near the end of the game. I guess letting him fight and not letting say a hamilton or a cameron have to take care of things is probably a better idea.

I thought travis dunstall had an off game, But he made up for it throwing his weight around.
Brennan Bosch/Tyler Ennis goal was a thing of beauty. They finally connected once.
I thought ringrose was hustling hard all game, but didnt really accomplish much.
I'm excited that cody carlson has continued to play well.
I think he has been our best defencemen for the last 2 weeks.

THose are my thoughts....more tomorow Night when the tigers take on a physical Regina team.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New overager Matt McCue

Thursday Is the whl 20 yr old cut off date. Lets hope something happens and we manage to snag a good overager.


The Brandon Wheat Kings reduced their overage contingent on Thursday morning by sending 20-year old defenceman Matt McCue to the Medicine Hat Tigers.

In return, the Wheat Kings receive a 6th round pick in the 2009 WHL Bantam Draft.
McCue had one goal, two points, 35 penalty minutes and a -8 rating in nine games with Brandon this season.

He was originally acquired by the Wheat Kings from Chilliwack at last January's WHL trade deadline and had seven assists in 28 games with Brandon in 2007-2008.

McCue's departure leaves Brandon with forwards Matt Lowry and Andrew Clark and defenceman Chad Erb as their overage players this season.

Matt Mcue is a big dude 6'5 218 lbs
Leaves us with 9 defensman. I think the tigers will send down Scott Brkich.
As a 16 yr old he has to appear in certain amount of games, and so far he has only dressed for 2

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday News

Gregg Drinnan reports that the tigers had scouts out and about the last couple days.
Watching chilliwackvs seattle ,kamloopsvs P.A, and Kelowna vs P.G

And the news is reporting that the spokane gm, and the lethbridge gm were in the stands on monday watching the Kootenay game.

Monday, October 13, 2008

No one showed up this afternoon

....With the exception of Tyler Bunz, Cody carlson and Joey frazer.
If Bunz didnt have a good game today, the score should have been about 5-1 for kootenay.
BUNZ should be rewarded with another start next game he earned it.

In my opinion some of the players are getting stone hands when the puck is a foot way from them. They are getting paranoid that there gonna get hit. With each passing game it becomes more and more apparent that the lack of size is really taking a toll on this team.

The opposition simply isn't intimidated in the very least. Were giving them confidence every time a player doesn't finish his check. Our team speed has been lasckluster, and thats the only thing that makes up for size. The only player that does finish his checks(hamilton) is taking very dumb penatlies.

With the exception of isherwood,carlson,ennis....We have an Ajhl blueline, and a group of 3rd line depth players, that occasionally turn it least thats what this team has shown us so far.

For a 20yr old Ringrose has played like absolute garbage. I thought with his emergence in the playoffs last year he would be a valuable 20yr old to keep...he hasnt showed it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chimera gets nailed by a ref

All i can say is ROFL!

Dorsett plays in first NHL Game

HE recorded 9 penalty minutes.
HE got into a first period fight with Coyotee DANIEL, WINNIK, after laying a questionable hit on another phoenix player.

A big scrum developed as Winnik immediately threw down his gloves and jumped Dorsett. The refs were nearby and pulled them slightly apart, then dorsett got his hand free and threw 2 good shots which nailed him.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Derek Dorsett just recently recalled did not play yesterday in columbus' season opener.
Kris Russel managed a +2 rating, and around 18 minutes of icetime.
Ryan Hollwegg was still suspended and did not play.
Clarke maCarthur only receieved 8 minutes of icetime, recorded 2 shots a hit and 3 wins out of 6 on teh faceoff department.

Tigers are in Swift Tomorrow Night. I'm gonna predict a 5-3 Tiger Win. Reason being: The tigers semi/hold off an intense swift current team in the first period only going down by 1 or 2 goals.
But the tigers will keep coming stick with it, and pounce in the third period.

Goal scorrers: Ennis:2 1 on (PP), Ringrose:1, Gal:1, Isherwood:1(PP), Bosch picks up 3 assists
(My gut feeling was the tigers were gonna get pounded on, usually the opposite or unexpected happens:P)

Its also of note that the tigers have the oldest roster in the league. They have an average of 18.32 years of age per player. The next closest team is the Calgary hitmen at 18.23

That means that next season the tigers will have 8 overagers.
Ennis,kundratek will be gone, so that leaves 6 players)

Check out to get the full team age charts.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tigers beat Oil kings 5-4

Just a few thoughts for tonight

The tigers started strong for the first few shifts but let off the gas shortly after.

I thought Jayce Coyle was getting picked on by the refs. They gave him 2 very borderline penalites, and one of them led to the kings first goal, which was a big momentum switcher.

Ryan Holfeld still didn't look very confident back there tonight. He did make 1 outstanding save reaching cross-crease to make a pad save. He sorta looked timid, dont really know how else to explain it:P

I was just in the process of leaving and didnt get a good view, but it looked like the Oil Kings put a puck in the net a second after time expired.....phew!

Edmonton 16 yr old Goalie Cam Lanigan let in a few soft shots that he probably should have stopped... Slappers from the outer faceoff circle.

Isherwood seems to be in a slump again. I dont know how many times he wiffed on an intital pass attempt. I hope that kundratek becomes healthy soon, I wanna see what he brings to the table. I think we lack a #1 guy back there.

Fight Stampohar vs Drew Nichol

Two big boys. The oil kings were rushing up the ice, all of a sudden the whistle blew and these two fellers are sizing each other up. Nichol started out with a strong flurry while stamphoar was leaning back trying to avoid them. Then he came around and landed a few, they both danced around grabbing for position while throwing shots, twas a good battle. Decision: Draw
A fan beside me mentioned that nichol was leaking a bit, but he was too far away for me to see.
(You will probably be able to watch it when the game highlights are put on tigerstv, probably sometime tomorow)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A couple former players sent down

Jordan Bendfeld was sent down to the ECHL Stockton Thunder
Darren Helm was sent down to the AHL - Grand Rapids
Cam Barker was sent down to the AHL - Rockford

Edit* Derek Dorsett was one of the last cuts and sent to AHL - Syracuse today
Kevin Nastiuk was released from AHL Providence, yesterday. He lost in the battle for backup goalie.
I'm guessing he will probably sign with an echl team(because he has done really well at that level the last 2 years) or if he's lucky maybe another ahl will give him a shot.

Monday, October 6, 2008

A small update turned rather large? :)

Zdenek Okal was named the tigers player of the week getting 2G and 3A in 4 games. Rightfully deserved.

If anyone has seen Tyler Ennis lately let me know?
And what the heck is up with that Everett guy who still hasn't reported?
Giving brown away for nothing will be a horrible move escpecially since were lacking that stay at home Dman that can clear the net.

I just Watched the tigers vs blades tigers highlights.
The saskatoon goals wern't necesarily from bad goaltending(minus the first one) but from sloppy defensive zone coverage. It looked like the whole team had an "off" game.

Blades first goal: Mathew Konan's skate made contact with the puck, after Holfeld made the inital save, It then trickled under his pad into the net. Bad Goal/fluke should have been stopped

The second goal came on a 4 on 2 blades rush. After crossing the zone the Saskatoon player dropped the puck back giving Blades Dman Ryan Funk all kinds of time,and he snapped it top shelf.

3rd Goal: Tigers D Carr/Konan Miscommunicated and coughed the puck up to a wide open Charles Inglis.

4th Goal: The tigers were running around in thier end, Holfeld lost his stick and was out challengin the shooter. The puck hit Konan battling a blade defender and bounced a couple feet from the crease. Blade forward Walker Wintoneak then shot it through asmall maze in front, with holfeld flopping across to try and get back to position.

5th goal - Blades star defender stephan elliot rocketed a wrister from the blueline past bunz top shelf - he probably wished he had it back. It almost appeared like Bunz thought it would miss the net.

In general from the highlites the tigers as a whole looked sloppy. They played like it was thier 3rd game in 3 nights. The defense played poor and the goaltending was average. Their lucky they were playing saskatoon and not a Lethbridge or a swift current, otherwise it coulda been a blowout

Its still early. The tigers still havn't seen what Thomas Kundratek can do. Rugged grinder Bretton Cameron's absence also hurts. Plus the everett no-show is still no-where to be found.
Ennis has been invisible, and we've seen inconsistent goaltending. As well we are still short a 20 yr old. So still lots of room for improvement.

From what I've seen so far I think surviving the first round of playoffs would be considered a succes. But I'd rather see them start kickin arse and make it alot further.

IN other news former Tiger GM Mike Moore was name dDirector of business operations by the Calgary Hitmen. Mike Moore left the tigers a couple years ago to become the Director of Athletics at the Edge school in calgary.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tigers lose 5-2 to saskatoon

I didn't listen to the game tonight but it appeared goaltending was again the weak link. Holfeld was pulled this time and Tyler Bunz came in to finish the third and last couple minutes of the second period. Saskatoon managed a 5-0 lead before Mark isherwood, and Zdenek Okal scored.

4 Former Tigers in one NHL game!
Toronto vs Columbus

Columbus dressed Kriss Russel, Derek Dorsett, and Jason Chimera
Toronto Dressed Ryan Hollwegg.

Derek Dorsett and Ryan Hollweg fought each other.
(credit Tiger9 for posting it up on the Tigers roars and purrs site)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tigers loose to P.A in OT 5-4

Tigers Backup Tyler Bunz got his first start in net this year, but got hammered letting in 3 goals in 9 shots. P.A jumped out to an early 3-0 lead.

Zdenek Okal would pot one for the tigers in the second period making it a 3-1 game. P.A goalie Garret Zemlak made a couple big saves to keep his team in the lead.

Former tiger Jordan Hickmott would burn his former team by letting go a rocket top shelf to put P.A up 4-1 1 minute into the third period. All seemed lost, however the tigers would turn on the jets and buzz around P.A's zone scoring 3 unanswered goals to tie up teh game.(Ennis dunstall, ringrose) The tigers also had a few oppoortunities win it however they just couldnt put it past Zemlak, in teh dying minutes.

In overtime Raider Ryan Howison completed his gordie how hatrick and scored an unnasisted goal 2 minutes in, deflating the tigers comeback.

From what ridley stated on teh radio the tigers had the edge in territorial play in the second and third period. But the fifference in the game was rookie goaltender tyler bunz giving up 3 first period goals early on. At least we got a point out of the deal, but now were 0-3 in overtime situations. Tigers next game is tomorow when they take on Saskatoon, in a 3 game in 3 nights scenario.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Tigers defeat rockets 4-1

The difference in this game was the first period. The tigers came out flying and the rockets were a little on their heels. The tigers took it to the rockets, and managed to score two quick goals to get the crowd going. It was a pretty fast paced game.

Kris Lazurek made on helluva save on tyler ennis. He was literally down and out after on a 2v1 situation, but somehow managed to reach his arm out and snag a puck out of a wide open net.

Kelowna's powerplay looked real good. Even though they didn't score on it they passed the puck around like they were playing a game of catch.

It was obvious that someone told the tigers to finish their checks, as they threw more hits in the first period than the entire last 2 games. I noticed cody carlson had a pretty good game for himself. He had limited ice time but made some real good plays, instead of just throwing the puck away like he has been recently.

I noticed Thomas carr was caught out of position a little too many times. He would dive or pinch and not take a guy with him, and started to hear footsteps retrieving the puck in his own end.

Fight1 THomas carr vs Lucas Bloodhoff
However he did throw an amazing hit pinching in at the blueline, and rocked kelowna's lucas bloodhoff. Bloodhoff immediately went after him as kelowna players tried to mugg carr by force. Carr did a good job avoiding the initial flurry and managed to wrestle the bigger bloodhoff to the ice fairly quickly. Decision: Draw not much of a fight.

Fight2 Wacey Hamilton vs Evan Bloodhoff
I thought Hamiltons fight was a very dumb decision. He jumped Evan bloodhoff and started throwing punches before trying to take the opponents helmet off. Realizing his knuckles were connecting with helmet he then tried to take Bloodhoffs helmet off, only to come under fire of a flurry of punches from bloodhoff. It looked like Hamilton had a cut on his forehead.
Decision: Evan Bloodhoff

More thoughts
Tyler Ennis is still being double teamed whenever he's near the puck. Its amazing he only has 1 assist and a -5, in 4 games to start of the season. He is getting hit every time he is within reach of the puck.

Linden Vey, and Colton grant were by far the best tigers on the ice. Both of them kept forcing turnovers and giving kelowna a lot of trouble in their own zone. Their presence lifted the whole team up. Zdenek Okal had a good game as well he continues to impress. He has been one of our best forwards consistently so far.

I thought Mark Isherwood had a horrible game. He turned the puck over far too many times, and seemed more interested in yapping.


Earlier in the year I heard Thomas Frazee was close to being shipped to Kelowna. Obviously that deal wasn't done, but I guess the two teams are still talking.

There was a rumour that Kelowna scorer Jamie Benn wants out of kelowna, in return kelowna also wants a forward who can play now. All the players in this "rumour" played in last nights Tiger vs Kelowna hockey game...take it for what its worth.

Overager Situation
I Haven't heard any rumors from anybody regarding an extra 20 year old. I think the tigers may be waiting for the cutdown date then snagging the best available player. We still need a reliable D-man and a Forward who can bring a physcal prescence and score.

Portland Releases Lee Morrow

What significance is this is to us?..(not much..just a huge trade-win)

2 years ago we traded highly regarded prospect patrick wiercoach, and 16 yr old defenseman Lee Morrow to the Portland Winter Hawks for their star defensmen micheal sauer halfway through the season. Sauer helped solidy the blueline and was a part of our 2006/07 whl championship victory.

Well patrick wiercoach ended up taking the ncaa route, and decided not to report, and Lee Morrow only ended up playing 20 games. He was just released and dropped from the hawks 50 ppl.

SO its safe to say we traded nothing away for a top quality defenceman.

Now lets hope those 2 2nd round picks we got from spokane dont go to waste so spokane can't say the same thing to us:P(trading trevor glass)

TIgers vs Kelowna Tonight

Should be a goody. Kelowna is sitll missing 2 topend guys, in luke schenn and Tyson Dowzak
Tonight marks the return of goaltender Kris Lazurek: the goalie who stoned the tigers last year in firstround playoff exit to Kootenay.

The Kelowna powerplay is operating at a league high 30%. In fact 11 of thier 18 goals are from the PP this year. Lets hope the tigers can stay outta the box!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tigers Lose To HItmen 4-0

Last night was a night the tigers didnt get any bounces. They had 3-1's, hit posts, and such but couldn't bury the puck. IT could have been just as easily been a 2-2 game.

The scoring seems to be drying up every other game. The tigers are missing someone who can put the finish on a good play.

A few people are complaining about the quality of goaltending in Ryan Holfeld, sheesh wasn't it just 2 years ago Hat fans wanted Keetley traded?

A little inconsisten maybe, but so far he has rebounded quite nicely after every so-so game, and that is very encouraging.
The only flaw I can see when he has a bad game is he is dropping to his knees a little early.
He stole a point in lethbridge, stoned edmonton in the tigers first game of the season, and shut the door on lethbridge to complete the come-from-behind win.

Its still pretty early and lots of things can change, but having a couple s0-so games isnt too troubling.

Who's Hot: Zdenek Okal, Brennan Bosch
Who's Cold: Tyler Ennis, Sean Ringrose, Wacey Hamilton

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tigers Win Home Opener 6-3

I thought the player introductions were a little too ordinary.(Just darkening the arena and announce the players). They need something to spice it up, like a mini pyro show or something.

Wacey hamilton - Day to Day
Bretton Cameron - 3 to 6 weeks
Scott Brkich -
Tomas kundratek

General Gameplay:
The first period started out pretty slow. The first shot on net for either team didn't come until the 10:00 minute mark of the first period. The tigers play looked pretty good in thier D-zone coverage, but didn't generate many scoring chances. The canes were a half step ahead in the neutral zone, and the tigers were being pushed off the puck as soon as they managed to get in the nuetral zone.

The tigers play was better offensively in teh second and really turned it up in the third, hemming lethbridge in thier end for a solid 2-3 minutes straight. The canes did look a little tired, and the momentum was greatley favoring Medicine Hat. Getting a goal with 16 seconds left in the second period to cut away a 3-1 canes lead really set teh tone for the third period.

Fights: Stampohar vs Castro
changed. They both were throwing wildly, each landing a few.Castro had the upper hand early then Stampohar ended the fight throwing a couple good shots that dazed castro and falling on top of him. Not a clear winner, but a slight edge to stampohar for a good ending.

Game Thoughts:
Was a little dissapointed in the vets during the first period.
When the tigers played a "waterbug" sorta style they become way more effective. Lethbridge started panicking and couldnt manage to get puck possesion.

I really liked the play of Joey Frazer, Josch Koper, and Zdenek Okal. They showed some good hustle and forechecking tenacity. I think once Dman Thomas carr gets some experience he will become a good player for us on the back-end. He showed some good mobility in his own zone

EDIT: I think I may have mistaken Thomas Carr for Jace Coyle, I checked the gamesheets after and Coyle was wearing #4 not carr. ...

Taylor gal reminds me of travis dunstall.
The tigers were missing a physical presence on the ice, having hamilton and cameron out didnt help. I think they should consider converting cody carlson into a forward. He works hard but panicks a little too much.

For lethbridge I couldnt help but notice Dwight King. He didnt get any points bur, he's a big player and the tigers had no answer for his size and playmaking ability.

edit: Derek Dorsett scored a goal tonight in an nhl exhibition game with columbus losing to Nashville 3-1

Friday, September 26, 2008

Lethbridge Wins in Overtime 1-0

Regulation ended in a 0-0 Tie.
Hurricane Dwight King scored 18 seconds into overtime.
Sounds like Holfeld stood on his head and played great.
The tigers didnt get many scoring chances untill the end of the third period.

Mathew Konan fought Hurricane Carter Ashton. Listening to the Hurricanes broadcasters it sounded like a pretty even tilt.
His 2nd fight in three games.

The tigers killed off 8 Lethbridge powerplays, hardly giving Lethbridge any scoring chances.The tigers played pretty aggressive and were able to deflate any Hurricane pressure.The tigers only had 2 tiger powerplay chances. The tigers now havn't allowed a powerplay goal in 22 chances.

** IF there is one thing to note it seems like the tigers are giving up way too many powerplay chances a game. 2 games in a row where they have let the other team have 8 chances.

Tigers record stands at 1-0-1-1 good for 4 points, out of a possible 6
Tigers play their first home game Tomorow Night...Cant Wait!

Hollweg does chris farley? - and other notes

A couple quick notes
Former tiger Gord Baldwin apparently has a "significant" knee injury and will miss a good chunk of time for the quad city flames.

Derek Dorsett is becoming a little fan favorite in Columbus, their finding out he can stir the pot up pretty good.

Hollweg does chris farley? The other day a toronto newstation did a little report and hollweg did a little impersonation

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kundratek back

Tomas kundratek was assigned back to Medicine Hat today.
I heard rumblings about a finger injury, so I'm not sure if he will play on friday

Darren Helm palyed in an exhibition game tonight and drew 1 assist, while making some key defensive plays, and creating turnover. He didnt get a star but a blogger @
thought he could have easily been one.

Derek Dorsett survived teh first set of Columbus cuts today.

No luck for Bretton Cameron

Last playoffs Bretton Cameron couldnt play because of emergency Appendicitis Surgery (or something similar, cant remember the exact name). Now just 2 games back and he is out another 4-6 weeks with a fractured hand he suffered in a fight last game against Finnish player tommi kivisto from the red deer rebels. Cameron was dominating the fight untill Kivisto dropped him with a bomb. Both players left teh game after the fight, Kivisto came back for one shift in teh second wearing a full face shield, but that was all as he left the game soon after as he could not see properly.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A couple ex tigers in nhl exhibition today

Derek Dorsett was in Columbus lineup, had about 5 minsutes of icetime, and was involved in a first period scrap. Hopefully it will be on hockeyfightscom sometimes tonight of tomorow.

Matt Keetley was in net for the flames. Flames won 3-2.(telivised)
First goal he let in wasn''t his fault, Phaneuf gave the puck away at the blueline, then moments later slid into keetley knocking him and the puck in the net.

2nd goal: he stopped a shot that was tipped, then saved another shot off the right hand side, the third shot was sorta a quick shot from a bad angle after keetley dove to teh other side, the player sorta waited a sec then fired a quick one along the ice which beat him.

He wasn't tested too much, made most of the save look easy and routine.

3 days till Tiger Home Opener YaY!

Keetley on the tube tonight?

SPORTSNET.CA – The Calgary Flames will look to rebound from Tuesday’s loss to Florida when they take on the Phoenix Coyotes Wednesday in Winnipeg at MTS Centre.

Watch it live on Sportsnet West at 6 p.m. MT.

Reports say Matt keetley is expected to start tonight!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tyler Ennis has been returned

The Buffalo Sabres today returned eight players to their junior clubs: forwards Luke Adam (St. John,'s, QMJHL), Paul Byron (Gatineau, QMJHL), Tyler Ennis (Medicine Hat, WHL) and Jacob Lagace (Chicoutimi, QMJHL); defensemen T.J. Brennan (St. John's, QMJHL), Nick Crawford (Saginaw, OHL), Drew Schiestel (Niagara, OHL) and Jordon Southorn (Prince Edward Island, QMJHL).

The Sabres play Montreal tonight (7 p.m., NHL Network) in Roberval, Que., as part of the Hockeyville 2008 celebrations.

The Sabres' home preseason schedule is this weekend at HSBC Arena with games Saturday at 7 against the Toronto Maple Leafs and Sunday at 7 against the Minnesota Wild.


Jordan Bendfeld was sent down to the Springfield Falcons (Oilers ahl affiliate)
Former tiger Kevin Nastiuk was sent down to the Boston Bruins farm team Peoria.
Fomer tiger clark MacCarthur had a couple assists in buffalo's 7-4 loss to Toronto.

Former Tiger Jordie Deagle was released by the Prince George Cougars yesterday, got to be disapointing for a former 1st round bantam draft pick.

No word yet on tomas kundratek or tyler ennis. Neither has played in an exhibition game so far.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rebels win in a shootout 5-4

The first period Ended with the rebels leading 2-0.
Rebel goal scoreres were Landon Ferraro, and cody Gross.

Bretton Cameron just fought finn Tommi Kivisto. Cameron got some good shots in then Kivisto dropped him. However Kivisto didn't return to the game according to the rebels broadcasters.
(Apparently kivisto could barely see out of his eye and looked pretty beat up, according to Luke egner on the broadcast during the rebels postgame show).
The rebels got an early jump but in the second half the tigers started to come on.

2nd period

The second period had another fight between John Stampohar and Rebel Cody Esposito, a couple of big boys. The Tigers also scored 2 goals to the rebels 1.
Scoring for the tigers was Linden Vey, and a rocket from Mark Isherwood both on the powerplay.
The rebels goal scorer was Tomas polak.
Down 3-2 with one period to go.
Landon Ferraro for the rebels got a 5 minute major and game misconduct for checking from behind.

3rd period
Isherwood fanned on a shot, it went right to bosch and he potted it in the net, on the powerplay. 3-3.
Isherwood then scored another on the powerplay to go up 4-3. He's had a nice start to the season so far 3 goals in 2 games.

Rebels tied it up when Rebel Tomas Polak scored his second of the night tipping the puck past Holfeld.


(Rebels)Willie Coetzee - Miss
(Tigers) Linden Vey - Miss
(Red Deer) Cody gross - Miss
(Tigers) Zdenek Okal - Miss
(Red Deer) Brett Ferguson - Miss
(Tigers) Travis Dunstall - Miss
(Red Deer) Brennan Wray - Miss
(Tigers)Brennan Bosch - Miss
(Red Deer) Cass Mapin - Goal
(Tigers) Wacey Hamilton - Goal
(Red Deer) Curtis Smith - Miss
(Tigers) Sean Ringrose - Miss
(Red Deer) Steve Oursaf - Goal
(Tigers)Joey Frazer - Goal
(Red Deer) - Colin Morin - Miss
(Tigers) - Mark Isherwood - CrossbarMiss
(Red Deer) Luke Egner - Goal
Jace Coyle - Goal
(Rebels)Tyler Penny - Miss
(Tigers) Colton Grant - Miss noshot
(Rebels)Cody Esposito - Goal
Josh Koper - Miss
Rebels Win 5-4 in a shootout

3 stars:
(Rebels) - Morgan Clark
2.(Rebels) - Tomas Polak
3.(Tigers) Brennan Bosch

All in all not a bad opening week 3 points in 4 nights.
Next Tigers game is a home and home with Lethbridge next friday.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Tigers Win Season opener

I listened to the Edmonton Broadcast and by the third it seemed like they were pretty bored by the play of the Oil Kings, and were praising the tigers squad.

Brennan Bosch was named the captain his assistants were Patrick Kozyra, Sean Ringrose, and Bretton Cameron.

Tonights starters Were

Grant Ringrose Cameron
Kozyra Isherwood

Tigers come out with a 5-1 victory. A GREAT Showing for missing Ennis, Hamilton, and Kundratek. The first 2 periods were fairly even but the tigers hammered the oil kings in the third period.

Tigers point summary
Colton Grant------- 1G 1A = 2pts
Bretton Cameron---1G 1A= 2pts
Brennan Bosch-----0G 2A=2pts
Mark Isherwood---1G 0A=1pts
Zdenek Okal-------1G 0A=1pts
Mathew Konan-----1G 0A=1pt
Josh Koper--------0G 1A=1pt
Linden Vey-------0G 1A=1pt
Sean Ringrose-----0G 1A=1pt
Tristan King------0G 1A=1pt

Posting game sheet link in the bottom right of the blog.


There is a good indication that Brennan Bosch could be named the next Tigers Captain. The medicine hat news had an article about it, with various players saying their first pick for captain would be Bosch.

- Bosch certainly would be a good choice. If i had to guess the A's I would consider wacey hamilton, Bretton cameron, and perhaps Mark Isherwood.

In other news...
Shayne Neigum, cousin of former tiger Derek Dorsett, has been named an assitant captain for the Edmonton Oil Kings.

Puck drop tonight is at 7:00 Mtn.

Bendfeld - Sun writeup

The Edmonton sun had a writeup on "former" tiger Jordan Bendfeld. After reading this it pretty much 100% confirms he wont be back as a tiger.

"He's played well enough," said Oilers assistant general manager Kevin Prendergast. "I think we have to work on his puck movement at times - he panics a little bit - but he's a young kid, he's big enough and strong enough to take care of the rest of it.

"He's one of those kids that we want to see play. So he'll go to Springfield and if it doesn't work out there, he'll go to Stockton."

Here the link to the full article

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Haven't heard much about our 3 players away an nhl camps.
Tomas kundratek didn't play in the rookie tournament in traverse city, which is a little odd. I heard something about a finger injury that kept him out.

I have heard Tyler Ennis is having a good camp. But no word on when he is expected back yet.

Bendfeld played regularly in Edmonton's preseason game yesterday. Watched it when it was streamed online. Looked ok, same old benfeld style of play.

Tigers take on Edmonton Tomorow in the season Opener..All i can say is woooohooooo!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

WHL Shaw schedule is out

The tigers are broadcast: Times Local,PST
Friday Nov. 21/08 Medicine Hat @ Lethbridge 7:00pm, 6:00pm
Friday Jan. 30/09 Medicine Hat @ Kelowna 7:00pm, 7:00pm
Tuesday Mar. 3/09 Moose Jaw @ Medicine Hat 7:00pm, 7:00pm

3 games

Monday, September 15, 2008

Keetley Earns shutout in first preseason game

Goalie Matt Keetley stopped 22 shots for the shutout.

Keetley admitted to a rather wobbly start to the game.

"I was a little shaky out there at the start. I think I settled down and the guys settled down. They did a god job defensively. They kept the shots on net pretty basic for me," said Keetley.

The Flames second game of the tournament is against Vancouver Monday at 7 p.m. MT. The game will again be streamed live onto

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Traverse City Day 1

I'll try to give an updated list each day on how all current and former tigers do in this pre-season rookie tourney.
Only I former tiger on the ice on saturday
Minnesota Wild - Scott Wasden - 1 goal 1 assist +1 and 4 shots

No score yet reported for the game Between Red Deer and Medicine Hat.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tigers trade Brown and Frazee

Tyler Kieffer sent to Medicine Hat in defensive swap Everett Silvertips Vice President / General Manager Doug Soetaert announced Thursday that the Silvertips have acquired Shayne Brown, 19, from the Medicine Hat Tigers in exchange for defenseman Tyler Kieffer, 19. A native of Stony Plain, Alberta, Brown scored three goals and added seven assists for ten points in 55 games with the Tigers, finishing with 89 penalty minutes in his eighteen-year old WHL campaign.

Brown, a 6’1, 198 pound mobile, stay at home left-handed defenseman, has logged 138 career WHL games, amassing four goals and fifteen assists for nineteen points along with 172 penalty minutes.

“We’re happy to add a quality defenseman of this nature to our organization,” Soetaert noted. “He’s been a leader in Medicine Hat, and we look forward to his leadership here in Everett.”

After signing a WHL Educational Contract in November, 2007 following a stint with the USHL’s Lincoln Stars, Kieffer played in 27 games, finishing with three assists and 27 penalty minutes to go along with a +4 rating.

Hmm, I'm thinking he's more of a replacement for the loss of bendfeld. Someone who can play physical

Moose Jaw, SK: The Moose Jaw Warriors today announce that they have acquired 18-year-old right wing forward Thomas Frazee for a conditional 5th round pick in 2009.

Thomas joins the Warriors after spending a season with both the Medicine Hat Tigers and the Portland Winter Hawks. The 6’3 195 lbs forward was originally drafted by the Winter Hawks in the 1st round (11th overall) in the 2005 WHL Bantam Draft.

He is an individual who brings experience along with the potential to contribute offensively. He also helps address our 18 year old age group an area we wanted to increase.” stated Warriors General Manager Chad Lang.

With the abundance of forwards something had to give, and frazee was the odd man out. Good move IMO.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tigers shut out raiders in benefit game

- Brief recap
Tigers won 4-0. They outshot P.A 17-4 in the first period, alone .

“I thought it was a really, really good game,” said Desjardins. “I thought it was way better than most exhibition games.

“I thought it was like a league game and not even just a league game. It was more close to a playoff game. I thought the tempo was great.

The tigers dressed a few more vets such as, wacey hamilton, bretton cameron, and cody carlson, sean ringrose, linden vey. Holfeld, and Bunz both played

Jordan Bendfeld, Tyler Ennis, and Thomas Kundratek will probably leave for the respective training camps very shortly. Bendfeld is the only player not expected back.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Tigers lose to swift

The broncos beat the Tigers 5-3.

In other action from Saskatoon, Taylor Vause scored two goals to lead the Swift Current Broncos to a 5-3 win over the Medicine Hat Tigers on Sunday.

Jordan Peddle, Derek Claffey and Spencer McAvoy also scored for the Broncos (3-1) while Travis Yonkman made 26 saves to claim the victory. Shayne Brown, Zdenek Okal and Wacey Hamilton scored for the Tigers (2-2) while Tyler Bunz and Ryan Holfeld combined for 19 saves.

From the looks of things the tigers got into penalty trouble and gave up a couple 50n3 goals.

In other news...
Edmonton made a trade with P.G today.

Edmonton sent overager Cameron Cepek to the P.G Cougars and a 6th round draft pick. and Edmonton Received P.G's 3rd round Pick.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tigers Thrash blades 10-2

Game Summary
The Saskatoon Blades were handed a 10-2 loss by the Medicine Hat Tigers on Saturday night. The Blades goal scorers on the evening were Brody Sutter and Darian Dziurzynski with Curtis Hamilton, Travis Toomey, Walker Wintoneak, and Brendon Wall adding assists.

For the Tigers, offensive production came off the sticks of Zdenek Okal (x3), John Stampohar, Linden Vey (x2), Travis Dunstall (x2), Taylor Gal, and Tomas Kundratek.

The Blades power play was 1 for 11 on the night while their penalty kill was 7 for 9. The Tigers also scored a shorthanded goal on a 5 on 3 disadvantage (Vey). Adam Morrison took the loss in goal for the Blades, making 20 saves on 30 Medicine Hat shots. Meanwhile, Ryan Holfeld turned aside 27 of Saskatoon’s 29 shots.

Cody Carlson fought Darian Dzuirzynski from the blades. A brief recap on the white board stated it was a draw.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bendfeld Signs with the Oilers

WHich means his chances of coming back may have just been thrown out the window. Yesterday I thought his chances of sticking would be 15%, but from reading various blogs about this signing I think those numbers just reversed itself. It will be a waiting game to see if he comes back.

Tigers Hosting Exhibition Game

The Medicine Hat Tigers will take on the Prince Albert Raiders on Tuesday September 9th at 7:oo PM @ The Medicine Hat arena. All the proceeds will be donated to Tony Aasman and his family.

Tickets are 10 bucks each, with rush seating only.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

NHL Training Camp Invitees

I'll try to keep an updated list on any current tigers that get invited to NHL camp.

So far we know:

Tyler Ennis - Buffalo Sabres - Chance to stick - Unlikely
As buffalo would have to keep him up the whole year. Buffalo is stocked with forwards. At most Ennis would probably miss 3-5 games. If he impresses enough in Buffalo, they may let him play 1 or 2 preseason games, and if that is the case he would miss the Tigers home opener.

Jordan Bendfeld - Edmonton Oilers - Chance to stick - Possible-

From what I've read Edmonton Drafted Benny for his fighting ability and size. Edmonton's farm team were pushed around last year, and the Oilers used their last pick in the draft to get some toughness. The Oil's farm team has 15 D-men attending. I think they'll give Bendfeld a chance to make it, But he will have to have an impressive camp. If Bendfeld kinda just shows up and doesn't fight anyone, or bang the body, hell be sent back early.

If Bendfeld happens to sign it means his chances of sticking in the ahl/echl will be very good. Its still up in the air a little bit, but its possible he's back by the season opener, and its possible he is one of the last guys to come back.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tigers vs Edmonton Pre-Season Action

-Screen Shot From Edmonton Oil Kings Website

Here is a quick SS of the game sheet. TO see a bigger version just click on it. The tigers lost 5-4, with yet again anothe rlineup laden with rookies. Linden Vey, John Stampohar, Cody carlson, and Frazee were the vets. The Edmonton paper reports that Edmonton's Jeff Lee, Ko'd Thomas frazee in a third period scrap.

Willie desjardin commented "I didn’t think we played as hard as we can play. Our older guys need to be better. And we’ll do better coming next weekend." in the MH news.

The Tigers next pre-season game is Saturday, september 6th in Saskatoon versus the Blades.

Maybe its just me but this preseason appears kind of secretive from a fans point of view. Not much information is coming out, and their are 0 preseason home games. 25 days left untill the first Tiger Home game.

Edit: After waiting a couple weeks for a head coach to be named for Team Canada's juniors, you sort of had a feeling that Willie Desjardin would be their second option or fall back guy in case things didn't work out with their first choice. Turns out the Hamilton Spectator(newspaper) has reported, Pat Quinn to be Hockey Canada's first choice. Nothing is official yet, but you'd think an announcement would be made relatively soon, with this kind of rumor leaking.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Alex plante of the Hitmen Demands Trade

The jist of it is....Plante had an injury plagued season last year, and after finally becoming healthy, he was put on the third defensive pairing, and was unhappy about his playing time, and performance. He did not report to Calgary's Main camp, and has asked to be traded. HE only recorded 1 goal and 1 assist last year, while the year previous he had 8 goals and 30 assists. With Kisio sorta lashing out at him in a recent article in the calgary herald, one has got to wonder if they didn't get along very well.

Plante being a 19 yr old Defender probably has some good trade value to him. I dont see him going to a Central Division Team, unless someone pays waaaaay to high a price.

Medicine Hat Tigers vs Regina

Tigers Roster vs Regina yesterday

Tyler Bunz - 23 shots on net 6 goals against
THomas Carr - 15 PM's - 1 fight
Dylan Businius
Tristin King - 1 Goal
Josh Koper - 2PM 1 assist
Samuel Dezman
Scott McKay - 1 assist
Mathew Konan - 1 assist
Dylan Bredo
John Stampohar - 17 pm - 1 Fight 1 assist
Colin Mopasanchuk - 1assist
Joey Frazer - 1 goal
Micheal Forsyth - 1 goal 2 PM's
THomas Frazee - 1 goal 2 PM's
Boston Leir
Taylor Gal - 1 assist
Jace Douskey
Tyson Newell - 15 PM 1 fight
Sean COllins - 1 assist
Ryan Holfeld - Did not play

The only "vets" so to say that were dressed were Frazee, Stampohar and Konan, Last years depth/4th liners. Holfeld was dressed but did not play. TO see that many rookies and to not get blown out of the water is very encouraging.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

TIgers loose preseason opener

Saturday Aug. 30/08 Medicine Hat 4 vs. Regina 6

Scoring Summary
First Period
4:10 - Regina Goal - 21 Dominick Favreau (26 Andrew Rieder, 6 Victory Bartley) EV
5:09 – M.H. Goal - 17 Mike Forsyth (22 Dylan Bredo, 6 Matthew Konan) EV
12:42 – M.H. Goal – 18 Thomas Frazee (28 Sean Collins, 21 Taylor Gal) PP
Second Period
5:00 – Regina Goal – 24 Brett Leffler (34 Jordan Weal) EV
5:15 – Regina Goal – 15 Kyle Mulder (26 Andrew Rieder, 6 Victor Bartley) EV
9:27 – Regina Goal – 6 Victor Bartley (22 Thomas Hricina, 21 Dominick Favreau)
16:03 – M.H. Goal – 16 Joey Frazer (36 Colin Mospanchuk, 3 Scott McKay) EV
Third Period
4:06 – M.H. Goal 19 Tristan King (9 Josh Koper, 14 John Stampohar) EV
4:57 – Regina Goal - 15 Kyle Mulder (6 Victor Bartley, 11 Graham Hood) EV
8:51 – Regina Goal - 15 Kyle Mulder 6 Victor Bartley, 22 Thomas Hricina EV

Not sure of the roster but looks like they were predominantly rookies.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tigers Open up Main Camp

Yes the two Euro's Tomas Kundratek and Zdenek Okal both showed up to camp. However their is still an issue with getting Kundratek's transfer card, so he cannot skate with the team, even in practice until the tigers receive it.

Tiger Alumni, Tommy Maxwell, Stefan Myer, David Schlemko, were all seen on the ice during the practice sessions.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

small update on former players

Daine Todd will be playing in a couple rookie games with phoenix against L.A's rookies.
Tuesday, September 16 (6 p.m.) and Wednesday, September 17 (2 p.m.) at the jobing arena.
David schlemko will also be playing in those 2 games, with phoenix

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Partial Schedule Breakdown

Monday - 3
Tuesday - 11
Wednesday -11
Thursday - 1
Friday - 17
Saturday -21
Sunday - 8

Most Played
Lethbridge - 8
Kootenay - 7
Calgary - 6
Edmonton - 6
Red Deer -6
Brandon - 4
Saskatoon - 4
P.A - 4
MJ - 4
Swift - 4
regina - 4
Kelowna - 3
vancouver - 2
Chilliwack - 2
Kamloops -2
P.G - 2
Tricity - 1
Spokane - 1
Everett -1
Seattle -1
No games vs Portland

The tigers only have 2 out of their first 8 games at home
13 out of the last 18 games are at home!
There is a 19 day stretch in december with no home games
A 16 day stretch at the end of october begining of november with no home games.

Home Games Are Bolded
4 Friday September 19, 2008 Medicine Hat @ Edmonton 7:00
16 Saturday September 20, 2008 Medicine Hat @ Red Deer 7:30
31 Friday September 26, 2008 Medicine Hat @ Lethbridge 7:00
40 Saturday September 27, 2008 Lethbridge @ Medicine Hat 7:30
49 Tuesday September 30, 2008 Medicine Hat @ Calgary 7:00
59 Friday October 3, 2008 Kelowna @ Medicine Hat 7:30
69 Saturday October 4, 2008 Medicine Hat @ Prince Albert 7:30
77 Sunday October 5, 2008 Medicine Hat @ Saskatoon 6:05
80 Wednesday October 8, 2008 Edmonton @ Medicine Hat 7:00
104 Sunday October 12, 2008 Medicine Hat @ Swift Current 7:00
108 Monday October 13, 2008 Kootenay @ Medicine Hat 2:00
121 Friday October 17, 2008 Chilliwack @ Medicine Hat 7:30
129 Saturday October 18, 2008 Regina @ Medicine Hat 7:30
144 Wednesday October 22, 2008 Prince George @ Medicine Hat 7:00
159 Saturday October 25, 2008 Calgary @ Medicine Hat 7:30
182 Friday October 31, 2008 Medicine Hat @ Kootenay 8:00
195 Sunday November 2, 2008 Medicine Hat @ Calgary 2:00
202 Wednesday November 5, 2008 Medicine Hat @ Moose Jaw 7:00
212 Friday November 7, 2008 Medicine Hat @ Regina 7:00
217 Saturday November 8, 2008 Medicine Hat @ Brandon 7:30
229 Monday November 10, 2008 Lethbridge @ Medicine Hat 7:00
236 Wednesday November 12, 2008 Edmonton @ Medicine Hat 7:00
242 Friday November 14, 2008 Medicine Hat @ Edmonton 7:00
256 Saturday November 15, 2008 Medicine Hat @ Red Deer 7:30
260 Sunday November 16, 2008 Red Deer @ Medicine Hat 6:00
265 Tuesday November 18, 2008 Prince Albert @ Medicine Hat 7:00
279 Friday November 21, 2008 Medicine Hat @ Lethbridge 7:00
288 Saturday November 22, 2008 Regina @ Medicine Hat 7:30
308 Saturday November 29, 2008 Brandon @ Medicine Hat 7:30
320 Tuesday December 2, 2008 Edmonton @ Medicine Hat 7:00
332 Friday December 5, 2008 Medicine Hat @ Moose Jaw 7:00
337 Saturday December 6, 2008 Medicine Hat @ Brandon 7:30
350 Monday December 8, 2008 Lethbridge @ Medicine Hat 7:00
361 Friday December 12, 2008 Medicine Hat @ Everett 7:35
372 Saturday December 13, 2008 Moose Jaw @ Kootenay 7:00
380 Sunday December 14, 2008 Medicine Hat @ Tri-City 5:05
386 Tuesday December 16, 2008 Medicine Hat @ Spokane 7:00
391 Wednesday December 17, 2008 Medicine Hat @ Kootenay 7:00
400 Saturday December 27, 2008 Swift Current @ Medicine Hat 7:30
436 Friday January 2, 2009 Medicine Hat @ Swift Current 7:30
449 Sunday January 4, 2009 Medicine Hat @ Calgary 2:00
451 Tuesday January 6, 2009 Medicine Hat @ Edmonton 7:00
458 Wednesday January 7, 2009 Medicine Hat @ Red Deer 7:00
474 Saturday January 10, 2009 Swift Current @ Medicine Hat 7:30
484 Tuesday January 13, 2009 Vancouver @ Medicine Hat 7:00
497 Friday January 16, 2009 Saskatoon @ Medicine Hat 7:30
515 Sunday January 18, 2009 Red Deer @ Medicine Hat 6:00
518 Tuesday January 20, 2009 Chilliwack @ Medicine Hat 7:00
523 Wednesday January 21, 2009 Medicine Hat @ Lethbridge 7:00
539 Saturday January 24, 2009 Prince George @ Medicine Hat 7:30
553 Tuesday January 27, 2009 Medicine Hat @ Seattle 7:05
561 Wednesday January 28, 2009 Medicine Hat @ Vancouver 7:00
563 Friday January 30, 2009 Medicine Hat @ Kelowna 7:00
573 Saturday January 31, 2009 Medicine Hat @ Kamloops 7:00
591 Thursday February 5, 2009 Calgary @ Medicine Hat 7:00
606 Saturday February 7, 2009 Moose Jaw @ Medicine Hat 7:30
621 Tuesday February 10, 2009 Medicine Hat @ Saskatoon 7:05
624 Wednesday February 11, 2009 Medicine Hat @ Prince Albert 7:30
633 Friday February 13, 2009 Saskatoon @ Medicine Hat 7:30
642 Saturday February 14, 2009 Kamloops @ Medicine Hat 7:30
660 Wednesday February 18, 2009 Brandon @ Medicine Hat 7:00
665 Friday February 20, 2009 Medicine Hat @ Lethbridge 7:00
675 Saturday February 21, 2009 Lethbridge @ Medicine Hat 7:30
696 Wednesday February 25, 2009 Kelowna @ Medicine Hat 7:00
702 Friday February 27, 2009 Prince Albert @ Medicine Hat 7:30
712 Saturday February 28, 2009 Kootenay @ Medicine Hat 7:30
724 Tuesday March 3, 2009 Moose Jaw @ Medicine Hat 7:00
742 Friday March 6, 2009 Medicine Hat @ Regina 7:00
747 Saturday March 7, 2009 Kootenay @ Medicine Hat 7:30
754 Sunday March 8, 2009 Medicine Hat @ Kootenay 6:00
758 Tuesday March 10, 2009 Red Deer @ Medicine Hat 7:00
780 Saturday March 14, 2009 Calgary @ Medicine Hat 7:30