Friday, March 14, 2008

Big 4-3 SO win over lethbridge, and complicated university math

That was a pretty entertaining finish. The tigers held scores of 1-0 and 2-1 before lethbridge came back and scored 2 goals to go up 3-2. With just under 2 minutes to play a shayne brown point shot, trickled over the shoulder of Canes goalie Micheal Maniago. It was a type of shot that may have have missed the net high, but canes goalie partially caught it with his shoulder, and it rolled over into the back of the net to tie it up a 3-3.

The shootout was even more hectic. Tyler Ennis and Zach Boychuk traded goals with thier first shots. Daine todd missed his chance and Mitch Fadden scored on his attempt. Dwight King of lethbridge whiffed on a potentially game winning shootout goal, and Travis Dunstall scored to tie up the shootout. Off to sudden death shootout style.

Dan Iwanski Of lethbridge failed to score trying a deke, giving Mark Isherwood a chance to win it. Isherwood faked a slapper, and went glove but Maniago read him like a book.

5th round had Adam Chorneyko squeakone past glove side on holfeld, and Wacey Hamilton scored stick side on Maniago to keep the shootout alive for the tigers once again.

6th round had hurricane D-man Luca Sbisa rip one over top of the net. WHile Micheal Ah'len did a quick fake and went high glove side to win it for the tigers. Wewoo!

Pretty exciting finish to say the least. I thought the Tigers looked a bit sloppy for parts of the game. The were a few players having really good games, and a few players had off night, or at least "off shifts". Example farmanara wildly swinging his stick after being tripped, knocked down a guy resulting in a hurricane 2 man advantage. Then having it almost killed off and Bosh whiffed on a puck to get it out of the zone, and the Canes scored seconds later. Sort of unlucky, but at least the luck was returned later in the game. The refs took a big flow out of the game calling lots of penalties in the first and second, Imo there were some weak calls, both sides
Lethbridge had a 2man advantage twice.

Tyler Ennis took a big hit in the second or third, and played sparingly the rest of the game, only taking 1 shift on the powerplay in the third. We may or may not see him dressed for tomorrow's game. During a post game interview Jerrid Sauer said Ennis was a little rattled and they were resting him a bit for the playoffs.

The only thing certain in the standings is Moose Jaw will finish 8th in the conference. Still anybody's game on who will face who in the playoffs.

Playoff positioning possibilities

IN a nutshell there are 70 different combinations that can still happen, and we wont know our playoff opponent untill sunday.

Winning in regular time will guarantee Home Ice. However if the canes get 1 point, we could be looking at starting the playoffs on the road, depending on kootenay's games.

Former MEdicine Hat Tigesr star Darren Helm was called up and played in his first nhl regular season game thursday march 13 in Detroit. A day after recording a 4point night in the AHL, against the Toronto marlies. He posted 7 minutes of Ice time in 10 shifts. He recorded 1 shot on net. 2 missed shots, and 3 faceoff losses in 3 attempts.

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