Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kootenay Curse Continues

Time to hire a witchdoctor?

Listened to the game on the radio last night. From what I heard it sounded like the tigers put forth a valiant effort, but just couldn't bury their chances. The Tigers gave Kootenay two 2 man advantages, and Kootenay was able to score during one of them.

Kootenay has a chance to go for the sweep tomorrow. The tigers need to be the one that scores the first goal. So far every game Kootenay has had a lead early on. The tigers have scored the first goal in only 3 of their 9 total games played this year.

The tigers haven't lost in the first round of the playoffs, since they became their run as a dominant team in the league. They made it into at least the second round in each of their last 5 years.
Its do or die tomorow.

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