Monday, March 17, 2008

Regular season Head2Head stats

Here is a brief summary on points/pm/(+/-)/goals/assists/Games Played, between the Hat, and Kootenay...more stats tomorow

Bretton Cameron ---3g, 2A=5PTS---(+5)---7PM---6GP
Linden Vey-------- 1g, 2A=3PTS---(+1)---4PM---4GP
Cody Carlson ------1g, 2A=3PTS---(+1)---6PM---6GP
brennan Bosch -----3G, 4A=7PTS---(-1)---6PM---6GP
COlton Grant ------1g, 1A=2PTS---(0)----2PM---6GP
Daine Todd-------- 4G, 1A=5PTS---(-2)---4PM---6GP
yashar Farmanara-- 1G, 3A=4PTS---(-3)---6PM---6GP
Shayne Brown------ 0G, 1A=1PTS---(+1)---2PM---3GP
Jordan Bendfeld--- 0G, 3A=3PTS---(+3)---4PM---6GP
tyler Ennis--------3g, 3A=6PTS---(-1)---4PM---6GP
Mark Isherwood---- 0g ,3A=3PTS---(-1)--16PM---6GP
Mikeal Ah'len -----2G, 0A=2PTS---(-1)---2PM---4GP
Patrick Kozyra ----0G, 1A=1PTS---(-1)---6PM---6GP
Travis DUnstall ---0G, 2A=2PTS---(+1)---6PM---4GP
Sean Ringrose -----0G, 2A=2PTS---(-1)---0PM---6GP
Josh Koper-----------------------(+2)---2PM---2GP**
Mathew Konan---------------------(+1)---0PM---3GP
Trevor Glass---------------------(+2)---0PM---2GP
John Stampohar-------------------(+1)---0PM---3GP
Jerrid Sauer---------------------(-2)---0PM---6GP
Jordan Hickmott------------------(+1)---0PM---4GP
Wacey Hamilton-------------------(-2)---7PM---3GP
Thomas Frazee--------------------(0)----2PM---2GP
Scott Wasden---------------------(0)----0PM---2GP**

Mark Isherwood vs Steele Boomer
Mark Isherwood vs Andrew Bailey
Bretton Cameron VS Jason MacDonald
Wacey Hamilton vs Zach Sim
Ian Beartaux Vs no-one


Paul Kurceba---------1G,1A=2PTS---(-4)---6PM---6GP
Brayden McNabb-------1G,0A=1PTS---(+1)---6PM---6GP
Eric Frere-----------0G,0A=0PTS---(-1)---0PM---3GP
Zach Sim-------------0G,0A=0PTS---(-2)---15PM--3GP
Michael Strickland---2G,0A=2PTS---(-2)---4PM---6GP
Matt Fraser----------1G,0A=1PTS---(-1)---0PM---6GP
Dustin Sylvester-----2G,6A=8PTS---(+4)---0PM---6GP
Tylan Stephans-------0G,2A=2PTS---(+1)---8PM---6GP
Steele Boomer--------1G,1A=2PTS---(-1)---5PM---6GP
kevin King-----------1G,1A=2PTS---(+1)---4PM---5GP
Arnaud Jacquemet-----3G,3A=6PTS---(+3)---2PM---6GP
Josh Gionfriddo------0G,0A=0PTS---(-1)---0PM---1GP
Ben Maxwell----------0G,2A=2PTS---(+1)---2PM---1GP
Andrew Bailey--------1G,2A=3PTS---(-2)---11PM--6GP
Steve Dasilva--------4G,6A=10PTS--(0)----2PM---6GP
Chad Greenan---------1G,3A=4PTS---(+3)---8PM---6GP
Ian barteaux---------0G,1A=1PTS---(+3)---21PM--6GP
John Negrin----------0G,4A=4PTS---(-1)---2PM---6GP
Paul McDonald--------0G,0A=0PTS---(0)----11PM--2GP**
Jiri Ryzuk-----------0G,0A=0PTS---(-3)---0PM---4GP
Jason McDonald-------0G,0A=0PTS---(-1)---2PM---2GP**
Joe Antilla----------0G,0A=0PTS---(-3)---0PM---4GP
Jordan Wilkins-------0G,0A=0PTS---(-1)---0PM---1GP
Kris Foucault--------0G,0A=0PTS---(-2)---2PM---2GP

***Steve dasilva scored 5 of his 10 points in the last meeting vs the Tigers
***Ice overager Ben Maxwell has only played 1 game vs the tigers this year where he recorded a 2 point night
**=No longer with the team.

Early season games between these teams don't really mean anything. Both teams have changed a couple players, and have improved since then. The only game you can realistically compare the 2 is from their last meeting, which kootenay won 6-4, coming back from a 3-1 deficit. Kootenay has 2 real dangerous scoring lines capable of scoring big goals, scoring from their 2nd line has dipped a bit in the past couple weeks.

My prediction is tigers in 7. These two teams have been pretty much been neck and neck all year. Kootenay wins have been 1 goal games., but they have managed to steal 2 games from the tigers Home Ice. Goaltending has been fairly equal. Ryan Holfeld has only seen limited playing time against the ice this year. In one game he played well, the other game he got lit up. Lezaruk for kootenay was also lit up in his last game vs the Hat.

I'm giving the tigers the edge based on experience, and based on they play just as well on the road as on Home-Ice this year. Realistically this series is too close to call. Kootenay has been the Tigers kryptonite in the past, but I hope we can develop an immunity to it!

P.S I would bet that the Russel brothers have some sort of bet on the outcome.

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