Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yay Tigers Win

Losing 3 straight games being down 3-0, it didn't look like we were gonna see another game at the arena.

From the comments in the paper it sounded like Kootenay's coach was pretty mad that his team didnt win, and had to take another trip into Medicine Hat.

Down 3-1 is tough, but now we've shown we can win in kootenay. When the tigers had a 3-0 lead I was thinking I bet Kootenay will Tie it up. Kootenay eventually scored a goal with their goalie pulled to come within one goal of a tie game on a 6on4 powerplay late in the game.

When I heard Wacey Hamilton missed a chance at the open net, I had to turn my radio off, and pray that the game 2 ending wouldn't happen all over again. Luckily for the tigers Brennan bosch scored an empty netter.

GAme 5 back in the hat. One more chance at watching our home boys play.

Here's to hoping for a 4 game winning streak and possibly more...Cheers!

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