Monday, April 14, 2008

TIger News

Medicine hat Tigers defenceman has been released from phoenix. He was originally drafted in the 5th round of the 2006 nhl entry draft.

To me this isn't surprising in the least. Bendfeld showed a lack of physical play in his own zone, and had problems if someone went around wide at him. He never really "upped" his game a notch, and seemed content on sitting back. I think tyler ennis had just as many "Hits of the Night" than Bendfeld.

For a guy his size he doesn't take many penalties other than fighting majors. While this is generally a good thing, in Bendfeld's case, it may mean he's not playing that fine line of being more aggressive, giving opposition forwards hell to pay.

Will we see a new player come next fall? Maybe. His speed will hamper him. If he can develop a mean streak, step up and make a few BIG hits, play with a little more passion, I think its possible we see a brand new player. However that window of potential keeps growing smaller.

I hope next season he plays with a fire under his butt.

I think his size, and ability to fight big players will be enough to earn a minor league contract. But if he wants to have a prolonged career, he will have to do more.

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