Wednesday, September 3, 2008

NHL Training Camp Invitees

I'll try to keep an updated list on any current tigers that get invited to NHL camp.

So far we know:

Tyler Ennis - Buffalo Sabres - Chance to stick - Unlikely
As buffalo would have to keep him up the whole year. Buffalo is stocked with forwards. At most Ennis would probably miss 3-5 games. If he impresses enough in Buffalo, they may let him play 1 or 2 preseason games, and if that is the case he would miss the Tigers home opener.

Jordan Bendfeld - Edmonton Oilers - Chance to stick - Possible-

From what I've read Edmonton Drafted Benny for his fighting ability and size. Edmonton's farm team were pushed around last year, and the Oilers used their last pick in the draft to get some toughness. The Oil's farm team has 15 D-men attending. I think they'll give Bendfeld a chance to make it, But he will have to have an impressive camp. If Bendfeld kinda just shows up and doesn't fight anyone, or bang the body, hell be sent back early.

If Bendfeld happens to sign it means his chances of sticking in the ahl/echl will be very good. Its still up in the air a little bit, but its possible he's back by the season opener, and its possible he is one of the last guys to come back.

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