Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tigers Win Home Opener 6-3

I thought the player introductions were a little too ordinary.(Just darkening the arena and announce the players). They need something to spice it up, like a mini pyro show or something.

Wacey hamilton - Day to Day
Bretton Cameron - 3 to 6 weeks
Scott Brkich -
Tomas kundratek

General Gameplay:
The first period started out pretty slow. The first shot on net for either team didn't come until the 10:00 minute mark of the first period. The tigers play looked pretty good in thier D-zone coverage, but didn't generate many scoring chances. The canes were a half step ahead in the neutral zone, and the tigers were being pushed off the puck as soon as they managed to get in the nuetral zone.

The tigers play was better offensively in teh second and really turned it up in the third, hemming lethbridge in thier end for a solid 2-3 minutes straight. The canes did look a little tired, and the momentum was greatley favoring Medicine Hat. Getting a goal with 16 seconds left in the second period to cut away a 3-1 canes lead really set teh tone for the third period.

Fights: Stampohar vs Castro
changed. They both were throwing wildly, each landing a few.Castro had the upper hand early then Stampohar ended the fight throwing a couple good shots that dazed castro and falling on top of him. Not a clear winner, but a slight edge to stampohar for a good ending.

Game Thoughts:
Was a little dissapointed in the vets during the first period.
When the tigers played a "waterbug" sorta style they become way more effective. Lethbridge started panicking and couldnt manage to get puck possesion.

I really liked the play of Joey Frazer, Josch Koper, and Zdenek Okal. They showed some good hustle and forechecking tenacity. I think once Dman Thomas carr gets some experience he will become a good player for us on the back-end. He showed some good mobility in his own zone

EDIT: I think I may have mistaken Thomas Carr for Jace Coyle, I checked the gamesheets after and Coyle was wearing #4 not carr. ...

Taylor gal reminds me of travis dunstall.
The tigers were missing a physical presence on the ice, having hamilton and cameron out didnt help. I think they should consider converting cody carlson into a forward. He works hard but panicks a little too much.

For lethbridge I couldnt help but notice Dwight King. He didnt get any points bur, he's a big player and the tigers had no answer for his size and playmaking ability.

edit: Derek Dorsett scored a goal tonight in an nhl exhibition game with columbus losing to Nashville 3-1

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