Friday, October 31, 2008

Kundratek and Cameron are back?

According to the whl website Both were added on returns from the injury list.

If this is true the Tigers just got a huge boost back into their lineup for tonights game vs Kootenay.

Kundratek and Cameron are indeed playing tonight.

Edit: Ridley said on the radio that Cody Carlson, mathew konan, and Linden Vey were all out.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Derek Dorsett vs Darcy Tucker

Great Fight. He's gonna become a fan favorite if he keeps pounding on the nhl's light middleweights aka "shit disturbers". Sean Avery watch out:P

He also picked up an assist
8 Games= 49 Hard Earned Penalty Minutes

Clarke Mcarthur has been on fir as of late. He sits 2nd in points on buffalo with 5 goals and 2 assists for 7 pts.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lots of former Tigers making Noise, and speculation!

Derek Dorsett is the NHL PM leader, getting into 2 fight vs anahiem, making a good showing in both.

Kris Russel was sent down to syracuse, his first demotion.(He was spotted playing forward at practice just before being sent down)
Cam Barker was recalled to Chicago(The only reason he was sent down in the first place was because of the Salary Cap situation)
Matt Keetley earned back to back shutouts, and was named Ahl player of the week

I am wondering if another tiger player will get a demotion(or trade) in the coming weeks??
As soon as Kundratek and Cameron become healthy they will be scratching 3 players a game. + the injured stampohar. I am wondering if they will decide to keep 4 extra's or 3?

Edit:Worded to sound more questiony

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hitmen Defeat Tigers 5-2

Very quick game Tonight. It was one of those games where the tigers missed their chance and the Hitmen came down and scored. Tigers were all over them in the first 5 minutes, and hit a couple posts. First regulation loss of the season.

4 of the 5 Hitmen goals were perfect shots off the post and in.
The Hitmen have a very quick team and their defense is big and pretty mobile.

I thought the Tigers had lots of trouble in the neutral zone in the first period. They tried to skate the puck in instead of dumping and chasing.

I thought Pat Kozyra played a pretty poor game. He is forgetting he can ride players into the boards instead of reaching around them for the puck. The hitmen used their speed and made him look pretty slow.

On the other hand Jayce Coyle really showed why he is now on the #1 Unit. I thought he had a really good game, made very good first passes.

Next Home game isn't until Nov 10th. 16 days or half a month away:(

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday Win 7-3 over P.G

Not much time here so I'll keep it short.

I thought the tigers had another strong game. They're hitting more often, developing more of a mean streak.

I thought players like taylor gal and colton grant even thought they didn't rack many points had strong games creating havoc and protecting the puck from the P.G players. The defense did a good job moving the puck up to the forwards tape to tape.

The tigers created a whole lot of opportunities. I thought the P.G goaltender was playing pretty far out in his crease and got caught often by rebounds, and pucks off the boards. I also thought that the P.G defense were caught pinching in quite a few times as well. They would skate up to meet a tiger, but then the tiger player would just walk around him.

There was one non-call I was Shocked not to see called. Zdenek Okal got levelled by an elbow then ran over by another P.G player. That call the ref missed completely.
I thought for the rest of the game Okal was still shaken up and didn't perform to his previous standards.

It was nice to see Tristan king back in the lineup. I thought he had a very good game for himself.
I was also happy to see Joey Frazer get his first goal. He works so hard, and throws checks like he's 6'0 feet tall instead of 5'6.

Next game is a tough one against the Hitmen on Saturday. That should be a good test to see where the tigers are at. Calgary is outscoring opponents at a 2-1 ratio so far this season, and their record as of now is 11-3-0-0.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Update

Tigers send down Scott Brkich.

With Acquiring defensman Matt Mcue, leaving 9 defenseman someone had to go.
SO they sent down the 16yr old.

I watched Brkich play 1 game at home, and his footspeed was a little slow. He'll need to greatly improve on that part.

The new whl injury report for this week came out today, we now have 4 guys on the injury list.
But it looks like king is almost ready, and Cameron, and Kundratek are getting closer to return.

John Stampohar - 4 to 6 weeks (fractured hand)
Tristan King - Day to Day
bretton Cameron 7-10 days
Tomas Kundratek 7-10 days

Tomorow vs P.G
A team we rarely get to see. Their off to a good start with a 7-5-0-0 record.

Players to watch
Dana Tyrell - 13pts in 10 games
Brett Connelly 12 pts in 12 games
Dman Dallas Jackson 11pts in 12 games

They seem to have a good balance of scoring, and judging by thier penalty minutes they like to fight. They play lethbridge tonight.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tigers on a roll 6-3 Win Over pats

Tonight was probably one of their better games of the season. I thought the tigers outplayed the pats for pretty much the whole game minus a 5-7 minute spurt in the first period.
The tigers also played a good physical game again.

Its funny after the Kootenay game last week you get really disapointed, but after watching a strong effort tonight, you get excited again about our potential.

Regina's goalie Jeff Bosh let out a bunch of rebounds and it cost him a couple goals in the third period.

I noticed Thomas Carr taking Stampohars spot in the 4th line, as well as Linden Vey was double shifted a few times.

I thought our Defense played real well especially Carlson and Konan.

Matt Mcue I thought has some trouble handling the puck,(almost cost a couple goals) but he wasn't afraid to step up and deliver a big hit which he did tonight. Probably will take a couple games to get used to the team.

Next game is on wednesday vs P.G

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tigers take easy win over Chilliwack

In hindsight a 3-0 shutout victory with very few shots against is a pretty good way to get a goaltenders confidence up. Heck Tyler Bunz sitting on the bench was probably sweating more than Ryan Holfeld who turned away 20 shots.

I thought Chilliwack played a horrible game They coughed up pucks, had pucks rolling of their sticks, and couldn't receive a pass all night.

It was a rare game where the tigers were dominant physically as well

Fight 1 Mathew Konan vs Partick Bunghal
Mathew Konan crushed a guy near chilliwacks bench. He managed to stave off partick Bunghal who came off the bench on a change, and jumped Konan 5 feet from the tiger bench.
He did a good job wrestling him off. Draw nothing landed

Fight John Stampohar 6'4 208 vs Liam Darragh ' 6'4 200 lbs

Started out with Darragh throwing a sharp rabbit punch, as Stampohar tried to get an advantageous hold, ducking another shot. Then it was stampohar's turn and boy did he lay out some punishment. He connected with a flurry of bombs that dazed Darragh and dropped him to his knees.

Edit** Someone posted on the tigers message board that Stampohar had a broken hand after the fight.

I really like how stampohar is protecting those 2 small guys on his line. Someone gives koper, or frazer a shot, big John is right there. I am suprised that willie is giving him free reign near the end of the game. I guess letting him fight and not letting say a hamilton or a cameron have to take care of things is probably a better idea.

I thought travis dunstall had an off game, But he made up for it throwing his weight around.
Brennan Bosch/Tyler Ennis goal was a thing of beauty. They finally connected once.
I thought ringrose was hustling hard all game, but didnt really accomplish much.
I'm excited that cody carlson has continued to play well.
I think he has been our best defencemen for the last 2 weeks.

THose are my thoughts....more tomorow Night when the tigers take on a physical Regina team.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New overager Matt McCue

Thursday Is the whl 20 yr old cut off date. Lets hope something happens and we manage to snag a good overager.


The Brandon Wheat Kings reduced their overage contingent on Thursday morning by sending 20-year old defenceman Matt McCue to the Medicine Hat Tigers.

In return, the Wheat Kings receive a 6th round pick in the 2009 WHL Bantam Draft.
McCue had one goal, two points, 35 penalty minutes and a -8 rating in nine games with Brandon this season.

He was originally acquired by the Wheat Kings from Chilliwack at last January's WHL trade deadline and had seven assists in 28 games with Brandon in 2007-2008.

McCue's departure leaves Brandon with forwards Matt Lowry and Andrew Clark and defenceman Chad Erb as their overage players this season.

Matt Mcue is a big dude 6'5 218 lbs
Leaves us with 9 defensman. I think the tigers will send down Scott Brkich.
As a 16 yr old he has to appear in certain amount of games, and so far he has only dressed for 2

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday News

Gregg Drinnan reports that the tigers had scouts out and about the last couple days.
Watching chilliwackvs seattle ,kamloopsvs P.A, and Kelowna vs P.G

And the news is reporting that the spokane gm, and the lethbridge gm were in the stands on monday watching the Kootenay game.

Monday, October 13, 2008

No one showed up this afternoon

....With the exception of Tyler Bunz, Cody carlson and Joey frazer.
If Bunz didnt have a good game today, the score should have been about 5-1 for kootenay.
BUNZ should be rewarded with another start next game he earned it.

In my opinion some of the players are getting stone hands when the puck is a foot way from them. They are getting paranoid that there gonna get hit. With each passing game it becomes more and more apparent that the lack of size is really taking a toll on this team.

The opposition simply isn't intimidated in the very least. Were giving them confidence every time a player doesn't finish his check. Our team speed has been lasckluster, and thats the only thing that makes up for size. The only player that does finish his checks(hamilton) is taking very dumb penatlies.

With the exception of isherwood,carlson,ennis....We have an Ajhl blueline, and a group of 3rd line depth players, that occasionally turn it least thats what this team has shown us so far.

For a 20yr old Ringrose has played like absolute garbage. I thought with his emergence in the playoffs last year he would be a valuable 20yr old to keep...he hasnt showed it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chimera gets nailed by a ref

All i can say is ROFL!

Dorsett plays in first NHL Game

HE recorded 9 penalty minutes.
HE got into a first period fight with Coyotee DANIEL, WINNIK, after laying a questionable hit on another phoenix player.

A big scrum developed as Winnik immediately threw down his gloves and jumped Dorsett. The refs were nearby and pulled them slightly apart, then dorsett got his hand free and threw 2 good shots which nailed him.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Derek Dorsett just recently recalled did not play yesterday in columbus' season opener.
Kris Russel managed a +2 rating, and around 18 minutes of icetime.
Ryan Hollwegg was still suspended and did not play.
Clarke maCarthur only receieved 8 minutes of icetime, recorded 2 shots a hit and 3 wins out of 6 on teh faceoff department.

Tigers are in Swift Tomorrow Night. I'm gonna predict a 5-3 Tiger Win. Reason being: The tigers semi/hold off an intense swift current team in the first period only going down by 1 or 2 goals.
But the tigers will keep coming stick with it, and pounce in the third period.

Goal scorrers: Ennis:2 1 on (PP), Ringrose:1, Gal:1, Isherwood:1(PP), Bosch picks up 3 assists
(My gut feeling was the tigers were gonna get pounded on, usually the opposite or unexpected happens:P)

Its also of note that the tigers have the oldest roster in the league. They have an average of 18.32 years of age per player. The next closest team is the Calgary hitmen at 18.23

That means that next season the tigers will have 8 overagers.
Ennis,kundratek will be gone, so that leaves 6 players)

Check out to get the full team age charts.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tigers beat Oil kings 5-4

Just a few thoughts for tonight

The tigers started strong for the first few shifts but let off the gas shortly after.

I thought Jayce Coyle was getting picked on by the refs. They gave him 2 very borderline penalites, and one of them led to the kings first goal, which was a big momentum switcher.

Ryan Holfeld still didn't look very confident back there tonight. He did make 1 outstanding save reaching cross-crease to make a pad save. He sorta looked timid, dont really know how else to explain it:P

I was just in the process of leaving and didnt get a good view, but it looked like the Oil Kings put a puck in the net a second after time expired.....phew!

Edmonton 16 yr old Goalie Cam Lanigan let in a few soft shots that he probably should have stopped... Slappers from the outer faceoff circle.

Isherwood seems to be in a slump again. I dont know how many times he wiffed on an intital pass attempt. I hope that kundratek becomes healthy soon, I wanna see what he brings to the table. I think we lack a #1 guy back there.

Fight Stampohar vs Drew Nichol

Two big boys. The oil kings were rushing up the ice, all of a sudden the whistle blew and these two fellers are sizing each other up. Nichol started out with a strong flurry while stamphoar was leaning back trying to avoid them. Then he came around and landed a few, they both danced around grabbing for position while throwing shots, twas a good battle. Decision: Draw
A fan beside me mentioned that nichol was leaking a bit, but he was too far away for me to see.
(You will probably be able to watch it when the game highlights are put on tigerstv, probably sometime tomorow)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A couple former players sent down

Jordan Bendfeld was sent down to the ECHL Stockton Thunder
Darren Helm was sent down to the AHL - Grand Rapids
Cam Barker was sent down to the AHL - Rockford

Edit* Derek Dorsett was one of the last cuts and sent to AHL - Syracuse today
Kevin Nastiuk was released from AHL Providence, yesterday. He lost in the battle for backup goalie.
I'm guessing he will probably sign with an echl team(because he has done really well at that level the last 2 years) or if he's lucky maybe another ahl will give him a shot.

Monday, October 6, 2008

A small update turned rather large? :)

Zdenek Okal was named the tigers player of the week getting 2G and 3A in 4 games. Rightfully deserved.

If anyone has seen Tyler Ennis lately let me know?
And what the heck is up with that Everett guy who still hasn't reported?
Giving brown away for nothing will be a horrible move escpecially since were lacking that stay at home Dman that can clear the net.

I just Watched the tigers vs blades tigers highlights.
The saskatoon goals wern't necesarily from bad goaltending(minus the first one) but from sloppy defensive zone coverage. It looked like the whole team had an "off" game.

Blades first goal: Mathew Konan's skate made contact with the puck, after Holfeld made the inital save, It then trickled under his pad into the net. Bad Goal/fluke should have been stopped

The second goal came on a 4 on 2 blades rush. After crossing the zone the Saskatoon player dropped the puck back giving Blades Dman Ryan Funk all kinds of time,and he snapped it top shelf.

3rd Goal: Tigers D Carr/Konan Miscommunicated and coughed the puck up to a wide open Charles Inglis.

4th Goal: The tigers were running around in thier end, Holfeld lost his stick and was out challengin the shooter. The puck hit Konan battling a blade defender and bounced a couple feet from the crease. Blade forward Walker Wintoneak then shot it through asmall maze in front, with holfeld flopping across to try and get back to position.

5th goal - Blades star defender stephan elliot rocketed a wrister from the blueline past bunz top shelf - he probably wished he had it back. It almost appeared like Bunz thought it would miss the net.

In general from the highlites the tigers as a whole looked sloppy. They played like it was thier 3rd game in 3 nights. The defense played poor and the goaltending was average. Their lucky they were playing saskatoon and not a Lethbridge or a swift current, otherwise it coulda been a blowout

Its still early. The tigers still havn't seen what Thomas Kundratek can do. Rugged grinder Bretton Cameron's absence also hurts. Plus the everett no-show is still no-where to be found.
Ennis has been invisible, and we've seen inconsistent goaltending. As well we are still short a 20 yr old. So still lots of room for improvement.

From what I've seen so far I think surviving the first round of playoffs would be considered a succes. But I'd rather see them start kickin arse and make it alot further.

IN other news former Tiger GM Mike Moore was name dDirector of business operations by the Calgary Hitmen. Mike Moore left the tigers a couple years ago to become the Director of Athletics at the Edge school in calgary.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tigers lose 5-2 to saskatoon

I didn't listen to the game tonight but it appeared goaltending was again the weak link. Holfeld was pulled this time and Tyler Bunz came in to finish the third and last couple minutes of the second period. Saskatoon managed a 5-0 lead before Mark isherwood, and Zdenek Okal scored.

4 Former Tigers in one NHL game!
Toronto vs Columbus

Columbus dressed Kriss Russel, Derek Dorsett, and Jason Chimera
Toronto Dressed Ryan Hollwegg.

Derek Dorsett and Ryan Hollweg fought each other.
(credit Tiger9 for posting it up on the Tigers roars and purrs site)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tigers loose to P.A in OT 5-4

Tigers Backup Tyler Bunz got his first start in net this year, but got hammered letting in 3 goals in 9 shots. P.A jumped out to an early 3-0 lead.

Zdenek Okal would pot one for the tigers in the second period making it a 3-1 game. P.A goalie Garret Zemlak made a couple big saves to keep his team in the lead.

Former tiger Jordan Hickmott would burn his former team by letting go a rocket top shelf to put P.A up 4-1 1 minute into the third period. All seemed lost, however the tigers would turn on the jets and buzz around P.A's zone scoring 3 unanswered goals to tie up teh game.(Ennis dunstall, ringrose) The tigers also had a few oppoortunities win it however they just couldnt put it past Zemlak, in teh dying minutes.

In overtime Raider Ryan Howison completed his gordie how hatrick and scored an unnasisted goal 2 minutes in, deflating the tigers comeback.

From what ridley stated on teh radio the tigers had the edge in territorial play in the second and third period. But the fifference in the game was rookie goaltender tyler bunz giving up 3 first period goals early on. At least we got a point out of the deal, but now were 0-3 in overtime situations. Tigers next game is tomorow when they take on Saskatoon, in a 3 game in 3 nights scenario.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Tigers defeat rockets 4-1

The difference in this game was the first period. The tigers came out flying and the rockets were a little on their heels. The tigers took it to the rockets, and managed to score two quick goals to get the crowd going. It was a pretty fast paced game.

Kris Lazurek made on helluva save on tyler ennis. He was literally down and out after on a 2v1 situation, but somehow managed to reach his arm out and snag a puck out of a wide open net.

Kelowna's powerplay looked real good. Even though they didn't score on it they passed the puck around like they were playing a game of catch.

It was obvious that someone told the tigers to finish their checks, as they threw more hits in the first period than the entire last 2 games. I noticed cody carlson had a pretty good game for himself. He had limited ice time but made some real good plays, instead of just throwing the puck away like he has been recently.

I noticed Thomas carr was caught out of position a little too many times. He would dive or pinch and not take a guy with him, and started to hear footsteps retrieving the puck in his own end.

Fight1 THomas carr vs Lucas Bloodhoff
However he did throw an amazing hit pinching in at the blueline, and rocked kelowna's lucas bloodhoff. Bloodhoff immediately went after him as kelowna players tried to mugg carr by force. Carr did a good job avoiding the initial flurry and managed to wrestle the bigger bloodhoff to the ice fairly quickly. Decision: Draw not much of a fight.

Fight2 Wacey Hamilton vs Evan Bloodhoff
I thought Hamiltons fight was a very dumb decision. He jumped Evan bloodhoff and started throwing punches before trying to take the opponents helmet off. Realizing his knuckles were connecting with helmet he then tried to take Bloodhoffs helmet off, only to come under fire of a flurry of punches from bloodhoff. It looked like Hamilton had a cut on his forehead.
Decision: Evan Bloodhoff

More thoughts
Tyler Ennis is still being double teamed whenever he's near the puck. Its amazing he only has 1 assist and a -5, in 4 games to start of the season. He is getting hit every time he is within reach of the puck.

Linden Vey, and Colton grant were by far the best tigers on the ice. Both of them kept forcing turnovers and giving kelowna a lot of trouble in their own zone. Their presence lifted the whole team up. Zdenek Okal had a good game as well he continues to impress. He has been one of our best forwards consistently so far.

I thought Mark Isherwood had a horrible game. He turned the puck over far too many times, and seemed more interested in yapping.


Earlier in the year I heard Thomas Frazee was close to being shipped to Kelowna. Obviously that deal wasn't done, but I guess the two teams are still talking.

There was a rumour that Kelowna scorer Jamie Benn wants out of kelowna, in return kelowna also wants a forward who can play now. All the players in this "rumour" played in last nights Tiger vs Kelowna hockey game...take it for what its worth.

Overager Situation
I Haven't heard any rumors from anybody regarding an extra 20 year old. I think the tigers may be waiting for the cutdown date then snagging the best available player. We still need a reliable D-man and a Forward who can bring a physcal prescence and score.

Portland Releases Lee Morrow

What significance is this is to us?..(not much..just a huge trade-win)

2 years ago we traded highly regarded prospect patrick wiercoach, and 16 yr old defenseman Lee Morrow to the Portland Winter Hawks for their star defensmen micheal sauer halfway through the season. Sauer helped solidy the blueline and was a part of our 2006/07 whl championship victory.

Well patrick wiercoach ended up taking the ncaa route, and decided not to report, and Lee Morrow only ended up playing 20 games. He was just released and dropped from the hawks 50 ppl.

SO its safe to say we traded nothing away for a top quality defenceman.

Now lets hope those 2 2nd round picks we got from spokane dont go to waste so spokane can't say the same thing to us:P(trading trevor glass)

TIgers vs Kelowna Tonight

Should be a goody. Kelowna is sitll missing 2 topend guys, in luke schenn and Tyson Dowzak
Tonight marks the return of goaltender Kris Lazurek: the goalie who stoned the tigers last year in firstround playoff exit to Kootenay.

The Kelowna powerplay is operating at a league high 30%. In fact 11 of thier 18 goals are from the PP this year. Lets hope the tigers can stay outta the box!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tigers Lose To HItmen 4-0

Last night was a night the tigers didnt get any bounces. They had 3-1's, hit posts, and such but couldn't bury the puck. IT could have been just as easily been a 2-2 game.

The scoring seems to be drying up every other game. The tigers are missing someone who can put the finish on a good play.

A few people are complaining about the quality of goaltending in Ryan Holfeld, sheesh wasn't it just 2 years ago Hat fans wanted Keetley traded?

A little inconsisten maybe, but so far he has rebounded quite nicely after every so-so game, and that is very encouraging.
The only flaw I can see when he has a bad game is he is dropping to his knees a little early.
He stole a point in lethbridge, stoned edmonton in the tigers first game of the season, and shut the door on lethbridge to complete the come-from-behind win.

Its still pretty early and lots of things can change, but having a couple s0-so games isnt too troubling.

Who's Hot: Zdenek Okal, Brennan Bosch
Who's Cold: Tyler Ennis, Sean Ringrose, Wacey Hamilton