Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hitmen Defeat Tigers 5-2

Very quick game Tonight. It was one of those games where the tigers missed their chance and the Hitmen came down and scored. Tigers were all over them in the first 5 minutes, and hit a couple posts. First regulation loss of the season.

4 of the 5 Hitmen goals were perfect shots off the post and in.
The Hitmen have a very quick team and their defense is big and pretty mobile.

I thought the Tigers had lots of trouble in the neutral zone in the first period. They tried to skate the puck in instead of dumping and chasing.

I thought Pat Kozyra played a pretty poor game. He is forgetting he can ride players into the boards instead of reaching around them for the puck. The hitmen used their speed and made him look pretty slow.

On the other hand Jayce Coyle really showed why he is now on the #1 Unit. I thought he had a really good game, made very good first passes.

Next Home game isn't until Nov 10th. 16 days or half a month away:(

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